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Saturday, January 19, 2013

NOW!! - OR Sheriff WILL NOT Enforce Any 'Overreaching And Unconstitutional Firearms Restrictions'

January 16, 2013 - Radio Interview here Lars Larson Show
Sheriff Tim Mueller of Linn County, Oregon says his department will not participate in any overreaching and unconstitutional federal firearms restrictions.
In an interview with syndicated radio host, Lars Larson, Sherriff Mueller was asked: "You wrote a letter to the Vice-president of the United States, what'd you tell him?"
"Well, what I told him is that the position of, you know, Linn County Sheriff's office, which is the office that I hold obviously here in Linn County Oregon, is that any overreaching and unconstitutional firearms restrictions, we would not participate in enforcing or would we stand idly by and let it happen in our county," said Sheriff Mueller.
The sheriff also said that he does not believe that new legislation will change the safety and security of children in schools but rather that it's just another agenda of the Obama administration.
"It's absolutely another agenda, it has been their agenda for some's been on their agenda for years, it's nothing new."
Larson asked Mueller if he would enforce the laws if the president were to ban military-style assault rifles and magazines that hold more than ten rounds by posing a hypothetical scenario where federal agents might show up in Linn County to confiscate guns.
Mueller answered, "Well, the statute's pretty clear. I'm the conservator of the peace of this county and the chief law-enforcement executive. And, if we have those types of issues, obviously we're going to have to cross that bridge if comes to it, but I refuse to allow the citizens of my county to be turned into criminals by misguided politicians.
"And, if that means that we have to take a stand in a situation like that, then, you know, so be it. Again, we'll cross that bridge if it comes to it but, its-I really am concerned about, you know, if there's any kind of federal attempts of enforcement where they go out to rural America and specifically, in my case, rural Linn County, and if they do pass some sort of mandatory registration and they start wanting to collect guns, that's going to be a huge issue.
"And, I think that they would be pretty negligent in thinking that nothing bad is going to happen if people go out there - if federal agents go out to enforce that on otherwise honest citizens. That's going to be a bad day in any county in America if that comes to it."
You can listen to the full interview with Sheriff Mueller here.

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