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Monday, July 25, 2011

I believe I heard a big foot yell and some some other things that happened 7-24-11 Sunday Camping at Pelton Creek Wy. Snowy Range Nat. Forest

At 7:11 AM  I  was laying on my cot in the tent I heard this yell I would figure about 1 mile away in a south eartern direction.  He is a Youtube video of what I heard.  I tried to record the sound.  It yelled only once.  The recording when on for 10 min. nothing the rest of the morning.  He is the video/yelling sound I did not record this, but this is what I heard.

Here is the photo looking in the direction of the yell.  I believe it came out by that High hill South East direction.
I then Came back to the Camp Fire around 7:20 AM.  I then heard something hitting two rocks in the North West direction.  We were 1 mile from anyone else camping near us

 Our Dog Jozey a Bernese Mountain Dog Started barking in that direction.  I could not see anything in the woods. I told the rest in group what happened, and I showed with two rocks what I heard.  The rocks fit comfortabllty in my hands and I made the very same sound.  We were a group of 6 people.  Some in the group said they heard the same yell a year earlier.  but much closer to there camp around the same time I heard the yell.  My wife said she heard the same yell a day earlier and also on Friday Morning.
My Wife then told me about when She went down to the creek to wash up.  Jozey stopped at the road about 400 yards from the stream facing East.  Every other time Jozey would follow my Wife down to the stream.  This Time Jozey stopped and left my Wife and went back to camp til my Wife came back.  After a while Jozey once again went down to the stream again.  She Jozey saw something,  Also No big game was seen and no fresh tracks were found.  Other Places I have seen many tracks, but not at Pelton Creek.  And the night before A wild Coyote or Fox the night before came up to our camp about 20 foot away, then left.  The Animal did not go for the dog food 30 foot away.  I am not sure if it was after our dog, or us.  Maybe it had Rabies  A very differant week end.  This is my Account of what was heard and seen.  I believe there is a Bigfoot.  A bear or anything else would not I believe make these sounds.  As a side note we had frost everyday on the tents ect.

Barry Meyer Cheyenne, Wy.

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