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A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alarming Number Of Dead Dolphins Being StudiedA research team from the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies found four more dead baby dolphins on Horn Island on Tuesday. Since the first of the year, some 21 young dolphins have washed ashore on the barrier island and mainland beaches of Mississippi and Alabama. That's an alarming increase, since in a typical year only one or two dead dolphins a month are reported. It's too early to link the deaths to the BP oil spill, but that's one factor scientists are considering. It didn't take long for the research team to locate the first of four dead dolphins on Horn Island. The first one was along the south shore, near the middle of the barrier island. Team members went to work quickly, recording measurements and other statistics, then taking tissue samples; including slices of the dolphin's blubber or fat layer.

Tallest building 'on brink of collapse'Sydney Morning HeraldA comparison of recent major earthquakes to strike the world. The size of the circle indicates the comparative magnitude of the quake. The damaged Christchurch Catholic Cathedral is "unlikely to be saved", engineers have told administrator Monsignor ...

Genetically Engineered Fish Could Pose Threat To Wild Stocks: DFO Scientists There's a risk Canadian fish stocks could be harmed if the world's first genetically engineered salmon is approved for commercialization, federal scientists suggest. Internal records obtained by Postmedia News also indicate experts from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans are concerned about "limited" and possibly "constrained" regulatory powers around the approvals for GE fish. The analysis, from senior scientists specializing in biotechnology and aquaculture, comes as a company called AquaBounty Technologies works to bring GE salmon to the dinner plate.


Census Estimates Show 1 In 4 U.S. Counties Are DyingNestled within America's once-thriving coal country, 87-year-old Ed Shepard laments a prosperous era gone by, when shoppers lined the streets and government lent a helping hand. Now, here as in one-fourth of all U.S. counties, West Virginia's graying residents are slowly dying off. Hit by an aging population and a poor economy, a near-record number of U.S. counties are experiencing more deaths than births in their communities, a phenomenon demographers call "natural decrease." Years in the making, the problem is spreading amid a prolonged job slump and a push by Republicans in Congress to downsize government and federal spending.


Lawsuit: 'Honor killings'OK by Michigan ShariahPlaintiffs challenge city's officialcooperation with Islamic interests

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