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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sacrificial Altar To Be Built In Jerusalem//Second Graders Sing About Allah?-Indiana//UFO! Texas Sighting. Alien Entities reported.

=Sacrificial Altar To Be Built In Jerusalem -photo RaidersNewsNetwork - During Thursday’s ceremony, which took place in Mitzpe Yericho just east of Jerusalem, the Temple Institute laid the cornerstone for the altar and demonstrated how tar will be used to cement the stones together. The Institute plans on bringing the altar to its proper place on the Temple Mount when the Temple is rebuilt.
=Signs of End Times - prophetic -photo Millennium-Ark / By Orji Uzor KaluLeadershipNigeria - While the Holy Scriptures calls it the Second Coming of Christ - when he will come to take his righteous people into the heavenly abode - some others call it such names as Day of final Judgement, etc. By whatever name anybody chooses to call it is immaterial. What is important and indisputable is that that day must come, and it will come like a thief in the night.

=Old Time Religion Ain't What It Used to Be - photo - When Americans tell pollsters they're Christians, God only knows what they mean, according to two recent surveys of religious belief.When researchers from the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life looked at belief in eight Eastern or New Age ideas, they found self-described Christians were only a few percentage points behind the rest of the population.

=Belief in astrology was 23 percent among Christians and 25 percent among the rest of the population..
Belief in reincarnation was 22 percent among Christians and 24 percent among the rest of the population..
Belief that spiritual energy exists in physical objects like trees or rocks was 23 percent among Christians and 26 percent among the rest of the population.
=Gulf petro-powers to launch currency in latest threat to dollar hegemony
The Arab states of the Gulf region have agreed to launch a single currency modelled on the euro, hoping to blaze a trail towards a pan-Arab monetary union swelling to the ancient borders of the Ummayad Caliphate.
Single Currency a step closer for ALBA nations"The bloc comprises nine Latin American and Caribbean nations - Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Dominica, Honduras, Ecuador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Antigua and Barbuda." The sucre would be rolled out beginning in 2010 in a non-paper form. With no printed or coin versions, the virtual currency will be used to manage debts between governments while reducing reliance on the US dollar and on Washington in general.
The Frightening Rise Of Christian Persecution: Christians Around The World Are Being Shot, Burned, Hanged, Tortured And Stuffed Into Metal Shipping Containers
Steve Wohlberg sound a warning against another pop culture fad -- the Twilight phenomenon. Christians again are buying into the rage which targets teen-age girls. Christianity Today magazine promotes a discussion group/Bible study around the books and films. But bad entertainment choices have consequences and some of those consequences are eternal. This is an occult-laced book and film series surrounding the occult vampire craze. After all, the star is a "good vampire" and not a part of the evil ones. But the messages the books/movies send to young people could be just the first step into what could be a lifetime practicing forbidden things found in the Bible.The Twilight Phenomenon
The Widespread Appeal of Stephenie Meyer's YA Vampire Novels - Not since Harry Potter's arrival on the literary scene in 1998, have readers of all ages flocked to a book series the way they are for Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. The young adult human-vampire love story is making waves in bookstores and libraries with readers of all ages anxious to get their hands on the next book.
Evacuation ordered as Philippine volcano spews ash
Philippines: Sulfur Gas and Quakes Jolts Mayon
Thousands evacuated as Mayon volcano threatens Philippines villagesOne of the world's most perfectly formed volcanoes oozed lava and ash overnight, threatening to explode over a picturesque tourist town in the Philippines.
20,000 evacuated as Philippine volcano oozes lava
Philippine volcano rumbles with fresh explosions
Magma Body Beneath Yellowstone Supervolcano 20 Percent Larger Than Thought
=UFO! Texas Sighting. Alien Entities reported.
Posted by lamarzulli on December 16, 2009 - photo l a marzulli blog
=High Strangeness in Colorado! UFOs are real and burgeoning and not going away!
Posted by lamarzulli on December 14, 2009 - Well there is yet another cattle mutilation in Colorado. It would appear that the phenomena is real, burgeoning and not going away!

=MUFON: Strange Beings Observed - photo texas mufon

=Another Russian rocket spiral lights up the sky -photo

Spooky: 1 in 3 Democrats communicate with the dead More likely than GOP to consult fortune-tellers, believe in astrology, reincarnation -photos WND

=White male Evangelical Protestants who were Republicans between the ages of 18 and 29 were least likely to say they have felt in touch with a dead person.

=eyes in the sky ORIGINAL CAPTION: A pair of Customs and Border Protection UAS aircraft located at the southern border are standing by to air operations. (Gerald L Nino) -photo Millennium-Ark

=Feds make another massive land grab - what will be left for Americans? -photo Millennium-Ark // Photo: Dec. 9: Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., talks with Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Arizona Sen. John McCain in a Senate hallway. (AP) - Eleven senators and 17 representatives in the U.S. House have sent a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasting the measure as one of the boldest property grab attempts of all time.This bill is described by opponents as a sweeping overhaul of the Clean Water Act that could threaten both physical land and jobs by wiping out some farmers entirely.

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