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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Visions of Ranae Lee Regarding World Economic Collapse, and Cataclysms - prophetic - from September 18, 2008

We feel -->link where I got this info<--compelled to post these visions as they are rich with specifics and details. As with all prophetic material, pray for insight and wisdom. -->Go to link click here<-- MIND YOU THIS IS FROM --September 18, 2008-- Remember this: {{I think she said she was LDS but remember God used even a Donkey to speak, just like I believe HE is speaking to the Church and many are not listing}} a lot to read but with much info, pass on to others if you feel so compeled
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Visions of Ranae Lee Regarding World Economic Collapse, and CataclysmsFull text of two more messages from Ranae Lee about forthcoming earthquakes, etc. in Utah the inter-mountain west as well as some events that will impact not only the US but the entire world.
HOLLY NOTE: I saw this a couple of weeks ago, and unfortunately did not have time to fully read it until yesterday. Ranae Lee obviously received these visions prior to the recent global economic meltdown, which lends credence to this message. The text has not been altered except to correct typos and to break the last half of this page into readable sections since it was one long paragraph.Maps of cities, mentioned faults and some useful links have been added to this page for clarification, that were not included with the original vision.We feel compelled to post these visions as they are rich with specifics and details. As with all prophetic material, pray for insight and wisdom.
Ranae LeeSeptember 18, 2008Over the last several days, I've been feeling so much concern as things are really cranking up. Yesterday morning I was shown a lot, and then again this morning. I feel a great urgency to share these things and get the word out quickly because I feel time is very short for final preparations. Once again I stress, these things can change due to agency... but I do feel much is inevitable. I'm still not sure of the order, but I do think it can be surmised somewhat by conditions and other clues. I will relate this exactly as it was shown to me... thanks. This was from Sept. 17th, Thursday morning.The first thing I was shown is that the economy is hanging by a thread. Russia and China are deeply involved in the U.S. economy. We are currently in a catch-22 with China and Russia. Once our economic stability is gone there is nothing left to hold them back from declaring full blown war. Part of the catch-22 is that rumors of war (as prophesied) are affecting world markets... so either way we will have an economic crash and a war. Right now they are holding off because of their interests in the U.S. Also, over and over in the last few days I've seen flashes of the "Sound of Music"... We are in the same situation living our normal lives as the evils around us are getting greater and greater even life threatening. We have no idea just how great the threat is right now.Many times one of the first things I see is the earth covered in a very brownish black haze. This is the evil surrounding the earth and it is so great right now.ECONOMIC COLLAPSENext it was as if I was at the NYSE I saw two men in a tug of war over money. Then others joined in from all sides and they all started pulling. The money was stretching more and more and getting thinner and thinner. Finally one man broke away with a small piece in his hands. Then the gov. poured more into the center of the fray. It only made the money weaker and more brittle and thinned it out. Then the stretched out money tore right down the middle, and finally exploded. Everyone landed on their backs and their hands were empty, they stood up, brushed themselves off and looked around, all the money gone. Then again I saw the house of cards, it had fallen and the cards were laying everywhere in disarray on the NYSE floor. Next I witnessed suicides all over. There was mass chaos and the public demanding a solution. Our nation was broke and the situation cascaded all over the world from here. The repercussions were worldwide. Next I saw the military trying to bring order. I saw the President’s face, he had his hands behind his back. silently waving at someone to keep hidden, it was the Illuminati they were trying to implement their plans as soon as possible but he was clumsy about it and the people were not conditioned yet. the people were still too angry to go along with their plans and the Illuminati-move was too soon, so it didn't work yet. CATACLYSMSThen I saw a map of the U.S. In Texas those affected by hurricane [Ike] had empty hands and there was no money to help them. Montana was really angry about things and trying to break away from the U.S. This brought even more control by the government.Then I saw California and a large earthquake to the north and a row of smaller ones along a fault line to the south. Along the Cascades there was a major drop in the earth along a fault, the west part dropped. Then I could see the continents shifting slightly. The Midwest was buckling and so was the strike-slip fault line off the Pacific coast. The coast was buckling under the pressure. Then again I saw Krakatau explode and the great tsunami hit the western coastline all the way from Washington state to Baja... it was so bad. So many people hit. Hopes destroyed and people dead. California was covered in water. I do think this dissipates later, but the damage was irreversible. People were leaving the coastline in droves, coming inland, moving to safer places. (I do not know where this event fits into things.)Next I saw [LDS] General Conference. The brethren were really concerned. Trying to calm fears and stress Faith in the Lord! The first earthquake was not long after Conference. It was early in the morning just before it gets light. It was a 6.2 or 6.3. Afterwards people thought everything was going to be fine, like that was the one we've waited for. News reports made everyone have a false sense of security. Then everything was calm and people went back in to complacency. This earthquake was a warning to "Get out!" it was a merciful warning for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, those who are awake.It seemed as if about a week passed and then the bigger earthquake hit... 8.6. I've spoken of this extensively and will more on another post. But I did see the capital collapse on the south end. Buildings were swaying everywhere. People screaming and running. Liquefaction of the ground all over the Salt Lake valley. Hospitals collapse as well as a lot of other buildings. The spaghetti bowl (I-80 and I-15 Interchange) smashes down. The large crack that runs from the northeast hills of Salt lake runs down to Taylorsville, these cracks start at this point but get much bigger in the next earthquake I saw that this first "event" included several weeks of earthquakes and aftershocks.The underground fountains also began to open up at this point. This will affect as far away as the Cascades (volcanoes) and make them heat up... the death toll will be staggering. I did see angels guarding some homes and the temples.Most of the money was gone and only the military could help. I saw rioting, looting and people living in tents.PREPAREDNESSI was told people need to turn to God in fasting and prayer. Ramp up their food storage now. It will be the new currency; have, alternate shelter, heat, medical supplies and meds, fuel, water, a way to wash and haul it... another source of electricity like generators, solar or crank radios. I was told to can all the food we can right now. Priesthood should bless the homes. Get out of debt NOW!!!!! Have extra food for barter. Put homes in order... people will be sharing homes. Plan on martial law. Get birth certificates and immunizations in order and handy. Gather family close right now. Keep communications channels open with them especially after conference. Stock up fridges and freezers. This stuff will keep... it will be cold outside or it can be cooked to feed a lot of people if it thaws out. Have games and entertainment for the little ones. This will be very scary for them. It's a good idea to have a large dog and animals if you can; but if you are in central Utah, you may not be able to take them with you due to mandatory evacuations. Get used to the old way of living... Self sustaining. Plan on no utilities for weeks even months. Pay your cell phone in advance if your provider allows it. Weapons and ammo ready. There will be few jobs and a little rebuilding, but not much.ANOTHER WARNext I saw in-fighting among the Illuminati the president of the world bank was smiling and making a lot of Money. Others were very angry. This was a power play. I saw three power struggles between Bush, Obama, and McCain. The Illuminati were smiling. Pres. Bush made a speech and said with all that has happened 2-3 disasters so close together, our nation was in big trouble and other countries were taking advantage of our trials. Then he declared War and said there was no other way. Oil was a major factor in all of this. Then I saw the draft again. [LDS] Missionaries were coming home and their suits turned into uniforms. Woman were also in the army. It looked to me that this might be in early spring... around March? it was dreary and raining. Then I was shown a really cold hard winter... this was not the year long winter but it was bad.MAN-MADE PLAGUENext I saw the airport. It was damaged a lot from the earthquakes but it was still functioning. I saw the clear vials of a clear liquid dropped there and the beginning of a plague. people were lining up for flu shots. (Don't do it! You'll be more susceptible.) Nothing the government did worked, except quarantine. I saw to plan for 3 months. Have food warmth, generators, surgical gloves and masks, antiviral meds. This seemed like early spring and was worldwide. There were mass quarantines; and road blockades. Very little travel, massive deaths, this effected every household. I was told to have faith. The Lord knows best! After about 3 months (around June?), people started emerging with a resistance to the virus. There were only a few scattered cases at that time. Foods were scarce. People's hands were empty. No spring planting because of the quarantine. Although some people did sneak out to plant.Then I saw a lot of flooding in the Midwest and rain in southern California. Also, the Northeast then a heat wave in Florida. There was some kind of problem in the Ohio area-Canada border. I do not know what this was. I did see sporadic power outages across the nation and then possible attacks on the U.S. I saw Russian subs and full-out war. In the middle east it really got bad, there were jets in the sky here in the U.S... then I saw a nuke. "All of this was happening so much sooner than I expected."Next Russia and China were on our soil, and our military was really weak. Then I saw the 2nd earthquake. It closed a lot of roads, blocked areas, actually protecting some places. It was huge 9.3 .. then I saw the internment camps.. with gas chambers and ovens.. processing the people. The Illuminati- was smiling.. and then they put the A.C. (Anti-Christ) into power, this was a political move to dominate the world. This began the implementation of the mark of the beast. They did use project blue beam.. new technology was revealed... and used to deceive the masses and make them think Christ had returned. I was told Remember Matt. 24: people will say "he is here or he is there... believe it not."Next I saw the church going through a hard time. First financial, then the earthquakes, then martial law and domination from dictatorial powers in our nation. Then we fled (Into the desert... i.e. scriptures, don't know if this means literal.) I think this is what has been termed the call out. I did not see an official call out from leadership at this point. (In the past I have.) I just saw people going into the mountains. If a call out happens at all, I think it will be spring. Many were in great fear. Communications were sporadic, but the church had a system in place. At this point I heard the music " High on a mountain top" and the words of the scriptures came in to my mind. "People will look to Zion and say Zion is terrible. But they will find safety there! The world will both fear us and respect us. I saw the priesthood increasing at this time and a lot of miracles.Next I saw major volcanoes. Muddy rain from these and the skies were dark. The Lord’s people were working together. Then I saw a nuke hit California perhaps the same one mentioned earlier. California was gone and just islands were left. Then I looked to the east. The east coast was gone as well... just islands. The Midwest was underwater.I saw an asteroid hit out in the ocean past where California had been. I saw 2012 in the sky. The Lord's people were on foot, still in the mountains, moving from place to place. The sky was dark and then I saw fire hail falling from the sky, burning almost everything. At this point I was shown the sea and almost all of the sea life died. There were very few people left.Then I saw the White House empty as were the halls of Congress. People were on their own just surviving. I was told, know and watch for the signs of the Lord's coming! Moon turning to blood, stars falling from the sky (I thought then of the fire hail) and a Temple in Jerusalem. I was told, "do not be deceived by accepting a false Christ (project blue beam) and never ever take the mark of the beast (Verichip). I was shown how this will cause sores all over people. I saw gangs and prostitution. The people were really wicked and murderous, just to survive. Stay with the Lord’s people. Don't cling to earthly securities, they will kill you. Deceptions will abound. The Lord alone will save his people!This is as much as I can share right now and has taken me several hours to write. As you can tell, not everything is in chronological order. I shared it how I received it. But, I left out a lot of details because I have already shared a lot of it in previous posts. It can be revisited there. I will share the rest of what was given on Sept. 18th as soon as I can.... thanks Herendair
Re: More.......Sept 18, Friday.This A.M. I was again shown a lot of events. I wish I knew the time frame, but I did ask concerning the earthquake and I feel it will happen sometime after conference and before Thanksgiving. We've given ourselves 1 mo. from now to be completely ready. I hope that is enough time.I again saw the blackish brown haze covering the earth. Then I was in New York City. I saw a man get out of a taxi holding a briefcase. He looked up at a large very stark grey building. I knew it was somehow connected to the World Bank. Then I saw a meeting inside this building. Several individuals were sitting at a large table and there was a lot of yelling. There was a man standing with his back to the others, looking out a window and talking on a cell phone. He was negotiating with the World Bank in England. They were shifting funds to stop the worldwide meltdown of banks. He was speaking of two banks that they were very concerned about. One was here in the U.S. and very large, the other was in the U.K. and connected to the royalty. Both banks were ready to fall and one had to be sacrificed to save the other. It was like a power tug of war. If the royal bank were to fail it would effect the political stability in Europe. All of the European banks were scrambling. Even the royal family was concerned.Next I saw that it was decided to sacrifice the U.S. bank. I saw it looked like a large building crumbling. (It reminded me of 911.) Next I saw the White House. The President was in the oval office and got the news, then he called for a meeting of the joint chiefs of staff and a special session of congress. He had no more moves to make and was following orders. Next I saw a Penthouse apartment, right at the very top. in the background I could see the yellowish orange sunset on the horizon. (It was like the sun was\pard [unintelligible] line setting on this lifestyle) Back at the meeting at the White House everyone looked down. there was nothing they could do. They had worked all day to save the economy and it was gone. Next I saw the NYSE just before the closing bell. There were some people who had connections and rumors of the bank closure was effecting everything. I saw the market drop 1200 points just before things closed. Next I saw the President's face. He picked up the phone, then he was on a news broadcast and declared a nationwide /global emergency. Fortunes were lost, and lives lost. Again I saw suicides. The president said "we will restructure." I knew this meant they wanted to put the Amero into effect. I saw our Pres. meeting with leaders of other nations. Especially Canada and Mexico. Mexico was big problem. It had ties to Venezuela and Chavez was putting pressure on them. Over in Cuba I saw a military build up. Russia was also increasing it's forces up by Alaska just across the bay from the U.S. Putin was laughing at us but he was very angry. Venezuela was ready to declare war. Then I saw a New World Order meeting and the U.N. They were putting pressure on Mexico to get the American union put into effect. Then I saw how resources had become the new money worldwide. Everyone was scrambling to stake their claims on oil reserves. I think this is just one of the reasons Russia was gearing up near Alaska. Everyone was positioning themselves. Next I saw that the NWO [New World Order] was not getting what they wanted, Mexico was not cooperating, negotiations weren't working and the NWO began to threaten Mexico. This caused the situation to explode. Chavez made a move of some kind from Venezuela; it was an attack. I saw that China was being unusually quiet. They were gearing up during all of the worldwide chaos. Things in Iran also heated up. The oil and food meant power and they were flexing their muscles. Next I saw a cascade of foreclosures and joblessness. There were very few jobs and too much debt. People were on the streets and tent cities were springing up everywhere. I saw men in suits wandering homeless. There were skeleton crews on a lot of jobs. All companies were scaling back. Even at utility companies. Then I saw power outages all across the U.S. Times were rough. Next I saw the Federal Reserve and Allan Greenspan. (I do not know just who he is or what he does) but he was very connected. I saw that the old structure of the Federal Reserve was vacant and small. They were setting up and moving everything to a really great big structure. They were putting all of the money into this larger reserve. This was planned to put the right people in place and they were getting rid of those they didn't want. They were making fortunes as they did it. Now they had even more money than before and the world reserve was set up to fund the NWO and the anti-Christ. In all of this I saw again the round up of people and the concentration camps. The NWO didn't care about China, Russia and Venezuela. They were moving forward with their plans no matter what, like a giant machine. Next I saw our military with stockpiles of food and weapons. In the streets the military began rounding people up especially the homeless and tent cities. This was the first phase of really rounding people up. The people were hungry and it was getting cold. Some were hopeful this would help them, others were scared. It looked so much like Nazi Germany. Now people began doubling up in homes so they wouldn't be rounded up.Then I saw a flu start, this was not "the flu" but it was bad. The authorities called it an epidemic and people started lining up for the flu shots... (don’t)! There were a lot of old people and LOTS of snow. The snow was oh so bad! There were fewer jobs and Christmas time was not happy. People were just staying home and the holidays were sparse. Sales were down and in the stores canned goods were a big deal. I saw people getting food instead of presents. (Get stocked up now. I saw a great demand and short supply of canned goods.) Fresh fruit and vegetables were still available but they were in short supply. There wasn't much on the store shelves. I saw the cause of this was partially a lot of rain in the fall in California. Again I was shown the tsunami and earthquakes in California and lots of devastation. A lot of lives lost and sadness. (I do not know when this will happen or where it fits in the order of things.)Next I saw Oct. Conference. The time of warning was past. There was some talk of these problems and obeying the prophet. They spoke of how the Lord's church would go on and the church was well prepared. I saw that in the background a restructure of some sort was happening. I didn't see any details. But it was like things were pulling in. They seemed to be setting things up for more isolated leadership. I had read a talk of Pres. Packer’s and he spoke of changes in the fall, I wondered if this was what he was referring to? I saw more leaders staying in their own countries and less travel. Some sort of decision was made at this time that was really big and I think it had to do with the missionaries. I was reminded that they have already moved some for political reasons and this would increase. I saw the elders coming home because of the tensions worldwide. This started gradually at first then it increased. Next I saw the canneries, they were busy with the harvest. Getting a lot done but people were buying it as fast as they could and the shelves were empty. The council on being prepared had not been heeded by the majority, now they were in a panic. Some still saw no reason to do anything. I saw a lot of people going to their bishops for help and there just wasn't enough.Next I saw the Church’s grain silo. I watched the grain slowly go down till only one kernel was left. They had sold a lot of it, but still had some. They couldn't be expected to feed the entire church and the demand was great. Again I saw conference, there was a lot of security. People were encouraged to watch from home. There were a lot of concerns among the people. Then once conference was over there was an uneasiness in the air. It was quiet then I saw a big bump under the earth. Then the first small earthquake started, it was a small shaking at first, 6.2 I think. This was a warning for people to leave at that point. Some did. Then it was shy of about a week that passed. I watched underground as this earlier earthquake caused a fault to begin moving and slipping. Then the west side of the fault bumped and dropped. It was mass panic as the bigger earthquake began. (I've shared a lot of this before, so some may be familiar.) It was like I was standing in a mall. The lights overhead were swaying. People were hiding under the counters and the walls began to crumble. Then I saw a large metal ceiling beam fall. This earthquake was lasting too long. I kept on thinking 3 minutes. But I asked and was told more like 1. It seemed like forever. It was at least an 8.6. Buildings were crumbling everywhere. There were great big cracks in the ground. Small and large I saw the great salt lake sloshing from side to side. In the 2nd earthquake, it is like a wall of geysers. It all began in the early morning, it was nippy outside and people had on jackets. There were so many dead and injured. Then it was like I was up in the sky looking down at the damage. All of the foothills had liquefied some of the valley was like Jell-O. A lot of the hospitals were half collapsed. Almost all of the roads were jagged and broken up. There were fires from broken gas mains and water spewing and leaking everywhere. Most of the homes were either flattened or were damaged. In the older parts of town things were really bad all of the old buildings had crumbled and were just rubble. I again saw the glass building up near main shatter and come down. I saw the church office swaying and that afterwards it had to be evacuated due to some damage, it was unsafe. The capitol collapsed on the south end. I watched the spaghetti bowl just fall to pieces and up towards Parleys Canyon the overpasses on the freeway had crumbled. A great Crack divided all of Salt lake in half it ran form the Northeast mountains all the way down into Taylorsville with a lot of smaller cracks coming from that. North in Bountiful the large homes on the hill were really damaged bad. At the airport I saw the parking garage pancake down on top of itself. The airport was also damaged in places but it still was working.Next I saw people wandering the streets in a daze. There were a lot of gangs and looting. People were hiding and in shock. There were sirens and helicopters everywhere. News people were everywhere. The nation was watching closely. This thing was so big it affected. Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, California, and Wyoming. I did not see much in Colorado. It seemed like the southeast part of Utah was less affected.Next I saw how this event opened up the Cascade range fissures. Things shifted enough to cause the volcanoes to heat up. Rainier, St. Helens, Hood and Mammoth Lake etc.... this did affect Oregon and Washington, but I did not see if it affected Montana. It seemed to be O.K. There were so many people dead.Now the military came in. I saw a truck with a canvas top full of soldiers. It was on one of the streets in SL (Salt Lake). They jumped out with guns in hand. They were making everyone leave in mandatory evacuations. They began putting people in relocation centers (the camps). It was planned. (Get out on your own before that happens. When you see the smaller earthquake it is a warning. Never ever ever go to those relocation centers, they become concentration camps later on!)Next I saw long lines of cars on Redwood Road. There was less damage there and it was one of the routes out of town. Eagle mountain and Saratoga Springs were somewhat damaged but Lehi was the first place people started going to. They were inundated with people getting out of the SL valley. I saw that over on west Mountain in Utah County steam vents had opened up on the northwest side of the mountain. It is volcanic. In Utah Co. all of the foothills had liquefied as well, and there was almost as much damage as in SL. There was a big crack near the river in American Fork. This ran all the way up into Pleasant Grove. At the point of the mountain the homes on the north side were all destroyed. They were built on sand and just came sliding down like match sticks. The tower at Thanksgiving Point also fell. All of the roads were really broken up. Next I saw Rice stadium. Whole sections of bleachers had fallen due to the ground falling away beneath. Then I saw Royal stadium it was half gone. Next I Saw BYU football stadium it had some damage but seemed to be intact. The other buildings on campus were not so lucky. All of the older ones came down. I saw an older dorm was also half gone. But there weren't many students there. I had the feeling they were gone for the weekend or it was a holiday. Maybe they were all in class? The old Provo Tabernacle was damaged and crumbled on the north wall. I saw the glass in the NeWays building really crash down, killing people. The roads in Provo were so jagged and broken up. Again fires and a lot of water spraying from broken pipes. Rock canyon had a lot of damage as well. I did see that Deer Creek and Jordonelle were damaged but I don't think they go completely until the 2nd earthquake? just not sure?I saw ambulances trying to get around in Provo and it was really hard. The streets were so broken up. The hospital garage had collapsed and they were treating people out in the open parking lots and on the grass. I saw that there were a lot of helicopters and so me of the hospital was damaged.Then I saw the old Ironton Hill between Provo and Springville. Most of it was gone, due to liquefaction of the ground beneath. The old Clyde building in Springville had crumbled and any buildings with a lot of glass just kind of exploded.The freeway to the west was flooded near Provo and there were a lot of power lines down on it. It was really dangerous. Past the north Springville exit to the south, there were cars lined up everywhere on the freeway trying to get out and go south. There was a major fault line to the east of Springville and the High School was mostly gone because it was built on it. Only the west portion of the building was standing. All of the houses on the hills were in bad shape. There was a lot of water in the streets and big cracks. I saw that near the old creek that goes though town there was a lot of damage. Homes had fallen in and lots of large cracks were near those areas. The creek was dry though, and that was good. The old buildings on main were in piles. Only one or two walls were intact. Some streets in Springville were usable to the south. Next I saw Spanish Fork. I watched as a gas station exploded there on one of the main roads. I saw that south of Spanish Fork the damage got less as you went south. But it was still at least a 7 pointer there. There was still a lot of damage and people killed. I did see that the priesthood had protected some of the buildings that had been blessed and dedicated.Communications were down, cell phone lines were clogged. It was expressed to me that those in the quake should call a family member in another state to tell of their condition and then that family member could notify others of how things are. This would free up the lines. I saw that Logan was affected in about the same way as Utah county. About a 7.-- there. It was a 6 pointer in areas south. I saw people evacuated to Price, Sanpete (county) and Delta areas. I did not see them going north, it seemed like the damage was greater there.Next I saw them calling for people to open their homes and work together. Other nations began offering help. The world was watching. There were a lot of government, military vehicles around and they brought supplies. There were so many dead. I saw cars lined up on freeways and people dying in them. If you get caught in this traffic turn off your car. Save your gas and save the battery. Have a crank radio with to listen to or have one person call tell me or another info line with their cell. Then report to the others in line... so it doesn't clog the cell lines. Everyone was trying to help the evacuations. Anyone with medical training was put to work. This earthquake began opening up the underground waters, but more came later in the 2nd earthquake. There is a major underground river under the mountains and the damage of this quake affected it. I was told that reports would say this was the costliest earthquake in lives and property in U.S. history, even worse than the San Francisco quake. Most everything was damaged. So much death and suffering. I saw a little rebuilding, but with the economic situation there was not a lot of insurance to cover things. I was told to remember... food and supplies will be the new money. Get out medical supplies now and have them in a place that they can be easily reached. Secure shelves and heavy objects. If they live in central Utah they might want to put their food storage above ground if possible or it will be under their house. Do what you can. I saw that 4-wheelers were really valuable and could get around on the broken roads. I was told to have two spares in your vehicle and keep Fix-A-Flat with you. People will need a lot of leather gloves to pull people out and have tarps to cover damaged parts of homes to keep the rain off etc. Have evacuation kits ready and lots of blankets and coats, it will be cold!!!!! Portable heaters will work for some, but be careful of open flames there will be a lot of broken gas lines gas and propane follow the ground and it can explode from the vapors even if you don't think it is close by...Get bottled water now and keep with you in cars etc... have the car packed with first aid kits and ready to go at a moment's notice. Learn how to shut off gas lines. Make large bandages now, the kind made of old sheets for slings etc. If you have old crutches get them out and have them ready. You will need to have gas tanks filled and extra for generators.Have a meeting place planned for family before hand and do earthquake drills with the little ones. Get out of the areas as soon as you can and on your own. There will be mandatory evacuations... and the military will make you leave. Don't ever go to those relocation centers. The ones that I saw were Camp Williams (Military Reservation), Hill, Micron, any large buildings. This was a national emergency and martial law will be in effect. The military will be the main help that comes.Sell anything you have that is useless, and use it to prepare now. Buy food. Prepare a safe place now. If you have a trailer or camper you may want to get it somewhere now, but the mountains will be cold and the snow will be bad later on. The damage did seem to be less in other states.Most of all, remember to turn to the Lord. HE IS IN CHARGE! I know that all of what I have shared is hard. I have spent the last two days and nights really struggling with this. I feel it all as I see these things. I just want people to be prepared. There is so little time left. Please pray about these things. Then prepare. I do know that the Lord will bless those who have been obedient. WE need to trust HIM and Know that what ever happens we are in His hands! May the Lord bless you... Herendair

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