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Friday, March 12, 2010

I was engaging a nonentity - Strange Encounter - He said "I have decided to become mortal" - This is a real encounter that happen to someone I know

=My Note Wake Up Call!!!!!!: This person I know personally -they are Upright and clear thinking. This person is a Spirit Filled and Born Againg Christian. This person wants there Identity not known to everyone. This happened in 2010 - In there own words I have not added or taken away.

Here is the strange event that happened on the Monday after the L.A. Marzulli conference in our city:
I was at the jewelry store where I work in our local shopping mall. I was with another associate and we were in the middle of the store sitting on stools looking at the new monthly real estate guide that had just come out that day.

I looked up and directly in front of me was a man that I had not seen enter the store. The other associate continued to look at her magazine. She wasn't aware he was there until I spoke to the man and then she looked up and saw him also.

Because I was disconcerted that we hadn't seen him enter the store I said, "Oh, we just got the new homes guide and we were looking at it". He replied to me (in a low and totally emotionless tone), "Yes, that's important".I asked how I could help him and he said, "I have twenty seven Seiko watches that I need watch bands for so I can wear them; do you know how I can get bands for them"? He had a huge very yellow watch on his wrist.

The other associate jumped up and told him she would get him the number of the Seiko repair center and he could contact them. She proceeded to walk to the back of the store to get the telephone number. Instead of following her, he continued to stand in front of me and look at me. It was strange because he didn't make eye contact with me but he kept looking at me making it clear to me he wanted to talk to me and not to her. That was odd because I judged him to be about 40 years old and I'm over 60 years old and not someone most younger men want to talk to. The other associate was a beautiful young woman that most of the younger men are attracted to and like to talk to, but he ignored her and concentrated on me.

He said to me, "I have decided to become mortal". (Still in that monotone and without any inflection or emotion in his voice or mannerisms.) I had been trying to see his eyes and to figure out what he was because I knew the encounter wasn't a normal one. After he said that to me he stood there waiting for me to respond to him. I felt the Lord saying to me "Don't respond to him". So I didn't say anything, I just continued to look at him with an impersonal smile on my face. (Trying not to convey any real feeling to him)

The other associate began to come back to us with the piece of paper in her hand, and he half turned to her. He still continued to look in my direction over his shoulder and he said in both our hearing this time, "With everything that has been happening in this world, especially in these last two weeks, I have decided it is time that I become mortal". The other young associate, who is not a Believer, looked at me in horror. I just continued to watch the man. He turned and began to walk out of the store. The associate said, "That was really strange." I turned to her and agreed it was strange and turned right back around to look at him again, and he was gone.

During the entire encounter I felt no fear or really any emotion at all. None of my senses picked up anything from him at all. I was really trying to get a read on him spiritually during the whole encounter and I couldn't pick up anything. If I had to describe anything about him, it would be that he was soul-less. He gave off no emotion or odor or anything at all. For me it was like I was engaging a nonentity. I could say it was like looking into a void. His voice was soft and low and without any inflection--kind of like he was reading a prepared script. He was focused, purposeful and very intent.

His appearance was also strange. He was short to average in height. I would say around 5'7". He had a round face that was very average. His facial features weren't handsome but they weren't ugly either. The odd thing is, I can't tell you his eye color except to tell you I know his eyes weren't blue. His hair was brown and short.

But...his body was what the young associate described as "perfect". She also said that his shirt was skin tight. I just noticed his body didn't really go with his face. Every muscle, sinew and tendon could be seen in his arms. He didn't look like a body builder. His skin was thin and barely seemed to cover his musculature. The skin was an odd color of gold. Kind of like a dark mustard gold (like he had applied a really awful self tanner) The problem was the color wasn't on the surface of the skin, it seemed it was coming from the inside out. He also absorbed light so his skin and eyes were flat in appearance with no luminosity at all. It was a cold day in our city and he had on a short sleeved shirt with no coat or outerwear in evidence.

If you asked me to give my opinion about this whole thing, this is what I would say to you:

At no time did I feel any fear, but I did believe I was in the presence of someone or something I had never encountered before. I would say this man was evil in a stronger sense of the word than I have ever encountered before. But at the same time, he didn't exude evil; he exuded nothing at all. I think he definitely came to deliver a message. Why he came to engage me, I don't know except I had been at L.A. Marzulli's conference that past weekend. I somehow think his appearance was tied in with that. Is it a message for our city? Does the number 27 have significance or the number 9? I believe that we will know in time because I don't believe that any encounter with the spirit realm is accidental or random.

For my part in this whole thing, I am very thankful that I know the Lord Jesus and that He kept me and the other associate with me safe during the whole encounter. These are days where people need to know their God and know His Word!!

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I don't think we're done with this story. I think there's more to it.