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Stan Deyo Earthquake / Volcanic Forecasts

Stan Deyo Earthquake / Volcanic Forecasts
Earthquake / Volcanic Forecasts

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Air Force’s Top Brain Wants a ‘Social Radar’ to ‘See Into Hearts and Minds’ / NASA Debunks Mysterious Triangular 'UFO' / Solar blast heading our way / US Forces Poised to Deal with Iran Threat / New U.S. Commando Team Operating Near Iran / IMF slashes global forecast on eurozone crisis, with drastic falls in Italy and Spain / Activist Group Pushes Video to ‘Train’ Educators How to Teach 6-12 Year-Olds About Gays and Lesbians / NDAA Floor Speech Jan 18 2012 / Thousands in Egypt Shout Yeshua for 10 Consecutive Minutes - Night of Prayer and Return to God / Freak Snowstorm Slams Japan, Breaks All Records / New Alert for Costa Rica Volcano / Skyquakes: Warnings from Earth's Destabilizing Core /IDF Says Hezbollah Now Has Long-Range Surface-to-Air Missiles

Strong Earthquake Strikes Off New Zealand
19, 2012 (INVERCARGILL, New Zealand) — A strong earthquake has struck off the coast of New Zealand's South Island, but there are no reports of damage or injuries and no tsunami warning has been issued. The 6.1-magnitude quake struck Thursday 126 miles ...
Corporate word January 10, 2012
The Lord said, “Take off restrictions. Take off the restrictions man 
has placed upon you. Take off constrictions the world has you tied in
knots and with allowing you to run free. Throw off heaviness. Throw 
off sin. Throw off depression and discouragement. Stand on My word. 
Dwell in My word. Let My word dwell in you. You are going to see My 
hand. When it comes down, you will know it is My hand. Even now My 
hand is moving. Can you not hear the spirit of mockery rising up in 
the world? Do you not understand that I was mocked upon the cross, My 
own, too, will be mocked?  Know in the mocking, there is also a 
marking of My glory. Learn to accept My glory. Learn to be marked and 
set aside. Do not let the world mark you. I have marked you with the 
blood of My Son. I have paid costly for you.  I have paid a great 
price for you. Live expensively. Live abundantly. Live in the blood of
My Son. Have I not said, ‘There is life in My blood?’

“Take life. Let death be defeated. Let depression be defeated. Let 
hope rise up where despair has become a place to lay. Take authority. 
Stand in the goodness of your God, for there is no where else to 
stand. Stand in My goodness. Stand in My favor. Stand in My 
understanding. Ask for the mind of Christ to be placed in you, so you 
will be able to comprehend, and to think the thoughts of Christ. Pull 
down vain imaginations. Whatever the enemy comes and takes up 
residency, you have allowed him to take what My kingdom has come to 
claim. Declare off limits to the demonic; let surrendering to My 
kingdom and let My glory reign,” says the Lord your God.
Love and Blessing, Eileen - Colorado Springs, CO


Air Force’s Top Brain Wants a ‘Social Radar’ to ‘See Into Hearts and Minds’

Chief Scientists of the Air Force usually spend their time trying to figure out how to build better satellites or make jets go insanely fast. Which makes Dr. Mark Maybury, today’s chief scientist, a bit of an outlier. He’d like to build a set of sensors that peer into people’s souls — and forecast wars before they erupt. Maybury calls his vision “Social Radar.” And the comparison to traditional sensors is no accident, he tells Danger Room. “The Air Force and the Navy in this and other countries have a history of developing Sonar to see through the water, Radar to see through the air, and IR [infrared] to see through the night. Well, we also want to see into the hearts and the minds of people,” says Maybury, who serves as the top science advisor to the Air Force’s top brass. But Social Radar won’t be a single sensor to discover your...

NASA Debunks Mysterious Triangular 'UFO'


Feds want more online police surveillance

Canadian law enforcement officials have never been hindered by having to abide by the country's current privacy laws, say documents revealed Wednesday, yet Ottawa remains adamant police need more online surveillance powers. Vancouver-based advocacy group published details of an internal Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) email message to its members who represent more than 90% of the country's police community. The message, OpenMedia says, asks CACP members to provide...

Solar blast heading our way

The sun has unleashed a blast in Earth's direction, and that should cause brighter-than-normal auroral displays this weekend. Skywatchers won't be the only ones monitoring the storm: The folks in charge of power grids and orbiting satellites will also be on guard to make sure the disturbance in the (geomagnetic) force won't be disruptive. Word of today's blast, technically known as a coronal mass ejection or CME, comes via's Tony Phillips. NASA says the outburst sparked an M3.2-class solar flare, as well as a stream of electrically...

US Forces Poised to Deal with Iran Threat

The United States says its military forces in the Persian Gulf region are prepared to deal with any threat from Iran. Top Iranian officials have said they might close the Strait of Hormuz, a move that would disrupt world oil supplies. Ready for action at sea, the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet at Bahrain is among the massive military resources that the U.S. has permanently based throughout the region. They are prepared to respond if tensions with Iran escalate into direct military action. The Iranian military exercises this January are meant to show Tehran’s...

Exclusive: New U.S. Commando Team Operating Near Iran

Tensions between the U.S. and Iran are at a high point, as the Islamic Republic threatens to close off a vital waterway and two U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups sit in the seas off the Iranian coast. But across the Persian Gulf, the U.S. has a previously unacknowledged weapon in reserve: a new special operations team. Danger Room has confirmed with the U.S. Special Operations Command that a new elite commando team is operating in the region. The primary, day-to-day mission of the team, known as Joint Special Operations Task Force-Gulf...

IMF slashes global forecast on eurozone crisis, with drastic falls in Italy and Spain

"The global recovery is threatened by the growing tensions in the euro area," the Fund said, according to a leaked draft of its World Economic Outlook which is due to be published next week. Global GDP growth is to be cut from 4pc to 3.3pc, with drastic revisions for an arc of countries in Southern Europe. Italy's economy will contract by 2.2pc and Spain's by 1.7pc as fiscal austerity measures bite harder and banks curtail lending, playing havoc with debt dynamics. The eurozone as a whole will shrink by 0.5pc, down from growth of 1.1pc...

Activist Group Pushes Video to ‘Train’ Educators How to Teach 6-12 Year-Olds About Gays and Lesbians


Glenn Beck: Fox News told me to shut up

Did Fox News try to censor Glenn Beck before the media giant left the cable network last year? The answer is yes, according to Beck, who made the disclosure this week on his new television program on Beck was discussing comments made by longtime PBS news commentator Bill Moyers who was defending leftist billionaire George Soros. Moyers had said Soros has...

Thousands in Egypt Shout YAHSUA for 10 Consecutive Minutes.
This clip was shot live during the "Night of Prayer and Return to God" where people gathered together to pray for 12 continuous hours in the Cave Church in Cairo, Egypt on 11-11-2011. The congregation was praying for peace to rule over Egypt and surrounding turbulent countries.
To view the entire 12- hour "Night of Prayer and Return to God", simply click on the direct link found at the end of this video clip.

Freak Snowstorm Slams Japan, Breaks All Records
Widespread Snowstorm Wallops Pacific NW
9 Tornadoes Confirmed in Kentucky
New Alert for Costa Rica Volcano
Skyquakes: Warnings from Earth's Destabilizing Core
Ron Paul Introduces Legislation to Strike NDAA’s Unconstitutional Section 1021
IDF Says Hezbollah Now Has Long-Range Surface-to-Air Missiles
---IDF Holds First Brigade-Level Parachute Jump in 15 Years
Epic World War bBetween East and West Will Be at the Time of the End

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