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Stan Deyo Earthquake / Volcanic Forecasts

Stan Deyo Earthquake / Volcanic Forecasts
Earthquake / Volcanic Forecasts

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Turkey Threatens Action; Israel on Alert/A huge sinkhole caused by tropical storm Agatha/Vanuatu's Giant Ash Cloud Threatens Flights in Pacific/"More"

=Israel: Israel simulates massive Arab missile attackNationwide drill simulates chemical warheads hitting Tel Aviv, hundreds of thousands fleeing into Negev desert
----Egypt practices invading IsraelEgyptian forces cross Suez Canal and then simulate deep thrust into "enemy territory" that can only be Israel
------------Israel simulates massive Arab missile attackNationwide drill simulates chemical warheads hitting Tel Aviv, hundreds of thousands fleeing into Negev desert
----------------Obama plan: Global troops to protect Israel Previous international forces failed duties, allowed terrorists to re-arm
---------------------------Hizbullah puts 20,000 soldiers on alert near Israel
-------------------------------Israel Prepares For The Worst From Iran
-----------------------------------IDF Northern Commander: Israel Can Be Ready to Fight within Hours
---------------------------------------Report: Israel to station nuclear missile subs off IranIsrael plans to deploy three submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf, near the Iranian coastline, the Times reports Sunday.
---------------------------------Israel rejects new drive to ban nukes from Mideast
------------------------------------Israel braces for Turkish, Hizballah, Hamas reprisals. Greece halts joint drill
----------------------------------------Israeli prime minister cancels White House meeting
--------------------------------------------Istanbul Rally: Israel will Drown in Blood - 10,000 Protestors Hold Demonstrations in Turkey
-----------------------------------------------Israelis in Turkey told to hideIsrael expects violent attacks on Israelis in Turkey following deadly confrontation with Turkey-backed Gaza aid ships
--------------------------------------------------Turkey Threatens Action; Israel on Alert

= first tropical storm of the season kills scores - (Str / AP) A huge sinkhole caused by tropical storm Agatha, in Guatemala City, on Monday, May 31 -photo : Millennium-Ark

=Huge Cloud of Sand Descends on Chinese Village -photo

-----------------------------------------------------------Undersea Volcano Erupts 90 Miles North of Spain
---------------------------------------------------------------Icelandic Volcano Eruption Swallows Nearly US$5 Billion in Global GDP
-------------------------------------------------------------------San Andreas-Like Fault Found in Eastern U.S. - Fault, from New York to Alabama,

=Hurricanes and Oil Spill Collide - interactive -photo: - snip it photo

=EARTHQUAKES: Peru shaken by 5.9-magnitude earthquake; no reports of injuries or damage
----Brazil's Amazon Hit by 6.5 Quake
------------The Risk Of Yellowstone's Mighty Volcano
--------------------Costa Rica Volcano Erupts, National Park Evacuated
2nd Iceland Volcano Issues Ominous Warning - A second, much larger volcano in Iceland is showing signs that it may be about to erupt, scientists have warned. -photo
-----------------------Volcanoes cause chaos in Guatemala and Ecuador
-----------------------------6.1 magnitude quake in Costa Rica: seismologistsA 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck Costa Rica in an area 74 kilometers (46 miles) southwest of the capital San Jose, seismologists said.
--------------------------------- Pacific volcano erupts near Marianas islands
---------------------------------------6.0 quake strikes Philippines
------------------------------------------2 Huge Volcanic Eruptions Spark Mayhem Across Central America
WARS: Two Koreas snarl at each other, tensions riseSouth Korea on Monday announced steps to tighten the vice on the North's already stumbling economy in punishment for sinking one of its navy ships, with both sides stepping up their war-like rhetoric. The United States, which backs Seoul, warned that the situation was "highly precarious".
Muslim Youths in Nigeria Destroy Church Buildings, Pastor's Home
100,000 Told to Flee as Flood Hits Polish Capital
Cap and Trade: A Gigantic Scam
17 States Now Filing Versions of Arizona's Immigration Bill SB 1070
Obama Tells Military: Prepare for N. Korea 'Aggression'

Gold Rising; Speculators buying faster than producers can mine...
Toll from Poland flooding risesThe death toll from flooding in Poland has risen to at least 14, as authorities battle to deal with the worst floods in decades. The floods hit southern Poland first, but rivers are now carrying the flood waters furthern north. The Vistula, the county's biggest river, has burst its banks in central Poland and is threatening Warsaw.
-----China floods kill 115A TORRENT of floods caused by heavy storms have killed 115 people in southern China, with 21 people still missing as weather reports show rains beginning to subside.
Senate Democrats Pass Bill Allowing Govt to Collect Addresses, ATM Records of Bank Customers
Satanic Cult Teens 'Sacrificed' Victims Then Ate ThemProsecutors say the murders took place in a remote forested area close to Yaroslavl with two victims killed per night. The self-styled devil worshippers, which included a young teenage girl, lured three girls and a boy aged from 15 to 17 to the spot by plying them with alcohol and inviting them to sit round a bonfire. They then killed them in a sacrificial ceremony, stabbing them 666 times each in homage to the so-called Number of the Beast.
Group Donates £800,000 For Human/Animal Hybrid ClonesThe UK's Motor Neurone Disease Association has announced it will donate £800,000 (US $1,200,000) to fund human/animal "hybrid embryo" cloning research by the same Edinburgh University team that created "Dolly" the cloned sheep.
One false move in Europe could set off global chain reaction
Finally, lawmakers to hear 'Bilderberg conspiracy'"This is an opportunity to bring Bilderberg into the mainstream," Estulin said. "A subject that was once considered to be in the domain of conspiracy theories is now being taken very seriously indeed."
Okla. Legislature overrides another abortion vetoThe Oklahoma Legislature has overridden the governor's veto of an abortion bill that would require women and doctors to complete questionnaires before the procedure could be done.

Phoenix-area hospitals fight highly toxic 'supergerm'
Tropical Storm kills 15 in Guatemala, El Salvador
-----Artificial life? Synthetic genes 'boot up' cellScientists working to make a synthetic life form reported a major step forward Thursday, saying they had created an artificial genome and used it to bring a hollowed-out bacterium back to life.
Record heat in India; 122 degrees kills hundreds
----Tropical storm kills 99 in Central America
Obama: June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month
A scientist at the University of Reading has become the first person in the world to be infected by a computer virus.
Chinese Supercomputer Is Ranked World's Second-Fastest, Challenging U.S. Dominance
Bilderberg 2010 Agenda Leaked
Bible translations reaching the 'last languages'...over the next 15 years, the ministry is "starting with the last of those Bible that everyone can have God's Word in a language that speaks to their heart."


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