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Monday, May 2, 2011

this strange light appeared in the sky ahead of us / Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler both declared dead on May 1 / Hedge funds increase bets dollar will decline / Every year they get closer: UFO fan hails clearest video yet and says 'they know I'm filming them'


Cone-shaped object reported moving over Savannah/

A Crack in Time -
On a drive in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, this strange light appeared in the sky ahead of us. It lasted a couple of minutes then vanished.
--John Estes
Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler both declared dead on May 1
-----Among the Wiccan Sabbats, Beltane is a cross-quarter day; it is celebrated in the northern hemisphere on 1 May and in the southern hemisphere on 1 November

German party branch equates Israel with Third Reich

“The Left Party in Duisburg is a hotbed of anti-Semitism,” Ruhrbarone wrote. The flyer states, “Confront the moral blackmail of the so-called Holocaust,” and terms Israel a “rogue state” and “warmonger.” After Ruhrbarone reported about the flyer, the party branch removed it from its website. A Ruhrbarone writer filed a complaint with Duisburg police...
'The EU are trying to wipe us off the map': Brussels merges England and France in new Arc Manche region... with its own FLAG

Eric Pickles last night accused the European Union of trying to ‘wipe England off the map’ by developing a new cross-Channel region, complete with its own ‘flag’. The Cabinet Minister condemned the EU for ploughing...
Hedge funds increase bets dollar will decline

Aussie dollar eases back after topping 110 US cents

BOJ Shirakawa warns Japan economic outlook "very severe"

But he offered few clues on whether and when the BOJ would expand its asset-buying scheme, only saying that its next policy step would depend on economic conditions at the time. "The BOJ sees the outlook for Japan's economy as very severe," Shirakawa told a financial committee meeting in the lower house of parliament. "We'd like to take appropriate policy steps as needed while monitoring the economy and prices, taking into account that uncertainty over the outlook is high," he said. Asked by a lawmaker whether the BOJ would consider buying...
Christian Legal Centre fights more than 50 religious discrimination cases

Ted Nugent tells NRA crowd to turn up "the heat" on guns

The guitarist and pro-gun activist won a standing ovation from the crowd of some 2,000 who listened to him describe the fight against gun control as a public relations battle. "You need to fix everybody in your lives to be absolutely pro-gun," Nugent said. "You need to talk guns all the time. You need to talk hunting all the time. "The gun community should be all about public relations," he said. "We haven't turned up the heat enough yet." Some 70,000 people -- men, women, families with...
Every year they get closer: UFO fan hails clearest video yet and says 'they know I'm filming them'

It seems to be world centre for UFO videos, but this the image is extraordinarily clear. UFO enthusiast Michael Lee Hill, of Eastlake, has recorded many images of something mysterious over Lake Erie, Ohio. He has just released new footage filmed along the lakefront that he says is his best so far.

Now websites can track your IP address to within a few hundred metres

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