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Friday, July 29, 2011

Vedauwoo, Wyoming Rendezvous / Gay Camping Event, August 3-7 - look what is going on up here and read this about this place - "Land of the Earthborn Spirit" By Cheyenne, Wy - for the satanists to know where to go to go to a more hidden grove and bunch of trees with satanic signs on it

Wyoming Rendezvous / Gay Camping Event, August 3-7 - Don't go here just letting people know we do not ENDURANCE this

Vedauwoo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Vedauwoo is an area of rocky outcrops (Sherman Granite) located in south-eastern Wyoming, United States, north of Interstate 80, between Laramie and ...
My co-worker, Willie *****, used to live in Laramie, then Cheyenne, and now
Newcastle. We have corresponded ever since I left Newcastle. He is a
Christian. I was telling him about the Pole Mtn roundevzous of the gays and
he said this has been going on for years. Wow! I didn't know it. He also
said Vedauwoo is a place of demonic spirits. Here is what he says:

"Tthe gays have been gathering up there at Pole Mtn and Vedauwoo for years.
even when i lived in laramie and cheyenne, circa 1988- 1994, we were going
to go over to eagle rock, which is just ne of pole mnt and n of vedawoo, and
bill's Wife now ex husband, said not to go over that area as paper had natl
gay orginazations meetings, or rendevzous going on there, so we didn't, as
read in the paper.

and i thought, what a bunch of junk! so I'm sure now, 20 yrs later, it is
alot worse! and speaking of spirits and all, vedawoo is a creepy place.
the indians called in land of earth born spirits, due to rock formations,
and I think that is what name of vedawoo means. everyone in laramie (or I
should say the locals, or once i wasn't just a college student, but considered
myself an actual laramie-ite, as lived there during summer and worked there
all year round, and knew locals as friends) knew that on road from vedawoo to
happy jack rd, the gravel road that goes behind vedawoo, had big aspen tree
groves, and one had carvings on as sign, for the satanists to know where to
go to go to a more hidden grove and bunch of trees with satanic signs on, and
locals said haunted as place satanist had gathered and done their thing.

funny (not!), that it is near the rock formations behind vedawoo called devils
playground. also, just east of laramie a mile or two, not far from the
interstate 80 going east up telegraph canyon, right before telegraph canyon,
there is a big rock cairn, like a big rock alter, that i stumbled upon off
the gravel road that way in my exploring days, as we lived east of laramie in
trailer park, about where the first interstate exit is to go into laramie is.
I thought it was creepy, like maybe a satanic alter.

I wasn't in the know for christian things like I have been since, but i still
thought it was too strange. then after I no longer lived in laramie, and
all the anti-gay rap it got as a town due to the gay guy Matthew Shepard murdered (that elton
john made such a big deal out of, etc...), people , like my brother pointed
out to me that he was beaten, and killed up in that area! I thought that
was not just a coincidence." (end of quote)

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