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Stan Deyo Earthquake / Volcanic Forecasts
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wyoming:SAYS Don't mess with U.S. Constitution/Romania Weighs Decriminalizing Incest/Fed begins move that could sink dollar

=Christians compared to radicals in Missouri document to police

=Population Control Folks Say Earth's Got Too Many People ~ Bible Prophecy Today


=>>>Wyoming: SAYS Don't mess with U.S. Constitution Resolution opposes convention to debate 'our most precious rights' -- The state of Wyoming has adopted a resolution to inform Washington
bureaucrats and bureaucracies of its opposition to any plans to hold a Constitutional Convention that would recommend changes or alterations to the nation's founding document.




=Romania Weighs Decriminalizing Incest - Not everything that is immoral has to be illegal. We cannot help these people by turning them into criminals and punishing them.
Legal expert Valerian Cioclei

-----------=Vermont Senate votes to legalize same-sex marriage
=Knowing: the Movie: Preparing the way for the Coming Great Deception?
-------=What You Absolutely Need To KNOW About The Movie KNOWING - On of the young children goes into a trance and channels a long list of numbers onto a piece of paper.- Author’s Note: If you have not seen this movie yet you may want to skip this article because it reveals the surprise ending
=Catholics outraged over Notre Dame hosting Obama
=Japan readies NKorea rocket launch response
=UK uses spy plane with thermal imaging camera to snoop on homes wasting energy...
=Pentagon Questions Growing Chinese Military Power
=Space Storm Alert: 'We're moving closer and closer to the edge of a possible disaster'...
=CREEP: UK govt to monitor FACEBOOK, social networking sites...
=video: Rahm Emanuel: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste
"This is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before"...
=Freeman called for National ID
The former ambassador advocated creating a national identity system in the US...
=Vatican Helps Italian Cops Combat Satanic Crimes
=Growing Food in Times of Scarcity
=What Is Transhumanism?- Warning: Advances in technology are closer than they appear.
--------=The Coming Merging of Mind and Machine
-------------=Calling Lynn Marzulli! Artificial Genetics Produces New Type Of DNA With 12 Chemical Letters Instead Of Usual 4!
------------------=Redefining DNA's Structure Because We're Smarter Than God
-------------------------=Building A Brain On A Chip
------------------------------=New Research Findings Open Door To Human Cloning Farms
-----------------------------------=Biological Colonialism Alert: Cash for Organs Plan in Singapore
=Preparing for Civil Unrest in America
=VA Warns Unclean Miami Colonoscopies May Spread HIV
=In 'Snub' To Biblical Values, School Kids To Be Indoctrinated With Druids, Rastafarians, Atheists, Genetic Modification, Cloning, Gay Marriage.../=Obama Food Policy May Mean End Of Farmers Markets, Family Farms/

=New Database Tells Big Brother You're Uninsured/

=Demons Getting Out Of Control. Priests Called In

You and I Can't Buy the Guns Mexican Cartels Own
Gun Control Debate Hangs Over U.S.-Mexico Violence
'Fusion Centers' Expand Criteria to Identify Militia Members
Your Current Gun Rights; HOLLY NOTE: These were last checked yesterday and they are the most curent:
State Firearms Laws - Procedures of Firearm Sales, 2005; revised November, 2006
Quick Reference Chart of State Firearms Laws, revised February, 2007
State Guns Laws, Reciprocity and Recognition, revised March 2008
Right-to-Carry 2008 — map
Concealed Weapons Laws for Each State
DOD Ends Sale of Expended Military Brass to Remanufacturers


NATRUAL disasters

=Volcano in Alaska blows top again
-----=Alaska Braces for Ashfall After Volcano Erupts
--------=Mother Nature's Might Seen in Mount Redoubt – video
=Mag. 4.8 Quake Shakes Southern California
=weather freak: blizzard + flood hammer N. Dakota
=In Race Against River, Fargo Pulls Together
-----=Fargo Asks for Help to Hold Back Red River Flood
---------=Residents Race to Fill Sandbags As Flooding Threatens North Dakota
=Evacuation Ordered Near Missouri River in Bismarck
=Severe Storms, Tornadoes Damage Homes, Topple Vehicles in Plains
=Scientists Monitor Swarm of Calif. Quakes
=San Andreas Twitching With Quakes That Could Affect Orange County
=Incredible Blizzard Reports, Tornado Radar
=Drought Reignites Dust Bowl Fears
=Fedco Seeds: The David to Monsanto’s Goliath
=Will Congress Wipe Out Home Gardens, Growers Markets?
=Red Cross Encourages Earthquake Preparedness
=UK Report Warns Nuclear Attack Realistic




=Netanyahu says his gov't will push for peace with Palestinians
-----=Obama sharpens tone on Israel, calls for two-state solution
--------=Netanyahu embraces Israel-Palestinian peace talks
-----------=Israel: Iran is only months away from building a nuke, has ballistic warhead capability
-----------------=Near-Catastrophe in Israel The worst terror attack in Israeli history was narrowly averted Saturday evening.
=Jailed pro-life pastor brings thugs to Christ Wife says clinic targeted black minister for stance against race-based abortion

=California "tent city" for homeless to be closed

=Middle-class nightmare: Life in a Tent City
=Schwarzenegger Opens Up Fairgrounds to Residents of Tent City...

=Suggesting eligibility proof gets congressman scorned Faces comments including, 'Take the Reynolds Wrap off your head' - U.S. Rep. Bill Posey

='US Jews back Obama's Mideast path'
=Justice, Supremes confirm getting eligibility challenge Taitz documents demanding proof of Obama's birthplace to be reviewed

=THE MONEY COW IS DRY- submitted by Nate Dampier and Linda Babb

=European Union President: U.S. Economic Plans Are "A Road to Hell” ~ Bible Prophecy Today
-------=Fed begins move that could sink dollar Economists warn government subsidizing purchase of its debt - economists believe will end up "monetizing" the dollar, a process that could inflate the amount of money in circulation and cause serious devaluation of the currency on world markets.
-------------=EU leader condemns US 'road to hell'; Attack highlights growing rift...
------------------=ideo: Rahm Emanuel: You never want a serious crisis to go to waste
"This is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before"...
=More signs of a struggling economy. - A UP SW1500 starts a mile long line of stored locomotives at the yard in Nampa.
------=U.S. Seeks Expanded Power to Seize Firms
---------=Brawl over Obama budget brews in Congress
---------------=Peter Schiff Stimulus Bill Will Lead to "Unmitigated Disaster" – video
-------------------=Glenn Beck Marching Towards Hell. Racist Rant, Mexico Will Meltdown – video
=China and Russia Call for a New One World Currency ~ Bible Prophecy Today
-----=China calls for new global currency
---------=EU rejects proposal for new reserve currency
------------=China ‘Super Currency’ Call May Signal Dollar Concern
-----------------=Geithner 'open' to China proposal on currency... Developing...
=Czech gov't collapses over handling of economic crisis
=Postal chief says post office running out of money...
--------=Brown Plays Down Rift with Bank of England as He Tries to Sell Economic Recovery Plan in the U.S.

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