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Saturday, February 19, 2011

there are Nephilim in the Modern Era- 2nd Thessalonians, that Satan will come with all signs and lying wonders

A post to address an ongoing issue!
Posted by lamarzulli on February 18, 2011
Why I believe there are Nephilim in the Modern Era
L. A. Marzulli
I am writing this paper to state what I believe and why, and to specifically counter arguments from those who are saying that the Nephilim – the by-product of fallen angels and the women of earth – did not occur again after the flood.
I have written five books on the Nephilim and in the research for those tomes there were many reference books that I searched for answers, in regard to what happened in Genesis 6. I explored the works of G. H. Pember, Dr. I. D. E. Thomas, Clarence Larkin, Barnhouse, De Haan, Josephus, Dr. Chuck Missler, and others who hold to the firm belief that the events of Genesis 6 happened then, and later on, as we see in Numbers 13. These authors also point to Matthew 24, which states that it will be like the days of Noah when the son of man returns and they believe, as I do, that we will see a last incursion of the fallen angels resulting in what I would call modern Nephilim. Dr. I. D. E. Thomas refers to this as the Omega Conspiracy.
We are warned in 2nd Thessalonians, that Satan will come with all signs and lying wonders. How and why can we somehow limit him by saying, that he won’t be able to create modern Nephilim? Where does it state in the scripture a list of things that Satan will not be able to do? It doesn’t exist, except in the Book of Job, which is unique as it pertains to one man and one time period.
In my opinion Satan is building an army. He will be cast from the second heaven to earth and scripture tells us: woe to the inhabitants of earth because the devil has come down to you and he knows his time is short! This is not some allegory or metaphor, it is a real event and it is a game changer!
With this hybrid army Satan is trying to recreate what he had just before the flood with the exception that he will seat his offspring, the Antichrist, in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, to be worshipped as God. This will bring about the fulfillment of the “seed of the serpent.” This is his ultimate endgame and it has been thousands of years in the making.
We are told the Mystery of Iniquity is working and will continue to work until he that restrains it is taken out of the way. The mystery of Iniquity can be translated as secret of lawlessness. In other words there is a complete disregard for the laws of God, thus the word law-less-ness is used. It would appear that Satan has a free reign to do what he pleases within the heavenly protocols and nowhere is there an exclusion of creating Nephilim hybrids.
By saying that there are no Nephilim and that somehow Satan will not resort to his old tactics is a dangerous, truncated position for anyone to take as it opens him or her to what I believe is the coming great deception.
The X-opolitic crowd, and New Agers, are embracing the idea that ET created all life on this planet, that they genetically manipulated us, started the worlds religions and our ancestors worshipped them as gods. Now, at this critical juncture in human history they are back to usher us into a time of peace, knowledge, and prosperity. They are ready to embrace the lie. They speak of hybrids and implants, why is it that this information is disregarded by those who tell us there can be no modern Nephilim? The New Agers and X-opolitic crowd, have no Nephilim dog in the hunt as it were. The breeding program that they refer to has all the hallmarks of what happened in Genesis 6. How can we ignore this?
In my opinion world events are rushing toward the time that the Bible speaks about more than any other, the time of Jacobs Trouble. The signs are here and they are becoming more numerous and with greater frequency as time ticks on toward the day when we will see the supernatural manifest in ways that we have never seen before.
In closing, people are entitled to believe what they want to. However, when those who disagree with my position and that of other researchers, begin to call us heretics, they have crossed the line.
In the end, if “they” show up and hybrids are revealed, it will become self-evident. To me these naysayer’s protest too much and it begs the question why now, with all that is going on. They are creating a distraction and obfuscating what may be the ultimate game changer in human history, that of the reappearance of the Nephilim…. It makes me wonder whose side they are really on.

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