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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Deadly cat-flea disease hits Australia/Mystery missile launch off Texas coast/DEAD BIRDS AND FISH! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!


Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Antonio Villas Boas Abduction

Researchers find "alarming" decline in bumblebeesThey documented a 96 percent decline in the numbers of the four species, and said their range had shrunk by as much as 87 percent. As with honeybees, a pathogen is partly involved, but the researchers also found evidence the bees are vulnerable to inbreeding caused by habitat loss. "We provide incontrovertible evidence that multiple Bombus species have experienced sharp population declines at the national level," the researchers reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, calling the findings "alarming."..

Mystery missile launch off Texas coast Mystery missile launch off Texas coast

Hon. James David Manning, PhD speaks about the hundreds of dying black birds falling from the sky in Louisiana. Recorded on 4 January 2011. Go to and for more information.

Mass Animal Deaths
Hundreds of dead birds in TX...
Thousands of dead fish in FL...

New York witness reports low flying UFO
A New York witness stepped outside after hearing a humming sound on January 5, 2011, and caught site of a gray-colored "ship" with white lighting on its edges and no blinking lights, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
Disc UFO low over Hobart, IndianaExaminer.comIndiana is a current UFO ALERT 5 rating, with a lower number of UFO sightings nationally. Indiana had 5 UFO sighting reports in December 2010. ...

Travel Company Launches Top Secret UFO (press release)Tony Cisneros, Owner of Alpventures Top Secret Tours says, "UFO sightings have virtually become a daily occurrence. We are heading toward a global UFO event ...
Latest-UFO-Sightings: UFO sightings 2011: Triangle formation ...By AdminUFO sightings 2011 - This UFO video of triangle formation hovering in the sky over Lake Worth in Florida. This footage was recorded on Tuesday, 4th January 2011. Related Posts : 2011, Florida, N. America, triangle UFO, UFO videos, USA ...
UFO and Cessna Nearly Collide in Peru UFO Sightings January 1 ...By admin25 Responses to UFO and Cessna Nearly Collide in Peru UFO Sightings January 1, 2011. Gthang817 says: January 6, 2011 at 6:54 am. Suure.. jfrissina says: January 6, 2011 at 6:54 am. Parengau has uploaded a 1080p version of this video on ...Celebrity GaGa -


Packages Cause 'Flash Explosions' At 2 State Gov't Buildings in MD...
2nd person denied AZ transplant coverage dies...
Narrow, Heavy Snow Band to Target New York City Area...
REPORT: 'Blunt-force trauma' killed Ark. birds...
Discovery TV, Vatican team up for exorcism series
The Phoenix Lights...A Documentary (video)









Source: LA-LA-LA
The falling blackbirds and weather balloon storiesChanges in magnetic field could be responsible for massive bird and fish die-offsUPDATING! BIRDS:Tennessee: Flock Of Birds Found Dead In Wilson CountyIllinois: Dead Birds Reported by Residents in Southern IllinoisKentucky: KFWR official: Hundreds of dead birds found in Murray Sweden: Mysterious bird deaths hit SwedenTexas: Hundreds of dead birds discovered in E. TexasSweden: Swedish birds 'scared to death': veterinarianChina: BREAKING! Eagle and Birds fall from the sky in CHINA Kentucky: Women reports dozens of dead birds in her yardLouisiana: Hundreds of DEAD Black Birds Found In LouisianaArkansas: For Arkansas Blackbirds, the New Year Never CameGermany: Dead birds of prey at the roadsideJapan: Japan on alert after finding dead birdsCaroline: Dead pelican count escalatesTucson: Nearly 70 dead bats found in TucsonSomerset UK: Mystery as scores of starlings found dead in village garden
Thousands of dead birds fall out of the sky, North and South America Fish:Viet Nam: Tonnes of farm fish found dead Kent UK: 40,000 dead crabs washed up on Kent coastline as UK is latest country to be hit by bizarre animal deaths Maryland: 2 million fish found dead in MarylandFlorida: Thousands Of Fish Dead In Spruce CreekArkansas: 100,000 drum fish die in Arkansas River, more than 100 miles from site of bizarre blackbird deathsKent Island, MD: MDE: Fish Kill Caused By Cold StressBrazil: Mysterious killing of fish in coastal Wales UK: UK. Dead fish discovered in canal marina near AbergavennyHaiti: Authorities probe dead fish in Haitian lakeAustralia: Dead fish clog lake at airport Indiana: Dead fish wash up on Washington Park beach Maryland: Unusual Fish Kill Found in Annapolis Italy Two miles of beach full of fish, clams and crabs dead in a stretch of coastPeterborough UK: Concern as fish die in beauty spot brookNew Zealand: Hundreds of snapper dead on beachesSOURCERelated Millions more dead fish: UNBELIEVABLE FISHKILL in Lousiana -- ALL TYPES, EVEN MAMMALS Sea life dying by the million around the world Reports recently from around the world of billions of sea creatures being washed ashore Thousands of dead fish washing up and thousands of dead birds: Arkansas

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