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Friday, October 19, 2012

Mile And A Half High Mushroom Cloud Near Camp Minden Louisiana Dixie Underground “Bunker Explosion” / Conformation Of Generators To New Orleans / Feds Say Trust Us Wwith Your DNA / A new kind of ultra-giant UFO is zooming around Texas / Spain banks’ worst-case scenario turning real / Pop Star Claims Sex With Ghost

Unconstitutional? Chicago Official Proposes Bullet Tax to Curb Crime
QE3 Policy Helps Obama, Boosts Inflation, Romney Pleads with Bernanke Not to Authorize Another Round

Fed up Christians take public stand
Uruguay first Latin nation to legalise abortion

Biometric criminal record checks for U.S. job applicants increase

According to statistics from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, fingerprinting has exponentially increased as a method of checking job applicants in the private sector. In 2000, employers who were screening job applicants sent approximately 6.6 million sets of fingerprints to the FBI. In 2012, it is estimated that the number of fingerprints forwarded to the FBI to conduct background checks will total more than 25 million. Industry analysts attribute the increase in background criminal checks due to enhanced security measures put in...

Fukushima dirty bomb stories leaked, 300,000 children radiated daily


Scottish mum films UFO hovering in the sky above her home

A STUNNED Scottish family believe they saw a UFO hovering in the sky above their home last Saturday. Morag Ritchie, 50, woke up to see strange lights floating in the air over fields behind her cottage in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. Glowing orbs were flickering in the distance on an unidentified object in the early hours of Saturday morning. The grandmother-of-two was so shocked she woke up her family at 2am to show them. And her daughter Cara’s fiance Scott Bower, 24, even managed to film the strange sighting. Morag said: “I woke up in the...
A new kind of ultra-giant UFO is zooming around Texas

Dust Storm Shuts Down Interstate in Northern Okla.

A massive dust storm swirling reddish-brown clouds over northern Oklahoma triggered a multi-vehicle accident along a major interstate Thursday, forcing police to shut down part of the heavily traveled roadway amid near blackout conditions. In a scene reminiscent of the Dust Bowl days, choking dust suspended on strong wind gusts shrouded Interstate 35, which links Dallas and Oklahoma City to Kansas City, Mo. Video from television station helicopters showed the four-lane highway virtually disappearing into billowing dust on the harsh landscape...

Greyerz - Despite Manipulation, Swiss Gold To Become Money

Today Egon von Greyerz spoke with King World News about the, “... incredible amount of intervention and manipulation (in the gold and silver markets).” Greyerz, who is founder and managing partner at Matterhorn Asset Management, also spoke with KWN about an initiative to make gold money in Switzerland, “It is an initiative that will introduce a Swiss gold coin as a parallel currency.” Here is what Greyerz had to say: “It’s ridiculous, Eric, what is happening now. There is an incredible amount of intervention and manipulation (in the gold and silver...
Spain banks’ worst-case scenario turning real

Pop Star Claims Sex With Ghost

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