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A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Prophetic Word for 2011 - Get your house in order says the Lord ! Charlene Baktamarian

WORD 2011Get your house in order says the Lord !Get your house in order says the Lord !I am coming and I want you home with meBut! It is your choiceThis is a day that you must stay in the place of Heavens rewards and not that which moth and rust will consumeIt is the time to walk with pure hearts before your GodHave you forgotten that I know and see where you are at, and what you are doing, and I am calling you out of the place of death into my light.Choose, Choose, Choose says the Lord my waysFor I come quickly!As I bring you dreams and visions of the plans and things I am doing in and through your life it is so you will beprepared and step into all I have predestined and ordained for you.And as you go forth with a pure heart and the greater works I called you to do this is when the lost will come to know me.I am stirring by my Spirit to wake up my body to do the works of God that the lost will come to me. I desire that not one go to hell, and as it stands many cry out from a place I did not make for my bride.I desire you come out of your self and wake up to those who cry out from a place in their hearts of hopelessnessand despair!Look around you! Look around you!What do you see?I desire you reach them to come home to me.Did I not reach you in your place of despair?I call you to do the same for those who cannot see so that they will not go to the place "that you my bride" cannot even comprehend how horrible this eternal place is.Love one another as I have loved you! I say run and prepare your neighborthat they will not go to the place of Hades eternally!Go forth with salvation in your mouthand healing in your hands and reach the lostfor this is where I have called you to preparePrepare the way for MeGo! Go! For I am with you!Reach! Reach! Extend your hands so that those I have placed in your path will know me! Tell them of my name and what I did for them and they will see thatI truly am a good God that died to give them life eternally!Wake up the lost so they will see that I'm so in love with them and desire them tocome home with Me eternally!You must not fear for what is about to be for it will come upon you quickly.Stay at my feet and do not fear Stay strong to the end and do not deny Me and youwill be in a place I have promised you!It is all I have said and you shall see how beautiful a place I went and prepared for youI choose you get out of self and reach others that they will know that I really did come and died and am coming back to take them home.I have made them ready and they are hungry for me for they look upon the turmoil in the world and are open to me. There's a window of opportunity"now says the Lord" so go forth and lead them to Me

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