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Stan Deyo Earthquake / Volcanic Forecasts
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clinton calls on world to 'pressure' Israelis, Palestinians / Emerging nations up gold reserves / China's unveils its first gold vending machine / Mont. lawmaker says he was talking about ‘ammo’ of the mind in reference to socialist attack / Five 5.0+ Quakes Already Today 27/9 / Tennessee Residents Affected by "Ginormous" Booms

Microsoft patents technology to ‘spy’ on Skype conversations

France: Iran faces high risk of military strike. Russia practices Iranian reprisal

France's UN Ambassador Gerard Araud warned Wednesday, Sept. 28 that Iran runs a high risk of a military strike if it continues on the path to nuclear proliferation. "Some countries won't accept the prospect of Tehran reaching the threshold of nuclear armament," he said. "Personally I am convinced that it would be a very complicated operation …with disastrous consequences in the region." Ambassador Araud's comment confirmed reports from debkafile's military sources in recent months that US and European sanctions against Iran had been ineffectual and the ayatollahs had no intention of slowing down on their drive for a nuclear weapon. The French diplomat was not the only one to raise the alarm this week about regional war clouds circling over Iran. Sept. 9-26, the Russian army, joined by Kazakhstan,..

Clinton calls on world to 'pressure' Israelis, Palestinians

US secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday called on the world to "pressure" both Israel and the Palestinians in order to bring about the resumption of peace negotiations, AFP reported. Speaking at a joint press conference with her Egyptian counterpart, Mohamed Kamel Amr, Clinton said that "Egypt, the United States, the Quartet, everyone must be prepared to put pressure on both parties to try to move towards an agreement on outstanding issues." Addressing the contentious issue of settlements and the Palestinians' insistence...

Volcano threat sparks evacuation in Canaries

With the Pico de Malpaso mountain spitting rocks intermittently and a growing rumbling underground, authorities made emergency preparations on Wednesday in case the volcano blows its top on the Atlantic island of El Hierro. "I have never felt shaking like it," said Herminio Barrera, 25, a mechanic in the town of La Frontera. "I notice it especially at night. We can also hear a rumbling and sounds from deep down." A municipal official who asked not to be named told AFP that 53 residents and tourists had been evacuated to protect them from the...
Emerging nations up gold reserves

EMERGING market countries are continuing to top up their gold reserves, with Russia, Thailand and Bolivia among those to add to their holdings in August as developing economies continue to diversify away from traditional reserve currencies. Recently, emerging market central banks have bought gold in reaction to the sovereign debt crises affecting the US dollar and the euro, analysts say. Demand has also risen strongly in recent quarters as some seek to diversify foreign exchange reserves that have grown along with emerging market export...

China's unveils its first gold vending machine


Fury at ‘brainwashing' plan for EU citizenship lessons in every school

CHILDREN could be forced to attend compulsory lessons in “European citizenship” under draconian plans drawn up by Euro-MPs in Brussels, it emerged last night. In a move likened to Nazi indoctrination, the European Parliament wants pupils as young as five to be taught about EU “benefits” and encouraged to behave as “good Europeans”. MEPs also want a network of specialist “European schools” across the EU to “encourage the emergence of European citizenship from a very young age”. And they are demanding that lessons on the...

Mont. lawmaker says he was talking about ‘ammo’ of the mind in reference to socialist attack

Gary Shilling: The Economy Is Slowing, Yields Will Plunge, Deflation Is Coming And Stocks Are Headed Lower

Schilling on how much further the 30-year Treasury bond yield could fall: "I think [the 3-year Treasury bond yield] might go back to 2.5%. That's where it was at the end of 2008 in the aftermath of the Lehman Brothers meltdown. That's my target for now. I think we are looking at deflation. As I said back then, I think that will be the media chatter by the end of the year...


Five 5.0+ Quakes Already Today 27/9
Dust Cloud Causes Multi-Car Pileup
Tennessee Residents Affected by "Ginormous" Booms
Nearly 7,000-Year-Old City Unearthed

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