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Monday, July 11, 2011

Someone left a comment on how the Moon looks weird - I am posting this many people are seeing changes in the Sky - Time to wake up for those who are still a sleep - Thank you Anonymous for your comment

Finally someone I can write to about what I have been seeing w/ the moon as well! On the same night as you ~ Wed.7-6-11 I get home around 9:30 pm and then went outside between that time and most likely 10:30 pm.( I am so used to seeing weird things in the sky where I live I can't keep track of it all) I saw the moon in a crescent and it was low on the western horizon.At about the 4:00 position.It was also very deep dark yellow w/ red all around the edges of the crescent shape!I walked around to the back of the house to get a better view,spoke to my son on the patio for not even a minute and the moon had disappeared in that short amt. of time!Then last night,Thursday7-7-11 at the same time the moon was way over to the south and higher.And how did it get so much bigger so fast?I have been seeing a green ring around the moon for the past 1 1/2 yrs.starting when it is about half full.Chems?Most likely. But I have also witnessed shooting stars the past few nights that are way to low and they are different than the ones I usually see.Much lower and faster.My son and I saw one about 2 months ago that was in front of the southern mts. and was so big and it was bright iridescent green.It was so low it had to have hit the base of the mts.or? b/c there is only desert up there.(The Joshua Tree National Park)That was quite startling and he is not into end times studies so it sure verified some things I have been telling him.I have watched as our lovely weather has been covered over w/pink and gray and brown residue.The white out days that are not normal here and now they are doing it at night.I saw 2 c.planes marking last night.I have only noticed this in the past year or so.The night spraying.I am in the So.Cal.High Desert and our weather for every season has really changed the past 3 yrs. It was happening b/f that but the last 3 it has ramped up!I have been watching since 1999 when I was awakened to chemtrails.Matthew Miller has a great program on the sun reading esp.w/ the setting sun you should hear and he is doing more studies. I do not know what the huge planet/star is I see very low in the sky at around 2:20 am in the east either.Looks big and pale yellow to the naked eye but it pure white and oval in my binoculars.I have found conflicting identifications when attempting to find out.Jupitar,Venus, no it's Mars!!!Science and Astronomy is not my calling.I am trying to study it all but as you know it is too much anymore.I tried to find info on the brillant (no kidding) red,white and blue stars I have been seeing ...some w/ the naked eye the past 2 years as well.Do you know?Their temps. make them colors but nothing on tri colored stars! Gosh, it is over whelming at times and I have not even talked about the destroyer!Again,M.Miller has a recent show on this as well.LA Marzulli posted an article of his just today on his blog. Well there is so much more!I just wanted to say hello and report what's happening here w/ the moon.It completely disappears at the wrong time too.Then pops up the next night.I w/ look to see if you have more info posted on this subject. Thanks for your time~ woc

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