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Stan Deyo Earthquake / Volcanic Forecasts
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Cornell University scientist: Comet Elenin will continue intensifying Earth's very strong seismicity until August-October, 2011 / Magnitude 7.5 quake hits Vanuatu in Pacific: USGS / SUV tumbles into sinkhole on Northwest Side /

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'1,300 dead' in Tripoli...
S Dakota schools cut costs with 4-day week...
Maxine Waters: 'The tea party can go straight to hell'...
Social Security disability on verge of insolvency...

Cornell University scientist: Comet Elenin will continue intensifying Earth's very strong seismicity until August-October, 2011.

I here demonstrate empirically my georesonator concept in which tidally induced magnification of Earth masses' resonance causes seismicity. To that end, I show that all strong (~M6+) earthquakes of 2010 occurred during the Earth's long (t>3 day) astronomical alignments within our solar system. I then show that the same holds true for all very strong (~M8+) earthquakes of the decade of 2000s. Finally, the strongest (M8.6+) earthquakes of the past century are shown to have occurred during the Earth's multiple long alignments, whereas half...

Magnitude 7.5 quake hits Vanuatu in Pacific: USGS

It said the quake, which struck at 3:55 a.m. local time on Sunday (12:55 p.m. EDT on Saturday), was centered 38 miles southwest of the town of Port-Vila and was quite shallow, at a depth of 25.2 miles. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the major quake had not triggered a Pacific-wide tsunami but said: "Earthquakes of this size sometimes generate local tsunamis that...

Assad warns West to keep out of Syria

Damascus // Syria's president, Bashar Al Assad, last night rejected calls from the United States and Europe to stand aside and warned military intervention would have "huge consequences", in a defiant speech to the nation, his fourth since a popular uprising began in March. Speaking to state-run television in a pre-recorded interview, he brushed aside demands from hundreds of thousands of anti-regime demonstrators and western nations that he step down, saying he was "appointed by the Syrian people". "I'm not to discuss these words [about...

Scared Mexicans try under-the-skin tracking devices

QUERETARO, Mexico — Of all the strange circumstances surrounding the violent abduction last year of Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, the Mexican power broker and former presidential candidate known here as “Boss Diego,” perhaps nothing was weirder than the mysterious tracking chip that the kidnappers allegedly cut from his body. Lurid Mexican media accounts reported that an armed gang invaded Fernandez’s home, sliced open his arm with a pair of scissors and extracted a satellite-enabled tracking device, leaving the chip and...

SUV tumbles into sinkhole on Northwest Side

A man driving to work this morning on Chicago's Northwest Side got an unpleasant surprise when his SUV tumbled into a sinkhole. The incident happened at the intersection of Foster and Elston avenues at about 5:30 a.m., said police and a spokesman from the Chicago Department of Water Management. "I saw him actually climb out of the hole on a ladder," said Joe Springer,..
Paula White's Without Walls Sues Former Pastor for 'Stealing' Members

Wiccan Holidays Recognized by Vanderbilt University


'UFO' Over Chinese Airport Just an Unusual Cloud

According to the newspaper Shanghai Daily, air traffic at a major Chinese airport was temporarily halted on Wednesday (Aug. 17) — not because of a power failure or bad weather, but because of a potentially threatening Unidentified Floating Object. Details about the incident remain sketchy, but someone (it's not clear whether it was pilots, air traffic controllers or people on the ground

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