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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dream- Mothers producing fallen angle offspring - Time was very short!

I was in this building, where people were doing there business. Like they were shopping working etc.. I noticed there were these doors some people would open and go in. They were locked and would open only to those who were authorized. One person went into a a door so I followed them to see what was inside.

I noticed a few people inside so I went in. There was a Lady who I saw was short, with a big head and big black eyes. She started to talk to me, but I do not remember what we talked about. As she was speaking, her face changed to a normal person. I was amazed how she was able to change right before me as we were talking, then I left.

I decided to see if I could see more in other rooms. I saw restricted red zones where you were not to cross. On the other side I would see doors that were locked. I was surprised how many would not cross the Red lines. They just went about there business. Not caring with what could be going on.

I crossed over not being detected. I was able to get inside through a door that was open to me. I was walking down a hall way that went may ways. I was lead to the northeast corner of the building. None of the building was underground. It was like people did not care with what was going on, now with what was going to happen SOON was in plan sight, TIME WAS VERY SHORT I NEW IT WAS.

I walked in to a room where had a few nurses were tending to two Mothers laying in beds. The colors were so real in the room. I saw a map of the building on the wall. One thing I noticed was on the map was a green section. They was were THEY the young ones were very young after birth. I also noticed these small men like the ones with big heads and eyes they were helping. I knew that they were like in a way like a robot.

I took out my cell phone recorder and started to record what I was seeing. I said to my self people need to know what is going on Y tube anything. The women were about ready to give birth. I recorded about 90 sec. of things I saw. I remember hearing a voice saying we are going to take over this world. I yelled out no I live here this is my home! I saw on the TV screen these creatures where talking to these Nurses and giving orders to what they need to do.

It was so real I like. Like I was really there, like I was meant to see all of this.

I instantly woke-up, and knew I had to type this. When I am instantly woken up,which it has happened many times before I knew God was showing me something I need to write down.

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