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Stan Deyo Earthquake / Volcanic Forecasts
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Franklin Graham:'Our Churches Are Dead'//large green fireball meteor-Nebraska to Oklahoma//Deception 101- It's Manifesting!

=signs in the sky? -photo Millennium-Ark - ORIGINAL CAPTION: This incredible picture shows a huge meteor hurtling to Earth during the annual Geminid meteor shower. Astro-photogrpaher Wally Pacholk captured this amazing shot in the Mojave Desert area near Victorville under a dark and almost clear sky.

-------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Franklin Graham: 'Our Churches Are Dead' - Graham: None of that is our mandate. Jesus never said, "I want you to go out and alleviate the poor in the world." ...So many churches and so many pastors today are going directions Jesus never told us to go into. He said, "you'll always have the poor with you." Question: TG: To what extent do you think Christians should be involved in helping to usher in the kingdom of Heaven now, on Earth? Should we be trying to redeem our culture? - Graham: First of all, the Bible didn't tell me to do that. I can't Christianize this culture. The god of this world is Satan - this is his culture. He is the god of this age. I'm to preach the gospel. .... God is calling a people for Himself. I don't know whom He's calling, I just have to be faithful and preach.


By Paul ProctorDecember 16,

-- --------------------------------

=large green fireball meteor - night of Dec. 16 has been confirmed by witnesses from Nebraska to Oklahoma City and as far east as Missouri // Fireball seen from Nebraska to Oklahoma accompanied by earthquake // Nebraska Fireball: Dec. 16, 2009 - Eyewitness Accounts: "It flashed for approximately two seconds and was followed by sonic booms and ground shaking, // Reports of Fireball Meteor and Earthquake in Nebraska- photo

=Deception 101- It's Manifesting! Posted by lamarzulli on December 17, 2009- The supernatural is manifesting and no one is testing the spirits. . I would love to be in that crowd right now. I would raise my voice and bellow, "the Lord rebuke you!" I believe the demonic imposter would hightail it out of there. Here's one way of testing the spirits. We just simply ask, "Did Jesus come in the flesh." And remember, we know from the Guide-book to the supernatural, i.e. the Bible, that the enemy will come with all signs and lying wonders, in the last days! I think this latest manifestation fits the bill perfectly. This brings me to call your attention to what should be our first line of defence, Rebuke first and ask questions later! We need to understand that we are in a fight with powers and principalities, wickedness in high places. The war and subsequent deception is openly manifesting around us! Wake up!

Old Gods and New - Imminent Disclosure? - prophecy in the - Disclosure . the revealing of something long held secret. For important reasons, we now need to be sensitive to this word. In the coming days, it is likely to be resounding through the public media.
Chilling New Video: How to Slit Throats
Mystery Deepens Around Norway Spiral Light: Pyramid UFO over Kremlin, and Russia and China Lights
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: We Will Establish Global Governance From Copenhagen
Prophecy Unfolds Before Our Eyes As New Revived Rome Foreign Policy Chief Lambastes 'Israeli Occupation'
Commercial 3-D Bio-Printer Makes Human Tissue, Organs
Taiwan Hit by 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake, AftershocksA magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Taiwan today at 9:02 p.m. local time, with its epicenter about 145 kilometers
Spain: We'll strive for a Palestinian state in 2010

=Volcano may erupt 'in next three to seven days' - Manila: More lava flowed out of the crater of a restive volcano in the eastern Philippines Saturday, a sign of intensifying activity, government volcanologists said.
3.5 Earthquake Jolts Nebraska
-----Record Number of Oklahoma Earthquakes This Year
-------6.3 Quake Shakes Spain, Portugal and Morocco
-Is The Apocalypse A Real And Present Danger? A Menacing Bubble Of Magma Rumbling Beneath Yellowstone Park Really Does Threaten To Blow Its Top And Wreak Havoc Upon The Planet. But When?

=Russia and the Vatican establish full diplomatic ties - photo BBC News

=group's Census promo called 'blasphemous' - photo Millennium-Ark

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