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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Obama eligibility tops AOL News-St. Louis riverfront draws rally against Obama stimulus plan-Global Bank,Global Currency Soon-Mexico:The War Next Door

=Obama eligibility tops AOL News - Internet reports mock 'Birthers' who want constitutional proof
=Obama RumorJust Won't Die - 'The Birthers' Continue to Hound Obama
=More military officers demand eligibility proof Plaintiff: 'In the worst case … it's going to be revolution in the streets'

=Gordon Brown aims for 'global new deal' with Barack Obama



------------------------=BROWN: 'The special relationship is going global'...

=President Barack Obama Names Pro-Abortion Kathleen Sebelius Health Secretary

-----------=Obama to Reverse Bush Abortion Rule
-------------------=WSJ: As Dow keeps dropping, Obama running out of people to blame...


=St. Louis riverfront draws rally against Obama stimulus plan

=British Prime Minister Urges Global Supervision Of Banks To Combat "International Shadow Banking System"
=David Wilkerson's Prophecy of Run on American Banks – prophetic
----=Martial Law – video - Lou Dobbs:Major Public Concerns Of Martial Law In The U.S. Army gearing up 20000 in USA!
----------=CIA Agent Leaks FEMA Camps Intel – video - The U.S. government, under a program called REX 84, runs approximately 3,708 detention camps nationwide. They are all fully operational and ready to recieve prisoners should the US government insti...
=Global Bank, Global Currency Soon
=The Greatest Depression Under Way
=Economic crisis threatens to rip European Union -- and its single currency -- apart...


=Wen warns economic crisis spreading in China


=State caught in avalanche of job losses
Gina Ferazzi

After steep January cuts, more than 1 in 10 Californians is out of work. It's even worse in L.A. County.


=After Financial Crisis, Civil War? Think Tank Says Stock Up On Supplies, Get Ready To "Leave Your Region ..."
=Ukraine risks unrest as ills worsen; Cash withdraw not available at banks...
=Video: ' Worst economic collapse ever'
Gerald Celente says there will be a tax revolt...
=GM urges EU states to come to its aid; Carmaker says 300,000 jobs at risk...


=Preacher says biblical church is vanishing from America- a different kind of church has risen in America. In vast auditoriums and smaller places people listen to preachers who roam the stage and tickle the ears with feel-good messages.

=Hezbollah 'ready for any confrontation with Israel'
------------=Israel has already forfeited Jerusalem
---------------=BREAKING- Israel has alreadyforfeited Jerusalem Jews barred as U.S. helps Arabsfortify their presence in holy city


=Israel threatens painful response to Gaza rockets
=Israel Newspaper: Zion Needs Its Messiah Now
-----------=The Geopolitical Great Game: Turkey and Russia Moving Closer


=Global food crisis called 'ticking time bomb'


=U.S. Army To Buy $6 Million Of Riot Equipment


=Unprecedented Northeast Bat Die-off Spreading Rapidly - Insects Expected to Increase. Could Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee Be Next? - Now, one year later in February 2009, the deaths have spread to at least eight states and the exact cause is still not proved. But the one persistent symptom on the sick and dead bats is a white substance around the noses and faces of the sick and dead bats


=John Kinsman: Nation's Food System Nearly Broke


=Video: Robo-Beast and Human Troops March Together


=Legendary Broadcaster Paul Harvey Dies - I will miss him I grew up hearing him on the radio

Paul Harvey - video


=New York Times Article From 1985: Intact DNA From Mummy Cloned


=World’s First Transgenic Clones Born In Denmark


=More Seeds For 'Doomsday Vault'


=Prominent Catholic Universities Celebrate Lent With Porn, Promiscuity
As Christians worldwide kneel in prayer to begin the holy season of Lent, students at three Jesuit Catholic universities are busy celebrating extramarital sex, homosexuality, cross-dressing and pornography, the Cardinal Newman Society has revealed.
=Christians Turn to God Over Moral Crisis in UK
=Clinton calls for action to forge Mideast peace
-----------------=Clinton pledges to press for Palestinian state
-----------------------=Clinton reiterates need for two-state solution
---------------------------=Clinton meets Peres, stresses need for two-state solution
-------------------------------=Clinton Asks Israeli Officials to Help Palestinians Build a 'Viable' State...
=Story of King David Sets Base for New NBC Series
=Drug-Resistant Flu on the Rise
-------------=Flu strain proves resistant to medication
=Vatican hosts Darwin conferenceScientists, philosophers and theologians from around the world are gathering at the prestigious Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome to discuss the compatibility of Darwin's theory of evolution and Catholic teaching.
=Did Hillary really pledge U.S. homes to China? State says 'no basis' for claim eminent domain rights offered as collateral for debt
='Fourth Reich' being planned? Radicals call for exploiting credit troubles during G8 summit--WND
=Space rock gives Earth a close shave...
=STUDY: 1 in every 31 adults in corrections system...
=Scientists make HIV strain that can infect monkeys...
=Montana Has It Right on Second Amendment
=Japan Prepares to Shoot Down North Korean Missile
=Wildfires Destroy 25 Homes in Central Texas
-------------=Firestorm Warning Puts Victoria on Red Alert
-----------------=Australians Urged to Flee as Gales Threaten New Fire Disaster
---------------------=Calif. Forced to Look at Water Rationing
-------------------------=A Tiny California Town Prepares for 'Armageddon'
----------------------------=Folsom, San Juan Areas Order Severe Water Rationing
=Mexico: The War Next Door
----------=U.S. Training Soldiers to Enforce Border Security
---------------=Thousands of Mexican soldiers pour into the country's most violent city
This is to to eradicate kidnappings, extortion, assaults and homicide...
=Washington State to Allow ‘Dignity’ Deaths
=Asteroid Near Miss - whizzed just 72,000 kilometres above the Earth's surface
=Vatican Seeks ET "Lost Sheep Of The Universe"
The Vatican's chief astronomer says that advanced extraterrestrial life is a distinct possibilty. The Vatican's chief astronomer says there is no conflict between believing in God and in the possibility of extraterrestrial civilizations, perhaps more evolved than humans.
----------------=UFO: New sighting in South Africa! - By Michael Cohen
---------------------=UFOs: They’re real and not going away!
---------------------------=UFOs and the Rapture!
--------------------------------=UFO’s: Record Numbers in Canada!
-----------------------------------=It’s all about the hope we’re looking for… UFOs! - Former defence minister says UFO proof ‘irrefutable’ - in Canada
=AND NOW!!! Marge Simpson indulges in lesbian kiss
Marge Simpson, the conservative blue-haired wife in the popular animation The Simpsons, has become the latest TV character to indulge in a steamy lesbian affair.
----------------=Married gays in Mass. sue US for federal benefits
She's not allowed to check the "married filing jointly" box...
=World’s Biggest Pork Processor to Close 6 Plants, Cut 1,800 Jobs
=Video: Iran closer to the brink
The international community realizes the time is nigh...
a different kind of church has risen in America. In vast auditoriums and smaller places people listen to preachers who roam the stage and tickle the ears with feel-good messages


=Radio chip coming soon to your driver's license? Homeland Security seeks next-generation REAL ID

------------------=Enhanced Drivers Licenses: What Are They?

=Spychipped Drivers Licenses: Coming to Your State Next?Dr. Katherine Albrecht Interviews Michigan State Rep. Paul OpsommerFebruary 25, 2009
=Vigil protests mandatory chip implants Organizers object to ordinance in light of dog that bled to death

=Legislators Want Out of The Federal Real ID Act
=sometimes we forget just how blessed we are - ORIGINAL CAPTION: Children sit in cardboard boxes at the Kizito orphanage in Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo. (Finbarr O'Reilly, Reuters)

=Coming LA Power Outages - Lake Mead's telltale "bathtub ring" tells the story of its sinking water levels. Lake Mead has dropped about 1% a year since 1999 - Lake Mead has dropped about 1% a year. By 2012, the lake's surface could fall below the existing pipe that delivers 40% of the city's water

-----------------=Schwarzenegger declares Calif. drought emergency

=Moon and Venus Together

=Do these mysterious stones mark the site of the Garden of Eden?

=Desert Compound Mystery - Feb 23, 2009. Over the past five months, this "compound" has taken shape out in the central Arizona desert, in the middle of nowhere near Blackwater and Sacaton Arizona, along the dry Gila River.

=border states draw up contingency plans for Mexican drug war - ORIGINAL CAPTION: Mexican federal agents escorted Marcos Estrada Delgado in Mexico City. The U.S. man was among four police officers and seven civilians accused of working for Mexico's powerful drug cartel. (AP)

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