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Thursday, May 24, 2012

ARMING OF DRONES IN AMERICA / Bars using new app and hidden cameras to scan customers' faces... / Fourth victim struck by flesh-eating bacteria... / How can 1.2bn people be identified quickly? /The Pacific Ocean Is Dying: Special Report On Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe / EU/IMF may pay Greece $50 billion euro for exit: document / Canary Island Landslide Tsunami Simulation / Crow Alarm in Berlin - Birds Attacking People / Planet X? New Evidence of Unseen Planet at Solar System's Edge / Hurricane Bud forms off the coast of Mexico /In less than 24 hours, Lake Cachet II in Chile’s southern Patagonia vanished / Shifting planet: Indonesia’s 8.6 left scientists scratching their heads, now Italy’s 6.0 quake does the same / Ancient Seal Found "Bethlehem"! / Quakes / Dead Fish India / Mozambique Miracles /

A quadrocopter drone equipped with a camera stands on display at the Zeiss stand on the first day of the CeBIT 2012 technology trade fair on March 6, 2012 in Hanover, Germany. (credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)ARMING OF DRONES IN AMERICA
Man breaks into Kansas TV station, stabs 2 workers...
Germans ready to boot Greece...
---France steps up eurobonds push...

Controversial book to debut #1 NYT...
Using cameras installed in bars and facial-detection software, the new app SceneTap scans the faces of patrons to determine age and gender makeups of crowds.
Bars using new app and hidden cameras to scan customers' faces...
 Bilderberg Pushes Mandatory Internet ID for Europe...
Fourth victim struck by flesh-eating bacteria...
Three Prophetic Dreams About Judgment on America

May 24, 2012
The Holy Spirit gave me a stunning vision in 1998 of America’s demise when He showed me American cities on fire and refugees staggering out of the burning urban centers. God commissioned me that day in April 1998 to warn the American people that time was running out for this nation to repent and return to obey God’s commandments and ways. I have spent the last 14 years in full-time ministry proclaiming that message.
Since the beginning of 2012, I have detected a marked intensity in the warnings from God. They are coming to me from various sources and ways. Many people are experiencing disturbing dreams. Others are seeing visions. In recent weeks the warnings have taken on an alarming new level of urgency. Reports of prophetic dreams and visions are flooding into our offices daily in recent weeks. Without a doubt, I am convinced that one or more catastrophic events will strike the USA before the end of 2012.
One reoccurring theme I have seen in these various prophetic warnings that have been forwarded to me recently are two general dates in 2012: July/August and November/December. Upon careful examination of these many warnings, it appears that God is telling His saints in America that they must have final preparations in place by late July or early August. I do not know the reason. Perhaps there will be travel restrictions imposed this summer. Again, I do not know the reason. What I do know is that a growing number of mature, devout Christian men and women are privately telling me that God is strongly telling them to have everything in place in July or August. Many of them are selling everything and fleeing the USA.
The second date is fall 2012. Many of the dreams and visions indicate that great woe is coming to the USA in November – notably shortly after the presidential election. In particular, many of the prophetic dreams hint at trouble during the Thanksgiving holiday season.
Several days ago I received three more prophetic dreams from two people who listen to the Trunews radio program. They arrived in my email box simultaneously. I was stunned by the dire warnings of imminent judgment, bloodshed, and captivity. Unless God intervenes, I do not believe the USA will be a free nation beyond November 2012.
I contacted the two recipients of these dreams and asked for permission to release them to the general public. Both agreed on the condition that I not release their names or places of residence.
The first person received two dreams three weeks apart. This person is a newly naturalized American citizen. The first dream arrived in the first week of May 2012. The second part of the dream came on Sunday night, May 20. Likewise, the second person received a prophetic dream on Monday night, May 21, 2012. All three dreams were sent to me on Tuesday May 22, 2012.
Below are the dreams. Do not dismiss these warnings. Instead, seek God with all your heart about what He desires you to do in the coming weeks. Please forward the dreams to everybody you know. You may have only weeks to prepare for a time of horrific violent bloodshed in the streets of America later this year.
Know this: America has forgotten the God who made the nation great. He will now strip away America’s greatness. Perhaps Americans will rediscover His greatness in their poverty and captivity.

Rick Wiles

FIRST PERSON: DREAM #1 – Received first week of May 2012
I saw patriots dressed in battle uniform (from the 1700's) perhaps they were pilgrims. They were on an island. Their leader was hoisting the American flag and it went half mast. Then I saw a man on a balcony looking through a telescope and I could see these patriots through his lens. He was a dictator, an evil man. The next thing I knew he had a canon and fired at the men. I didn't see them get hit but I knew they had died. Then I was on another island. It was more like a forest. I saw a pilgrim woman dressed in a long black dress. She was with child and looked very distressed. She was gathering grain in her skirt. I asked her what she was doing. She replied that she was hungry and had to feed her baby, but there wasn't much food. She warned me "they" were watching her. There were eyes watching us. I felt we were encircled by something like a barbed wire fence or so, not sure, but I knew she couldn't leave the island and she was being watched. Then I realized there were other islands and there were pilgrims/patriots on them and they were stuck there. They couldn't get out, and they were all being watched. It wasn't a good thing to be on those islands. Originally, I thought this dream meant that Christians would flee to islands, but would be trapped as they united to fight the dictator. The second dream, however, revealed they were not on literal islands, but instead, they had fled to places they thought were “safe zones” or “places of refuge.”

FIRST PERSON: DREAM #2 – Received May 20, 2012

My spouse and I were speaking with some old men. They were good men. Kind, very clever and very smart men. One talked about how he built his house with his hands. I saw the house it was made of massive beautiful wood, and it had an ocean front - it was so well built. He was proud of that house. Then another old man was referring to another friend who managed to save $1 million Dollars in his lifetime. He was very old. Then one of them said "they are coming to get our homes, you know" "yes, that's the first thing they're taking, our homes" and maybe I heard him say "when you hear rumors of that it will start to get very bad" or "when that happens it will get very bad". There was a feeling of anxiety but we were still very casual, having fun, even laughing. But all of a sudden everything changed as they were talking.
I suddenly saw hoards of people gathered together in some coastal area. In front of us was a city called "Christian City.” It was what everyone thought was a safe harbor, a city of refuge. There was a sandbar right outside the city - it was on an island. It was a city everyone fled to for safety. It was magnificent; it had huge buildings; it appeared to be fortified. We were assembled with a huge crowd. I knew all these people surrounding me and my spouse were kind people. They had to be Christians.
We were, however, like cattle. There was so much chaos I had a hard time thinking, but I kept hearing a voice in my head saying "Go!" or "Leave" but I was so confused. The voices of the people were so much louder than the voice in my head. Everyone was saying something at the same time. Then something happened. All of a sudden I found myself in a vessel with my spouse and all these people. We were like cattle placed in that vessel against our will. There were evil men, I couldn't see their faces, but they surrounded us. They wore uniforms. They were armed and they were watching us. More people were forced into the vessel against their will.
None of us could believe what was happening. I was so very shocked. I then saw the same pioneer (pilgrim) woman in the black dress on the vessel with me. She was the woman I saw in my other dream. She and I were talking. She was telling me something but I can't remember a word she said, I don't even think I could hear what she was saying. Then I put my hand on her shoulder or her chest and I saw the future.
I saw her on a bed, she was ashen, like a Holocaust victim and I was there with her on her death bed. She must have died. I took my hand off her and I was where I was, back on the vessel. Suddenly the city in front of us was burning. There are no words to describe the feelings I felt in the dream, because my feelings were so intense. It was a feeling of complete and utter fear, grief - deep grief and disbelief all at once.
Suddenly, I saw a multitude of hands from the people trapped in the vessel reach for the city. I reached too. We were all wailing, mourning, and reaching for that beautiful and beloved city. I didn't want to leave it. I remember thinking this is America, I just got here, I love this country so much, it's my home and now it's gone. It was as if my conscious mind connected that city to America in my sleep.
As our hands reached for the burning city, I saw there were children's hands, small hands, old people's hands, so many hands all reaching for the city. My spouse told me to not worry. He tried to assure me that we would escape from the vessel and run back to the island to hide somewhere. He was trying to calm me, but we were both very sad and scared. I knew we would die because there was no way out. There was an indescribable presence of evil.
Suddenly all the hands that were stretching forth to hold onto the burning city started waving goodbye. We all waved goodbye to the City of America that was burning to the ground. We knew the evil authorities were taking us away in the vessels. We didn’t know where they were taking us. We were very afraid. I couldn’t tell which emotion was stronger: grief, dread, or disbelief. I woke up from the dream crying for America.
Upon waking up, I was deeply disturbed by the dream. I spent the day (Monday May 21) in deep prayer and intercession. I believe this is the interpretation the Holy Spirit gave me. It must be God’s thoughts, but I can’t imagine me saying such things. I have never liked the “gloom and doom” message, but these two dreams have shaken me to the core of my soul. Here is what I believe the Lord told me.

Which kingdom do you belong to? The test that is here is the test of obedience. Are you bound to the conveniences of this world? Are you so wedded to the world’s luxuries you’ve known in your lifetime that you cannot let go of it?
When you said "Lord, I will follow You to the ends of the earth. I will do anything for you. I will lay down my life, everything!" Did you say that out of emotion or did you mean it? The test that is here is the test of true sacrifice. Will you follow the Lord wherever He leads you? Will you follow Him to an unknown land where you must learn another people’s culture and language that is so foreign to your lifestyle? Will you truly trust the Hand that leads you, or will you turn it away?
The Lord's hand is outstretched. For now, His mercy is calling you. That time will soon end. His hand will still be outstretched – but for judgment. Which hand will you take? Mercy or judgment?
This is the test: To see if He truly is your Lord and if you truly are of His Kingdom. God weeps over this nation. His heart is broken. He has knocked at the hearts of your people, but they would not listen. Even those who profess to love Him in reality love this life more than Him. The dreams they claim are His are really their own. They suffer from a cacophony of confusion. Voices, there are so many voices. It seems too difficult to discern the Shepherd's voice. Voices in your head, voices from the enemy….voices of people who will not let go of this kingdom and will drag you down with them. Voices everywhere! Be still and listen to His voice.
Watch the time, watch the season. Judgment will strike when you least expect it. People will be merry. They will ignore the air of anxiety. They will speak of the good times of days gone by. Judgment will strike. Confusion…so much confusion!
You will be taken captive against your will. Many good people will suffer. Many innocent people will be killed. Oh the children, the innocent children who will long to go home. (I cannot continue writing what I feel. It is too heavy.)
The test that will soon be here will split marrow from bone. It will separate His true disciples who will follow Him and live from those who will die because of their greed. They follow false dreams and pride of their heart because in the deepest chambers of their hearts they refuse to surrender to Him.
Listen! Listen while there is still time. The window is closing quickly. There will be no safe havens! Dreams of a better future…dreams of great achievements are now gone! They will never return. The veneer is ready to break.
There is no hiding place in the darkness. There is no future in God's judgment. He calls the righteous out. This is the test. It is the beginning of birth pangs. The world will soon change. Though the great change is near, people are in disbelief. They see only the glory of the past. They long for America’s past glory to be their future.
This is the test that divides flesh and spirit. The true man – whether flesh or spirit – will decide his or her fate. This nation will soon witness its fall. God’s hand of mercy is stretched out for you. Which kingdom will you serve? Where your treasure is, there your heart will be too.

SECOND PERSON: Dream received May 21, 2012
I had this dream last night…early morning actually because it woke me up when it was finished. It was around 5:30-6am. It was very disturbing. I felt a great deal of sorrow and mourning when I woke up. It was very heavy. The dream was a series of “scenes” in which I saw back to back. It made me very sad.
Scene #1
A family was sitting at a dinner table. Mom, dad, baby in high chair and 2 small children. They were enjoying a meal. A bomb was placed down in the middle of the table and they completely ignored it. The bomb was round and large – about ½ the size of a basketball. The family kept eating. At first the mother and father slightly glimpsed at it but then they ignored it. The children started drawing on it with crayons. The parents were interacting with their children and laughing. Then the bomb started ticking and the ticking became more intense, louder and faster. Their eating slowed down and the parents looked at each other in fear. Then the ticket stopped and the parents grabbed each other’s hands and held on to their children. The bomb exploded.
Scene #2
Men were in a yard throwing a baseball. They were playing a game of baseball together. It wasn’t professional baseball. It was like a bunch of family members together playing ball. In the middle of throwing the ball the ball exchanged to a grenade. It looked like a grenade was thrown in to the game and the regular game ball fell by the side. The men at first looked at the grenade but paid no attention to it and continued to throw it….they continued with the game. Then it went off.
Scene #3
Men were running down a football field toward the goal. People in the stands were cheering. It was a professional football game. As they were running toward the goal a large missile came through the air, skidded in the dirt and dug in to the dirt right beside the goal. No one paid any attention to it being there…they were so engrossed with the amazing play and the game. The crowd was standing and cheering. I saw a couple of the football players (as they were running) look at each other and the missile that was buried half way in to the dirt. But they kept on running. Moments after the touchdown, the missile exploded. (The team was wearing a dark red color and I thought I saw something gold.)
Scene #4
Children were playing on the school playground. A fence surrounded the entire parameter of the school. Suddenly men dressed in long white gowns and white headdresses started coming out of the woods. Others got out of cars. They made their way to the fence and surrounded the school. The teachers on the playground watched the men gather. They had a look of uncertainty and worry but they said and did nothing. They just stood there and watched as the children continued to play. It seemed like a loud echoing sound was heard…then all at once in unison they jumped over the fence, pulled machetes from their gowns and began their terror. I don’t want to write what I saw.
Scene #5
Men and women that looked very ashen and thin were walking toward what looked like on the outside a bank. They walked up to the bank and put their money through a slot that was accepting their “deposit.” They seemed sad and lifeless. Part of the bank became transparent so I could see in to it. It was totally destroyed on the inside….there was nothing. It looked like a b0mb went off on the inside – it was a bottomless pit. There was nothing there – no floor. I saw the people putting their money into the slot. The money merely floated down into the bottomless pit.
I asked the Lord when these things will happen. I’m frightened. I don’t want this to happen to us and our children. The Lord said “Go back and look again.” I revisited every single scene. This is what I saw:
The family at the table: They were dressed in sweaters and on their plates was cranberry sauce. The flowers on the table were not “spring or summer” flowers – they were darker in color – looked more fall.
The men playing ball were wearing jackets.
The people in the crowds at the football game were wearing coats, some had scarves on, there was a light drizzle of snow that was dissipating on the ground. I saw the breath of the players.
The children at the playground: The children were dressed warmly with heavy jackets. The men at the fence – their gowns were blowing heavily in the wind – the wind was very heavy.
The people at the bank were wearing coats and jackets.
The final scene: I was using my hand to scrape away a thin layer of ice from a window so I could peer through….when I cleared the window I saw a large city with smoke coming from its buildings. I remember saying in great sorrow, “My America! My America!”
I woke up immediately and felt a great sense of sorrow and mourning.

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