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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SENATE BILL LETS FEDS READ YOUR EMAIL / Student Expelled for Refusing Location Tracking RFID Badge... / 3.4 Mile Doorway Into Planet Mercury Discovered, Nov 2012. / Bus blast in Tel Aviv dashes any quick hopes for peace in Israeli-Gaza conflict - Watch as the State Department refuses to defend Israel against accusations of terrorism - Body of Israeli 'spy' dragged behind motorcycle in Gaza... **WARNING: Graphic** / Bizarre muppet-like beast discovered - Witnesses state that the creature was spotted apparently foraging for food


Fear of civil war as Congolese rebels march into Goma

November 21, 2012AFRICAAs most of the world has been focusing on ongoing conflict in Gaza, a geopolitical crisis of another sort is unfolding in central Africa where the rebel seizure of the substantial Congolese city of Goma could have grave consequences for the troubled region.
Rocket Attacks on Israel Continue from Gaza; Israel Reportedly Prepared for Ground Assault into Gaza if No Peace Agreement by Thursday

Turkish PM Erdogan Accuses Israel of Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza

Watch as the State Department refuses to defend Israel against accusations of terrorism

---CNN Gives Two PLO Mouthpieces Time to Bash Israel
---------GBR: Hamas dragging bodies in streets
--------------Body of Israeli 'spy' dragged behind motorcycle in Gaza... **WARNING: Graphic**
----------------------Israel Warns Journalists to Stay Away from Hamas...
Judge Jeanine to Obama: You either sent help or you didn’t. Obama Benghazi investigation.


An American Oil Find That Holds More Than All of OPEC

Drillers in Utah and Colorado are poking into a massive shale deposit trying to find a way to unlock oil reserves that are so vast they would swamp OPEC. A recent report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office estimated that if half of the oil bound up in the rock of the Green River Formation could be recovered it would be "equal to the entire world's proven oil reserves." Both the GAO and private industry estimate the amount of oil recoverable to be 3 trillion barrels. "In the past 100 years — in all of human history -- we have consumed 1 trillion barrels of oil. There are several times that much here," said Roger Day, vice president for operations for American Shale Oil (AMSO). The Green River drilling is beginning as shale mining is booming in the U.S. and a report by the International Energy Agency...

The 'creepy' mannequin that spies on you: Shops use dummies fitted with airport security to profile customers

Mannequins in fashion boutiques are now being fitted with secret cameras to 'spy' on shoppers' buying habits. Benetton is among the High Street fashion chains to have deployed the dummies equipped with technology adapted from security systems used to identify criminals at airports. From the outside, the $3,200 (£2,009) EyeSee dummy looks like any other mannequin, but behind its blank gaze it hides a camera feeding images into facial recognition software that logs the age, gender and race of shoppers. This information is fed into a computer and is..

Morgan Stanley’s Doom Scenario: Major Recession in 2013

The global economy is likely to be stuck in the “twilight zone” of sluggish growth in 2013, Morgan Stanley has warned, but if policymakers fail to act, it could get a lot worse. The bank’s economics team forecasts a full-blown recession next year, under a pessimistic scenario, with global gross domestic product (GDP) likely to plunge 2 percent. “More than ever, the economic outlook hinges upon the actions taken or not taken by governments and central banks,” Morgan Stanley said in a report. Under the bank’s more gloomy scenario, the U.S...

Greek police arrest man suspected of stealing data files on ninety per cent of Greek population

NAMIBIAN media report a strange muppet-like beast has been shot dead after a group stumbled across several of the creatures in dense jungle.
Locals came across the bizarre being while they were escorting a shooting party in Namibia, local media reported.
Witnesses state that the creature was spotted apparently foraging for food, one of the shooting party wounded it with his rifle and it escaped into the thick brush.
The locals tracked it to a nearby lair or nest where they found three more creatures of similar size.
The wounded creature attacked one of the shooting party and it was shot dead, the others escaped into the brush
The body of the creature was taken back to the local camp, police later removed its corpse and a full forensics investigation is under way

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