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Sunday, February 12, 2012

IRAN TO UNVEIL 'BIG NEW' NUCLEAR ACHIEVEMENTS.../ Russia Set to Build World’s Most Powerful Laser Station / 'We will defend ourselves': Argentine defence minister ups the ante over Falklands 1980's all over again? / Goodbye, Magic Bullet: Hello, Highly Resistant Gonorrhea / Greece warns bailout rebels of disaster / Napolitano Caught Hiring Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist, Giving Him Top-Secret Security Clearance / Genetically Engineered Generic Drugs to Be Unleashed Without Mandatory Testing / Syria Under Siege; Concerns Bible Prophecy Experts! / Australian man claiming to be 'The Messiah' "I'm Jesus. Deal with it." - Inside Australia's Chilling New Cult / Lawsuit Claims Unlawful Distribution of 'Charitable Assets' by TBN Directors / Lakewood Church Sued for $10M by Volunteer Accused of Molestation / With 40% of tests positive for latent TB, all of Longmont High will be tested


Series of earthquakes shake up Salton Sea region
The Desert Sun
INDIO — The Coachella and Imperial valleys rumbled with a series of earthquakes centered at the southern end of the Salton Sea Saturday. A magnitude 3.0 temblor started the latest sequence of shakes. It struck at 1:46 am, and its epicenter was on the ...
Two small quakes strike Garfield County
Salt Lake Tribune
By Janelle Stecklein No damage was reported in Garfield County Saturday night after two small earthquakes struck near the city of Panguitch. Garfield County authorities said someone called to report they heard a loud boom and their home shook when the ...
5.5-magnitude quake jolts east Indonesia
Press TV
An earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale has struck off eastern Indonesia but there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. The government-run Meteorology and Geophysics Agency said that the tremor hit at 2:06 pm local time (0706 ...
---Iran’s Undisputed Weapon: Power to Block the Strait of Hormuz
In Iran's confrontation with the West over its nuclear program, the Islamic Republic has one undisputed weapon: The ability to block the most important oil transit choke point in the world. Although military strategists and diplomatic experts have worried about Iran's capability to throw the global economy into chaos for more than three decades, there has been little progress in developing alternative petroleum routes to defuse the power of Iran's threat to block the Strait of Hormuz. (See interactive graphic: "Strait of Hormuz: The World's Key Oil Choke Point")...
---------Iran sends toy drone to Obama

Russia Set to Build World’s Most Powerful Laser Station

Russia is set to build the world’s most powerful dual-purpose laser station at the approximate cost of 45 billion rubles ($1.5 billion), a Russian nuclear official said on Thursday. The station might be built near the Sarov Federal Nuclear Center in Russia's Nizhny Novgorod region, said the head of the nuclear center, Ildar Ilkayev, but he did not specify when the construction would begin. “The Russian leadership made a decision to build the world’s largest laser station… The United States has already constructed a similar station and France is about to complete...

'We will defend ourselves': Argentine defence minister ups the ante over Falklands


National worker ID card a bad idea, says UC Berkeley study

The plan to finally stop illegal immigration is simple enough, according to some lawmakers -- create an identity for all legal American workers using fingerprints or vein scans. Don't do it, says a first-of-its-kind study being released Thursday by UC Berkeley Law School's Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy. Requiring all workers to get a biometric card to verify their right to work would cost the United States at least $45 billion, infringe upon civil liberties, hurt the poor and fail to stop illegal employment, according to the report. "This would be...

Russian Scientists Breach Antarctica's Lake Vostok—Confirmed

Russian scientists have confirmed that they have penetrated Antarctica's Lake Vostok, an event that may "expand the limits of life on Earth," a U.S. scientist says. At 8:25 p.m. Moscow time on Sunday, drillers hit lake water at a depth of 12,355 feet (3,766 meters)—making them the first ever to probe a subglacial lake, according to a statement provided by Russia's Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. Mahlon C. Kennicutt II, a professor of oceanography at Texas A&M University, said that the confirmation appears to be accurate. That's because...

Goodbye, Magic Bullet: Hello, Highly Resistant Gonorrhea


Foreclosure fallout: Five banks to pay US$25B to homeowners, states

WASHINGTON — Five big U.S. banks accused of abusive mortgage practices have agreed to a US$25-billion government settlement that may help roughly one million borrowers but is no magic bullet for the ailing housing market. The record state-federal settlement will spread relief widely in the form of mortgage relief and US$2,000 payments to borrowers who lost their homes to foreclosure. It will also release the banks — Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Inc. and Ally Financial Inc. — from civil government...

Muslims Claim Israel Planning to Build on Temple Mount
Israel is planning to build a new structure on the Temple Mount, adjacent to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency reported on Saturday. The report cited the Al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage, which claimed that a committee within the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem has submitted plans for the new structure.  
Greece warns bailout rebels of disaster
Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos told lawmakers to back a deeply unpopular EU/IMF rescue in a vote on Sunday or condemn the country to a "vortex" of recession. He spoke in a televised address to the nation, ahead of Sunday's vote on 3.3 billion euros ($4.35 billions) in wage, pension and job cuts as the price of a 130-billion-euro bailout from the European Union and International Monetary Fund.
 Napolitano Caught Hiring Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist, Giving Him Top-Secret Security Clearance


Cyborg technology with implanted human brain predicted this year  - It seems the future is almost here now, with Project Cyborg set to unveil an advanced specimen cyborg robot operated by an implanted human brain grown from neurons

Genetically Engineered Generic Drugs To Be Unleashed Without Mandatory Testing
Under the healthcare reform of 2010, the FDA was given the authority to regulate generic versions of genetically engineered (GE) drugs. Furthermore, some genetically engineered drugs may not even receive human or animal testing — it all depends on whether or not the FDA deems it necessary. The FDA is proposing new guidelines — an ‘abbreviated pathway’ — for generic drug makers to make similar, but not necessarily identical, generic drugs called ‘biosimilars’. The FDA will accept the drug studies from the original GE drug for approval, and will only require animal or human testing if the FDA deems it appropriate. This policy is greatly lacking because the ingredients and amounts of the ingredients may be different. Never mind that GE product testing standards are woefully deficient to begin with, especially regarding long-term organ damage and other dangers. Or that different ingredients may have a negative synergistic effects.

Get Your Kids Ready For The Technological Singularity, Says Jonathan Mugan
In the future your children won’t just be competing against other children, they’ll be pitted against robots and computers too. What’s a parent to do? Teach them about the best parts of being human: curiosity and creativity. Researcher Jonathan Mugan is bringing his specialty in machine learning to the nursery. His book, The Curiosity Cycle helps parents find simple ways of inspiring children to have the flexible thinking and boundless interest they’ll need to stay competitive in the 21st Century marketplace. It’s not about rote memorization or even developing specialized skills, it’s about raising kids who can understand the world through ever evolving models that they challenge and refine. An old school child will answer questions on a test because they are told they have to.


Syria Under Siege; Concerns Bible Prophecy Experts!Once upon a long time ago, the Hebrew prophet Isaiah predicted that the Syrian capital city of Damascus would someday cease to exist. Isaiah, whose prophetic ministry spanned between 740 – 701 BC declared that it would be reduced to rubble. Some scholars believe this prophecy found fulfillment around 732 BC, shortly after Isaiah presaged it, when the Assyrians conquered Aram. Aram was the ancient name for much of modern day Syria. But if it was fulfilled then, why did Jeremiah predict a similar scenario over a century later? And, why did Isaiah mention Assyria 37 times throughout his 66 chapters, but never once mention it in Isaiah 17. For instance Isaiah 8:3-7 clearly identifies an Assyrian conquest of Damascus. This found fulfillment in Isaiah’s lifetime, but Damascus still exists today. Furthermore the article below points out that Israel seemingly downs Damascus and that it appears to be an overnight destruction.
Australian man claiming to be 'The Messiah' "I'm Jesus. Deal with it." - Inside Australia's Chilling New Cult

Sunday Night infiltrates one of the world's most worrying new cults, run by an Australian man claiming to be 'The Messiah'.
Cult experts have warned that a 47-year-old Queensland man and self-proclaimed "Jesus" is in the early stages of developing a dangerous religious sect comparable to WACO, which ended in mass-suicide, Channel 7's Sunday Night has reported.

Former real estate developer, Alan John Miller, from Kingaroy in Queensland, is the leader of Gods Way of Love. He has an estimated 100,000 DVDs in global circulation and financially survives on collecting donations from followers. He also uses donations to acquire property for sanctuaries - in preparation for doomsday.

The earth will "change a lot" in the next few years, Miller believes. "What you now know as countries will disappear completely, other ones will change completely," he told his followers at a recent seminar aired by Sunday Night
A lawsuit recently filed by the former head of finance for the Trinity Broadcasting Network claims that the directors of the widely-viewed Christian television network have illegally taken advantage of more than $50 million in "charitable assets" for their own good.
---Lakewood Church Sued for $10M by Volunteer Accused of Molestation
A former volunteer at Pastor Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church who was accused of sexual molestation in 2010 is suing the nation's largest megachurch for $10 million for negligence, claiming that the accusations, brought by another ministry volunteer, ruined his reputation.
A church in Des Moines, Iowa, is receiving harsh criticism and threats for hanging a sign on its marquee indicating the church's stance that homosexuality is a sin. However, the wording and prominence of the sign has caused some backlash and has led some to say it is offensive to homosexuals.
LONGMONT — About 40 percent of Longmont High School students and staff tested for tuberculosis have had positive results, a Denver Public Health official said Wednesday.  - NOTE:(70 MILES SOUTH OF ME)
Gay rights advocates have drawn a select group of religious leaders to support gay marriage in Maryland ahead of Friday's hearing for the "marriage equality" bill.
St. Valentine's Day (Pagan)

Switzerland real-time earthquakes list
---Moderate but shallow earthquake strikes Zug and Zurich area, Switzerland
-----New Animation Shows 2011 Worldwide Earthquakes Over Magnitude 5.0
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