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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

word for 2010- Charlene Baktamarian

Word 2010 “Do not be taken by surprise when there is a vision that comes to pass and you say, "I did not pray for that." For it was in My plan that was predestined for you and as your heart and life yielded and the timing was ready and in line with heaven's purpose it was a surprise and a "suddenly" to you but not to Me!As you pray to Me, ‘Your will Father and not mine! I want to obey You.’ in that very prayer it carries the releases of heaven's destiny for what I predestined for you and at the proper season and time that will not harm you. So shall it be a suddenly to you but not to me!My plan and My vision is complete as you walk forth and lay down your life then clarity comes as My vision connects with your heart and unfolds. It becomes A NEW... and no longer dormant but producing life changing atmospheres that transfer hearts out of the old into the new.In 2010 many will start again. Yes, again, for shedding has taken place in 2009 of the old wine skin ‘to begin again’ with a heart of passion for the things of the living God. Many will also choose to keep the old skin on which is not pleasing to Me but I have given all My children a choice you see.Come into the New Place I have for you to finish the things Heaven predestined for you to do.The time is now to do what I have called you to do! Do not wait! Do not hesitate! For it is I that will cause it to be new with nothing of you, but only of Me with a fresh fire for a desire for the one and only way, truth, and life.Many false gods, yes, many false gods that ears are turning to but I ask you to stay true to the Faithful One, the Mighty One, the Prince of Peace, the Councilor, "The Only Way."I have spoken again and again for My people not to mix the things I have spoken to them with the old! Throw the old drink away that has sat and become stale that the enemy loves for you to return to and drink of. For as you walk and run into this new year that you have proclaimed I will stamp a new name upon you! I call you NEW...... I call you pure hearted! I call you mine!Two fires, says the Lord, one that is of the spirit that is called refining and one that is of destruction that is in the natural. Listen to My voice and stay fresh, stay new, stay true to Me for things are moving, moving, yes moving rapidly, acceleration!You must know I am not a stand still God. The only thing that stands still is your heart before Me as you listen and wait upon Me and know that I am God and see My salvation.Come! Come! Come out of the old into the new "For this is the only place life is for you"!I am stirring your heart to be alert, stay awake, and shed the old skin so that you can truly go forth new and begin again with all of Me and not of you. Many are coming as I have called for them to do as they come out of 2009 into 2010 new. Will you come and do what My heart yearns for you to do mixing nothing of the old with the new that I have for you?Repent and leave the old place even that which is in place that is bearing some fruit but not what I call the much, yes not what I call the life giving abundant fruit which I would have for it to do.... for much of it is old mixed with you!These things are stale waters that stink and are undrinkable which I desire you to see! And these waters look clear but, oh My children, be not deceived! Seek and know that these things are mixed with the old and I am only in the new! where life can be transferred and change hearts to go forth and do! For I have called doers and not hearers to get heavens purposes fulfilled and those who are listening shall experience "and know all that is of Me" but! those who choose the old, there is only heart ace and not my suddenly's .Where are the sons and daughters of the living God that will listen and take heed and go running hard after Me? Where are you? Will you stay in the old or will you listen and obey and dare to do.... what My voice thunders over My brides heart, "The New place"! "The new place for you"!This place looks nothing like the old and is hard for many to see because My peoples hearts have done it this way for many years..... but.... SHIFT, says your God. See with My eyes, go forth with My heart. My voice thunders over your heart, it thunders over you! Do not stay behind in the old but come My beloved into the New, for My glory is in the place I have predestined for you.You know you are sensing! as I tug on your heart! You ask God, “Is this you? What will others think if I come out of these old places into the new?”This is unchartered waters for you but not for Me. It is heavens plans as you allow Me to be the guide and truly be the light and surrender all once again. You too shall shed your old wine skin. You will experience and truly have joy unspeakable and be full of glory! For you have wanted this for a long time as you are seeking and crying out for more. Release and come to the place I have for you...take your hands off and let Me build for you.There are many cries up to my throne yet many of you go forth on your own.Shift! Shift! Shift with Me. The old cannot hold the new! Allow the Holy Spirit to oil you! This is the only way the skin will shed so that you can go forth and see revival again.I come and warn you of the lies and truth mixed that is now and coming stronger. Lies of men and women of God that are being exposed of the things that displeases Me that I am exposing. BUT there are lies coming against My true voices in the earth to destroy them and to make them look as they have wronged My people and heaven ....Test the spirits, for there are gatherings that are taking place against My chosen ones, yes, planning and designing a strategy to destroy my true prophets and ministries in this earth that have stayed pure before me. You must pray! Listen to Me for it shall sound like their voice and will look like their signature but it shall be the devil himself in proxy to get My people to bow to a system, a government, that is not My government.I come with a strong warning this season to stay ever so close to My heart and take heed to Me and not religious traditions that have turned My people’s hearts away that is not to the way, the truth, and the life. Many false doctrines that have sounded like truth and kept My beloved in bondage, yet I have come time and time again with a strong wind of My Spirit to blow upon the dead places, the false places, to raise it up again to blow away the debris and cause My people’s eyes to see.Wake Up! For I am calling. I am drawing out of the old and into the new where I dwell and where My heart is in agreement with your heart and the lost will want what My beloved have experienced.Prepare as if you were a solider going to war. For war is at hand and you must take a stand! A battle like never before but remember My beloved I stand as you go and you have the only weapon that is more powerful than any, the blood of My Dear Son.”WORD 2009 Please scroll down and read word from 20072009 A SEASON AND A TIME2009 A SEASON AND A TIME2009 A SEASON AND A TIME“AWAKE! AWAKE! Rise from stupor.Look, Watch, Pray,” says the Lord, “for this is the day that the Lord has made. Yes it is, yet My people have used this to sleep. Quit taking My word and applying it your way. For My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts.I say be glad and rejoice in Me as you are awake!This is a day that I have made and this is also a day and hour and even minute in your season that I am seeking those to totally surrender and obey My voice, for as you obey My voice this is where you will walk in freedom. Many troubled waters,” says the Lord, “yet I am your strong tower where you can run and be safe.This season is like no other season on earth. Listen and move only when you have heard from Me. Remember My no’s protect you. For there are things moving into place you know not of but as you listen to Me I will direct you and protect you.Be aware of false teachers that are rising up and coming forth with messages that are not of Me. Try the spirits,” says the Lord, “as I instructed you in My word. This is not the time to draw back,” says the Lord, “but to do what I called you to do. Some of these false teachings are from ones with hearts after Me and have followed man’s teachings and not My word and duplicated it and are not preparing My bride.Get in place and stay in place. You know how many times I have come to you with that which I placed in your heart for such a time as this, yet you choose to battle as the enemy lies to you speaking you cannot! But I say there is still time and I say move and do what I have spoken to you in this season and time to do.You are mine, you are mine, and again I say you are mine! As you look ahead remember what I warned you of. Look through My eyes and you will go forth by the spirit and not do things out of the flesh because of the false roar!The enemy is roaring to get you to move out of places I have for you, again listen to Me and move only when I tell you to. Look at this now, season and time with an eternal view. Compare only to your reward in heaven and not to things on this earth.I am coming! Yes! I am, but I say occupy until I come. Do not shut down. Do not stop prospering the Kingdom. It is a time to step up in the things that you have stayed dormant in. What have I spoken to your heart? Not man, but I the Lord your God! You were running the race, what or who hindered or stopped you?Take heed,” says the Lord, “and run the race I set before you!! The vision I gave you with My very own instructions!You as My people look upon instructions to assemble many things and trust that it will operate and produce the results you read in the instruction. I have not only given you a full book of instructions but confirmation time and time again.When will you trust My instructions for your life? Not only the bible but My word that I have spoken to you! And not only did I speak the instruction over and over along the way I sent many to confirm! Yet, you still say this has not happened and that has not happened. Oh My bride, you are mine and I love you and you will never fully understand until I come to take you home with Me and just as a groom on his wedding night carries his bride in his arms to there new place so shall I carry you in a way that you have never been carried before.You are mine and I am in love with you! You are my bride!It is my voice to you and not man’s voice or ways! You must stay close to Me!I say again many false teachings arising that are not My word yet it looks like and smells like Me but do not taste of it.Touch not; taste not; handle not; for it will take you from My word and My voice and will end in destruction for you My love. I shall come and carry you in a way you have never been carried before!! Great is your reward as you stay steadfast and surrender only to Me looking, watching, and praying in this hour!For you are in a season and time that is called Hour! Hear what the spirit is saying to the church and not go the way of the flesh. Compare only to heavens reward and you shall know the answer and the way and not be mislead to the place where moth and rust will leave nothing but ruin.You are mine and I love you My bride! Watch, pray and stay going my way!

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