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Sunday, August 26, 2012

I know David Kenderes very well a very good friend: I am posting His update here He has very intresting things to say He is a christian.

Update #4 – Sudden and Accelerated, Mass Destruction begins before September 2012 in America:


The Subsequent Predictions are Based on Prophetic Writings & Codices:

The following predictions are based upon my interpretation of God’s prophetic writings and His Codices. Any and all errors on dates or actual occurrences are the result of errors or miscalculations that I have made, and are not at all a reflection of God, who is infallible and without error! The purpose of these predictions is not to bring glory upon myself (all glory goes to God), but to attempt to wake up the populous (especially the church) out of their great slumber, before we completely turn into “cold”, lost, programmed (mark of the beast) zombies of - the global state (the “bad guys” in the devil’s camp)! We have a small remaining window to reach out to the lost, but that window is rapidly closing! Please, prayerfully consider your calling in this ‘Last Days’ endeavor and outreach.

Volcanic Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico – First New Madrid Earthquake:

Hosea 4:6 “My people (Christians) are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The “Angel of Death” has been awaiting throughout this year, because the church is still asleep and has gone into deeper and deeper sins during this last decade. I am looking for sudden mass destruction to strike America before the end of August 2012, probably in a form of an earthquake (6.7? on the Richter scale) that will probably form along the New Madrid fault line. This earthquake will cause one or more volcanic-like (liquid methane and molten magma) explosions in the Gulf of Mexico. The first volcanic-like explosion might possibly occur at 3:46 (am/pm?). I am looking for this explosion to happen late on a Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday or in the early morning hours of a Monday. The dates (if it occurs in August of 2012) for this event to occur would be on the dates of 24 through 27 August. If or when this event occurs, it will be called an accident, just like the “experts” called the first Gulf of Mexico (the BP Deepwater Horizon Macondo drilling) explosion back in 2010. The Macondo explosion of 2010 seems to have disrupted the Gulf’s loop current. But unlike this first so-called “accident”, this event just might completely ruin the already greatly damaged Gulf of Mexico loop current, along with completely disrupting the Gulf Stream conveyer current in the Atlantic Ocean. This could very well happen from the disappearance of most of Florida (disappearing under water) and by the fiery black oily toxin filled ooze coating the water. Fires will continue to burn in the Gulf of Mexico, even after the volcanic explosion is a distant memory!

As bad as this explosive event will be and it will be horrendous, like a nuclear explosion, the 70? foot tsunami to follow, which will travel hundreds of miles inland will be far more devastating! The waters from this tsunami will destroy almost all of Louisiana and half to three quarters of the remaining Gulf States between Louisiana and Florida. Florida will be inundated, totally disappearing from Orlando south! The tsunami will create mass destruction! Land from Orlando south will more than likely be gone underwater forever, never be seen again! The changes in geography in the Gulf States (especially Florida) will more than likely contribute to the affect of disrupting the Gulf stream flow. The northern hemisphere (including Canada) will probably have to endure much colder winters in the future, due to the black oily waters, change in the US landscape/Gulf stream flow and ash cloud released from the volcano into the atmosphere. Millions of people will die! God’s judgement and His wrath will be clearly evident to those of faith who manage to survive! This event will result in changing weather patterns in the upcoming winter – Canada will be affected! Read on!

All of the Republican Conservative Voices are Gathered in One Place:

Hmmm, I find it very interesting that all of the conservative voices (including Romney) are gathered in one place (Tampa Bay, Florida) for the republican convention. If the “bad guys” were to launch the (I mean if an accident (ha, ha) were to happen…) Gulf of Mexico explosion and tsunami this weekend (24-27 August), then guess what …“they” would be able to destroy 80 to 90 percent of the republican leadership (including presidential candidate Romney) in one location at the same time! What a plan …I mean what a coincidence (ha, ha) that would be, huh?

Food Riots to Begin in Late August:

Food riots will undoubtedly begin after the earthquake, volcanic explosion and tsunami devastate the United States south! Remember the Lord has already allowed the enemy to cause suffering to much of the north (the Midwest and Upper Midwest) with an extreme heat wave and drought this summer! And remember, God is no respecter of persons, everyone (all of US) will get to partake in these judgements! Soon (probably in September) the west and the east will get their turn with their earthquakes and tsunamis!

Most supermarket/grocery stores only have about a 3 or 4 days supply (1 day on the shelves and the rest in their back warehouse) of food and water, and it has been said that in the time of a major crises (like a volcanic-like explosion in the Gulf followed by a tsunami) that this 3 or 4 days supply will disappear in 3 or 4 hours! Are you prepared?

Gas Shortages to Begin in Late August:

After the Gulf of Mexico disaster, the US gas and oil reserves will be destroyed and gas shortages will begin. Gas prices will skyrocket! Look for gas prices to reach 5 and possibly even 10 or 20 dollars per gallon, if one will even be able to find fuel stations with fuel! Fuel will become harder and harder to obtain and gas lines will become longer and longer. Tempers will flare and violence will erupt!

The Black Storm in September:

There will be a huge (is size and wind speed) hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico that will further destroy the damaged Gulf States and will dump the black oil toxins all across the area. It will be known as the “Black Storm”. The storm might be the hurricane that has already formed named Isaac, and is expected to reach Miami, Florida by Monday 27 August, but I just don’t know.

LA “Ring of Fire” Earthquake and Second New Madrid Earthquake in September:

A second New Madrid (7.6? on the Richter scale) earthquake to strike in September with its epicenter located in the St. Louis area. The majestic St. Louis Gateway Arch might be destroyed from this earthquake, if not it will be destroyed from even bigger quakes to come in the following year. Watch out and make way for the King’s Highway!

This St. Louis Earthquake may be a separate sequence or possibly (most likely) part of the coming “Ring of Fire” earthquakes and Canary Island volcanic land rise/earthquake slippage that are probably going to strike the world in the month of September of 2012. All of these “Ring of Fire” earthquakes will strike within the self same hour. Look for the “Ring of Fire” earthquakes to start in the New Zealand/Australia region and work their way north along Japan, down through the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, down the Canadian coast, past Washington State and Oregon and entering into California and sweeping down into Baja, California of Mexico. San Francisco will be split in two and it and Los Angeles will fall into the sea! The big earthquake will strike Los Angeles at 4:29 pm. There will be probably be smaller (medium size?) earthquakes striking the region in the days leading up to the big quake or even in the same day of the big quake, so don’t let down your guard!

A tsunami a quarter of mile high will strike parts of the west coast as a result of these giant quakes occurring in subduction zones! More and more volcanoes will erupt across the world, following this seismic event and continental shifts and/or drifts! The earth may even be thrown off its axis as much as 15 degrees or more from this event! Within the same hour, land will rise in the Atlantic Ocean along the Canary Islands and a 300-foot tsunami will be launched! This tsunami will destroy the Island resorts (playgrounds of the rich) in the Atlantic, along with killing former Cuban leader Fidel Castro (John Johnston’s prophecy that when Fidel Castro dies the economic collapse will follow afterwards). This tsunami will destroy the Outer Banks of North Carolina and all of the resort beaches (playgrounds) on the east coast of America. The waters will obliterate Florida and New Jersey and travel hundreds of miles inland on the other southeastern States! Interstate I-95 will become a death trap for most of the east coast! Interstate I-85 will probably (pray about it) be safe from North Carolina south. Interstate I-81 is probably a safe zone as well. Anything east of I-81 is questionable. I live just west of the city of Fredericksburg, Virginia (the cities elevation is between 60 and 120 feet) and I was told in several prophetic dreams that my house is questionable …it may or may not get flooded/destroyed.

Two Floods in Fredericksburg, Virginia:

Based on 3 or 4 prophetic dreams, I am expecting 2 floods (although it might only end up being one flood) in Fredericksburg, Virginia in the near future. I originally was expecting one of the floods to occur in the spring of 2012, but that did not materialize. If there are 2 floods, the first one might be due to a hurricane (possibly the one forming now named Isaac?) in late August. In any event, I am convinced that the second (or solo flood if there is only one) flood will be the result of the coming 300-foot east coast tsunami. In my dreams the second flood was worse (deeper) than the first flood (if there are two floods). A good rule of thumb, stay away from the coastlines the remainder of August and September of 2012. If you hear of the Gulf disaster or Ring of Fire earthquakes, get to at least 400 feet (preferably 800 feet) on the east coast and at least 2000 feet (preferably 4000 feet) on the west coast and drive many miles inland of the potential trouble! Remember (especially on the west coast) that flooding waters will flow much deeper and faster in-between mountain valleys than it would in open plains, due to restricted water flows. Utah, Nevada, Arizona and possibly Colorado will receive some flooding from the west coast tsunami.

Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 (DA14):

The near-earth 45 meter asteroid (DA14) has been predicted to come within 5000 miles (give or take 3000 miles) of earth! What if their calculations are off, even by a little? What if one or more of these objects were to strike the Atlantic Ocean …what kind of tsunami would they cause? And if DA14 were to miss earth, but come into our atmosphere, the pulling between the object and earth’s atmosphere could end up being the catalyst in the formation of these predicted August/September earthquakes and tsunamis.

Why did the US Military Evacuate Their Coastal Military Bases?

Why did the US military bases become evacuated during the first two weeks of August 2012? Why are did they send their ships out to sea from dry dock? Why did they transport most of their vehicles (trucks, tanks, heavy equipment and armaments etc) out of their military bases, like Norfolk, Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune bases in North Carolina, and Pendleton Marine base in California, to other inland locations if they are not preparing for huge coastal tsunamis? …if they are not preparing for the oceans to breach their banks?

Two Economic Crashes/Earthquake Tsunamis:

We have already discussed the first New Madrid earthquake/volcanic explosion and tsunami in terms of physical damage, but how about financial damage? It will be the worst “so-called” natural disaster ever to strike America! A stock market crash (5000 points?) much worse than 2008 will follow the disaster! There will be a short-term recovery after the crash, from investors who see this as a good time to invest in the market (while it is down). But all those that invest in the market will loose everything when the second series of (“Ring of Fire”) earthquakes and tsunamis strike the west and east coasts of America a month later! This time the global markets will hit near zero and will not recover! Eventually investors will give up trying to restore the global stock market! Both tsunami economic crashes (Gulf of Mexico and Ring of Fire) will be known as “Black Mondays”)

Many of America’s nuclear power plants on the east and west coast will likely be damaged and/or destroyed from the earthquake and/or subsequent tsunamis. The already greatly damaged Fukushima power plants in Japan will quite possibly disappear into the ocean! Much of the freshwaters of the States will turn to bitter wormwood!

The salt and salt water from these two tsunamis (‘Gulf of Mexico’ and the ‘Ring of Fire’/‘Canary Islands’) will destroy most of what’s left of our nation’s crops and livestock for this year and pollute our fresh water wells, lakes and reservoirs! Water will become a precious commodity and food will become scarce! Also, “The Geysers” geothermal power plants located along the Sonoma and Lake county border, which powers most of Northern California, was built right on the fault line! These tsunamis would cause power outages throughout our land that would last for days and sometimes months or longer, before they could possibly be put back into operation!

Gold and Silver Values Soar:

By the end of the year 2012, I am predicting Gold values to be at between 3,000 and 20,000 dollars and once! Invest now, if it isn’t already too late for you! Make sure that you own tangible gold and silver and not paper gold and silver, which will become worthless! You will not be able to cash in on your paper holdings. Everything written on paper (stocks, bonds, derivatives, IRAs, 401Ks, dollars, euros, etc) will not be worth much more than the paper they are written on by the end of the year. Those that own gold IRAs will be faced with gold problems, when they attempt to cash in. There will be bank runs and much of the money that people have in the banks of the world will no longer be redeemable! And when the United States Federal Reserve begins to raise interest rates in America, hyperinflation will begin!

Hidden Treasures Discovered Beneath the Soils from the Tsunamis!

Hidden treasures and precious stones, gold, silver and rare metals and minerals are bound to be exposed from the rinsing waters of these worldwide tsunamis! One such prediction is that Japan will become rich from the discovery of zeolite (aluminosilicates, sodium, potassium, calcium and barium) – basically fertilizer materials.

New Cryptids Discovered in America?

Bigfoot and other cryptids and maybe even some dinosaur-like marine life will probably be washed up and discovered from these horrendous tsunamis. Also, the deadly, poisonous snakes and dangerous reptiles of the Deep South, along with fire ants will be washed up into northern regions where the creatures didn’t normally roam in the past. Ants and reptiles are known to survive long periods of flooding conditions without drowning.

The “bad guys” underground cities and tunnels formed in obsidian glass, might end up getting breached from one of these future (Ring of Fire?) earthquakes and tsunamis. They might end up drowning in the hands of their own creative works!

Terrorist Attack on America and London on 9/13/2012:

According to my calculations, there is about a 99% likelihood of a terrorist attack against America and London, England on the date of 9/13 of some future year! I would give it a 90% probability of happening this year, in 2012! It will be many times worse than the attacks of 9/11/2001! Look for the White House, Willis Tower (formally the Sear Tower) in Chicago and the Phoenix, Arizona region to be some of the likely targets for this event! America will probably relocate its capital from Washington DC. to Denver, Colorado sometime in the not too distant future.

The Second “Great Depression” Begins in September:

“Many” will lose their jobs this year and “many” will be forced to claim bankruptcy. It will be a relief to “many” (especially the youth with thousands of dollars in college loans) that were getting further and further behind in debt. “Many” will feel a sense of release from this demonic world system strangle hold as their debts become cancelled! The United States will reach 50% unemployment before the end of spring of next year, if not sooner! Government food and soup lines will re-emerge like in the first Great Depression. Suicidal rates will begin to skyrocket. Starvation and disease will also begin to make a comeback. Cities and counties will continue to file for bankruptcy and States will soon follow under the pressure of not being able to pay out its monthly pension funds to retired workers. Eventually America will decide that it can no longer afford to pay for its social programs (unemployment, food stamps, social security, pension funds, medicaid and medicare, etc) and these programs will be indefinitely suspended. Eventually (when I don’t know) America too, will claim bankruptcy and fold from within.

Extreme Temperature Drops in October – the “Year of the Youth” Begins:

There will be drastic temperature drops in October. Will this be partially or mostly due to the Gulf of Mexico disaster (previously discussed above)? I believe so, but don’t know for sure. Millions will die from the cold and lack of heat!

After the series of judgements (listed above in this paper) have run their course, the “youth” of this country (and to a lesser degree of the world) will begin ‘the great revival’, which will commence in October. The “Year of the Youth” will begin in earnest! It will be the start of a revival like has never been seen in the history of mankind, nor will ever be seen again! Millions will be healed, the dead will be raised and many will become saved and come to know the Lord and become warriors in His army!

The Age of Lukewarmness (the fence sitters) will come to a screeching end, giving way to extreme temperature changes of only “Cold” or “Hot”! The Lord’s wish has come true (He wishes all were either “cold” or “hot” because when one is in the “lukewarm” state, they cannot be healed of this spiritual infirmity …for they don’t see a need for a physician!), that everyone will become either extremely “cold” or extremely “hot”! A “few” of those that turn hot will come on “fire” for the Lord! Many of those that turn “cold” will remain “cold” still! “Many” will die from the cold this winter and “few” will be warm!

Revelation 22:11:

“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”

WWIII Will Begin Soon (2012/2013) – USS Kitty Hawk Destroyed!

The first battles of WWIII will begin soon (2012/13?)! It may begin with a nuclear battle in the Persian/Arabian Gulf, which might be due to oil embargos being placed against the United States, sometime after the volcanic explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, or it might be due to an oil blockade in the Persian/Arabian Gulf by the United States over perceived oil rights and oil flow? Iran might try (or we might be told that they are trying) to shut down the flow out of the Persian/Arabian Gulf. This will be a limited nuclear exchange between America (and possibly Israel) and Iran. Iran will destroy the fleet (approximately 10 ships) of the Supercarrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), which will/has been brought out of retirement. This will be a limited nuclear exchange. There is a strong possibility that this entire event (with all its loss of life) will be staged to get Americans to reelect president Obama.

President Obama to be Re-elected:

President Barack, Obama will be re-elected for a second term in November of 2012. He will cause the enemies of the United States and Israel to come against these lands at an accelerated pace! The fall of the United States will be greatly hastened by his continued actions, and by the ignorance of America (lack of knowledge) for voting him back into office!

Middle East Peace Treaty:

I am predicting that there will be a MiddleEast peace accord signed by Israel, president Obama of the United States and the Palestinians. I don’t know if this will be before or after president Obama is re-elected. Jerusalem will be divided into 2 or 3 parts. And because of this great sin of our president, the United States will be completely divided in 2012 or 2013! My best calculation is that it will happen prior to December 21st of 2012. Because of this peace accord signing, and the dividing of Israel, great judgement will enter the land of America in 2013, starting with the fresh water Mississippi River. The river will be flooded with seawater as a result of a devastated earthquake/s that will sweep across our land in 2013. One earthquake in particular will strike the New Madrid fault and the river will become so wide that there will be no bridges left to span across it! The archway of St. Louis will also crumble to the ground! Our land will be divided in half and split down the middle, much like it was during the end of slavery and the resultant great civil war!

Y2K Strikes on 12/21/2012 – Limited Nuclear Attack Commences:

From studying the prophetic writings and the codes concerning Y2K, I am more and more convinced that it will occur on the infamous Mayan calendar date of 12/21/12. I am predicting that on this date the power grid will go down worldwide, from the east and then to the west! I am predicting that due to this event (it will be called an accident, ha, ha) that many nuclear warhead missiles will accidentally be launched from Siberia towards the United States. Most of the missiles will be shot down by America’s Star Wars Defense system, but three of the missiles will manage to survive and strike America (on purpose or accidentally? …I don’t know). One will destroy Lexington, Kentucky, one will destroy what’s left of Richmond, Virginia and one will destroy what’s left of Columbia, South Carolina. The fourth will be grazed by America’s defense system and will be knocked off course; instead of directly hitting New York City, it will strike a valley north of the city. But New York City will still sustain some damage from the blast! The United States will retaliate and send off 3 nuclear missiles of their own, which will destroy 3 major Russian cities!

Cold Winter (2012/2013) with Little to No Heat!

There will not be much snow (generally speaking) across the US this coming winter (2012/2013), but there will be intense cold and little heat in most American homes. Some places will have too much snow and other places that really need the snow will get none! Temperatures around –40F to –45F degrees will be recorded near the Chicago area, and it will even be colder in parts of Canada! Much of the lack of heat (electrical power) in households will undoubtedly be due to the Y2K event that I am predicting to occur on 12/21/12. The power that is available will in many cases be diverted to “major institutions, hospitals and entertainment center”. Electrical power will be rationed!

Most all of the Judgements of God Listed in this Paper will not be Accidental:

Most all of the judgements of God that are listed in this paper will not be accidental! They will be events that were calculated, preplanned, and carried out by the “bad guys” (the global elitists and underground governments and military of this world)! Once God’s hedge of protection is completely removed from America and other lands, the devil and his armies and his false prophets (those “bad guys” (people) who carry out his instructions and plans) will finish destroying this earth and the people of this earth, at an accelerated climatic pace! Evil men who have no compassion towards humanity. Evil men, who have “believed a-lie” (alien)! Evil men (the “bad guys”) who’s desire is to reduce the world’s population from 7 billion to 100 million at any cost!

There is Hope – For Some:

There is hope! To everyone who begins to believe and put their trust in God during these trying times of birth pains, which will lead to transition pains, birth and afterbirth, there will be hope and provision, rebirth, and everlasting life. But for those who continue to reject this message there will only be hopelessness, desperation, death and then the second death!

Sincerely, David Kenderes

( (540) 785-9721 or (540) 273-8508

Founder of the “Project Beryllium” Movement.

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