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Monday, June 11, 2012

REPORT: ITALIAN BANK DECLARES 'HOLIDAY'... / Eurozone agrees to lend Spain up to $50 billion $125 billion.../ Teachers could be forced to promote gay marriage in classrooms / Indiana Radiation Spike Triggers Elevated Levels In Other States, Media Stays Silent / National security expert: Law of the Sea treaty a ‘question of sovereignty’

---Eurozone agrees to lend Spain up to $50 billion $125 billion...
-=-----Bernanke Bonds: Fed's Holdings of US Debt Soars 452% under Obama...
----------MARC FABER: The Best Outcome For Greece Would Still Be Absolutely Horrible For The Greeks
------------Spooky parallels between Great Depression and euro crisis
--------------And you thought it was bad now... Never-before-seen pictures capture everyday life of destitute Americans during the Great Depression
----------------Legendary Jim Rogers: Brokers Going Broke, Farmers Will Become Rich - Very Rich!
Powerful 5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Dodecanese Islands of Greece
Hundreds forced from homes as flashflooding hits Wales

Teachers could be forced to promote gay marriage in classrooms

Parents will be powerless to prevent their children being taught about gay marriage at school if ministers press ahead with plans to legalise the move, it has been claimed. Aidan O’Neill QC has provided the Catholic Church with a legal opinion stating that equality laws mean teachers will be forced to emphasise the validity of same-sex marriages. Mothers and fathers with “traditional and often religiously-based views” will be “hard pressed” to insist that their offspring are educated in line with their convictions, he said. The Catholic Church in Scotland...
---Israelis flock by the thousands to Tel Aviv's annual Gay Pride Parade
Thousands of people participated in Tel Aviv's 14th Gay Pride Parade on Friday, including many tourists arrived in Israel to attend the annual gay pride week-long events. The parade got underway in Gan Meir park, following an event which marked the conclusion of the week-long carnival in Israel's largest city. Among the speakers were top political and municipal officials, including U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro. Opposition leader Shelly Yachimovich (Labor) said that "on this joyful day there's a need to remember that we have only completed a...
---------Tel Aviv opens its arms to gay rights

Beware the spy in the sky: After those Street View snoopers, Google and Apple use planes that can film you sunbathing in your back garden

Spy planes able to photograph sunbathers in their back gardens are being deployed by Google and Apple. The U.S. technology giants are racing to produce aerial maps so detailed they can show up objects just four inches wide. But campaigners say the technology is a sinister development that brings the surveillance society a step closer. Google admits it has already sent planes over cities while Apple has acquired a firm using spy-in-the-sky technology that has been tested on at least 20 locations, including London. Apple’s military-grade...
Walking dead

Martinsburg South Middle School overrun by 'Walking Dead'

Splotched with fake blood, green and white paint and torn clothes, friends Sean Shearer and Jacob Pauley say they dress in costume every chance they get. But the “Zombie Attack” Friday at Martinsburg South Middle School was no ordinary opportunity. They were among more than 140 people to be screened in the first 20 minutes of the Berkeley County Health...

Indiana Radiation Spike Triggers Elevated Levels In Other States, Media Stays Silent

Elevated Indiana radiation levels — specifically near the border of Indiana and Michigan — have prompted explosions, military helicopters, thousands of eyewitness accounts, but where is the mainstream media coverage? Now independent radiation experts are reporting increased levels in some other states...
---Nuclear Cover-Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone
Eyewitnesses on the ground near the media-blacked-out elevated radiation zone near the border of Indiana and Michigan, where radiation levels hundreds of times higher than normal were quickly removed from public viewing by the EPA, are now sending in a large number of photos and videos...

Keep an eye on the skies for saucers during the Olympics Games, warns former MoD UFO expert

One of the UK's top UFO experts has given his views on the likelihood of aliens suddenly appearing in our skies - and how the international community would respond. Nick Pope, who has more than two decades under his belt at the Ministry of Defence, said mass summer events - like the Olympic Games in London - would be a prime time for crafts from otherworlds to present themselves to mankind. He warned: 'With the summer of mass events we are all on high alert for terrorism. But we must also cast our eyes further afield and be prepared...
10 Things Parents Should Know About Prometheus
National security expert: Law of the Sea treaty a ‘question of sovereignty’

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