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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Supreme Court "Take My Blood"? / Navy Video Bath Salts (Demons Zombie Spirits) / Baja Mexico showing plumes on visible satellite — coming from near Dormant Volcano / European Union Set to Ban Cash Transactions Over 500 Euros / Russian PM not joking – extraterrestrials live among us according to MIB documentary / North Carolina Police Lieutenant Warns Of Plans For Martial Law In 2013 / NRA President Fires Back...-PRAVDA: America, 'Never give up your guns'... / WENDY'S Franchisee Owner Blames Obamacare For Cutting Employees' Hours... / McAfee: Belize part of network geared to infiltrate US with terrorism-linked individuals / Watch Live: Former Doomsday Asteroid Apophis Flies by Earth/ Hagel to rein in Israel on Iran strike / Greg Mannarino: If the Fed Stops Printing, the Collapse Would be So Incredible That People Would Eat Each Other in the Street! / Like Spain, The Fed & Treasury Will Pull Out Nuclear Option & Raid Private Pension Funds / US Mint Silver Eagle Sales Jump Another 300,000 Overnight / India Signs Mandatory GMO Labeling into Law- Pakistan and India tensions rise over Kashmir killings / They’re back: Unexplained ‘booming noises’ reported from South Carolina to California

Supreme Court "Take My Blood"? - Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Now they want to take my blood without consent? also also

The Les Miserables State and the Trillion Dollar Treasury Coin: Arretez les Presses

Judge orders students to wear 'Mark of the Beast' ID badge

Navy Video Bath Salts (Demons Zombie Spirits)

Large Eruption in Mexico — Colima Volcano

mexico dormant volcano plume jan 4 and 5 2013
Baja Mexico showing plumes on visible satellite — coming from near Dormant Volcano
European Union Set to Ban Cash Transactions Over 500 Euros
JG Vibes | Right in the middle of the holidays when mainstream media organizations were distracted and short staffed, the finance ministry for the European Union announced that cash transactions over 500 euros would soon be banned.

Russian PM Was Not Joking? Extraterrestrials Live Among Us According To MIB Documentary
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s off-air comments that Russian Presidents are given a secret file about extraterrestrials living among us created much media interest. Most news reports claimed that Medvedev was simply joking. His apparent reference to the Men In Black movie as a source of information on a super secret agency that monitors extraterrestrials on Earth was commonly cited as key evidence that he was in fact joking. The reasoning is that no political leader would refer reporters to a comedy to clarify national policy. It has now emerged that Medvedev was not referring to the Men in Black comedy after all, but to a recent Russian television documentary titled “Men in Black” that reveals many details about an extensive cover up of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth. After completing an on-air interview with five television reporters on December 7, 2012, Prime Minister Medvedev continued to respond to reporters and made some off-air comments without realizing that the microphone was still on. He was then asked by one reporter if “the president is handed secret files on aliens when he receives the briefcase needed to activate Russia’s nuclear arsenal,”...

North Carolina Police Lieutenant Warns Of Martial Law In 2013
In this broadcast of the Cybertribe News Network, a North Carolina Police Lieutenant calls in to give his first hand knowledge of preparations being made within his own department to train and prepare for martial law in the United States, possibly in the coming year. Many similar reports are starting to trickle in from all across the country, through various independent media resources and even organizations like Oath Keepers. The consensus is that a major economic event is expected, and that it will be used to provide cover for the institution of draconian policies being readied behind the curtain. The exact timing of this event is not clear, but we do know the planning is being done, and that provisions are being put in place.


NRA President Fires Back...
PRAVDA: America, 'Never give up your guns'...
Police: Store clerk's gun beats thief's cattle prod...
PANIC: One Million AR-15 Magazines on Backorder...
Utah town to encourage arming households...
'No One Needs 10 Bullets To Kill A Deer!'
Ted Nugent unloads...
-----------Obama's 81% Support in New York City Best in 114 Years...
WENDY'S Franchisee Owner Blames Obamacare For Cutting Employees' Hours...
VIDEO: 60 Parents, Students Brawl At School Bus Stop...
Sign of the future? If confirmed into the role, his signature would grace dollar bills, as shown
A New Signature Could Land on the Dollar Bill...

McAfee: Belize part of network geared to infiltrate US with terrorism-linked individuals

NEW YORK, United States, Wednesday January 9, 2013 – Antivirus software pioneer John McAfee, who captured the world's attention last year when he fled his adopted homeland of Belize after authorities there wanted him for questioning in the investigation of his neighbour's murder, is back in the news with a bang. The British-born American citizen landed safely on his feet in Miami in December after a wild, month-long odyssey on the run that he claims was prompted by fears for his life if he turned himself in to Belizean authorities. The 67-year-old software guru, who denied any involvement in the November killing of American expatriate Gregory Faull, is said to have slogged through jungles, slept in bug-infested beds, worn disguises and employed decoys before being incarcerated in a Guatemalan prison...

What Did Google Earth Spot in the Chinese Desert? Even an Ex-CIA Analyst Isn’t Sure

Late last month, former CIA analyst Allen Thomson was clicking through a space news website when he noticed a story about a new orbital tracking site being built near the small city of Kashgar in southwestern China. Curious, he went to Google Earth to find it. He poked around for a while, with no luck. Then he came across something kind of weird. Thomson, who served in the CIA from 1972 to 1985 and as a consultant to the National Intelligence Council until 1996, has made something of a second career finding odd stuff in public satellite imagery...

Watch Live: Former Doomsday Asteroid Apophis Flies by Earth

Update: The earlier Slooh show can be seen in its entirety at the bottom of the post. Watch as the asteroid 99942 Apophis, once classified as the most likely asteroid to hit the Earth, zooms past our planet during two live shows today from the Slooh Space Camera collaboration. The first show begins at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET and the second will start at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET. When it was discovered in 2004, Apophis was calculated to have a 1 in 45 chance of smashing into the Earth in 2029, releasing the energy equivalent of 10 hydrogen bombs and probably...

Hagel to rein in Israel on Iran strike

Jerusalem - Chuck Hagel, the nominee for the next US defence secretary, will seek to rein in Israel over any attempt to carry out a unilateral strike against Iran's nuclear facilities, Israeli observers believe. Hagel's nomination by US President Barack Obama must still be confirmed by the US Senate, but the prospect of the former senator assuming the top Pentagon post has already stirred concern in Israel. Analysts and commentators note that Hagel is known for a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy, and is believed to be strongly opposed...

US publicly voices concerns over Britain leaving EU

Philip Gordon, the US assistant secretary responsible for European affairs, said that Britain's membership of the EU was "in the American interest". His remarks came as David Cameron prepares to deliver a speech on Europe later this month. The Prime Minister is expected to promise to renegotiate Britain’s membership and then put the new terms to a referendum. Many Conservatives, including some Cabinet ministers, believe that a ‘No’ vote would mean Britain leaving the EU, although Mr Cameron says he opposes an exit. Mr Gordon, the senior...
--20 Facts About The Collapse Of Europe That Everyone Should Know

Central banks must switch off the printing presses before it’s too late

The last seven, crisis-ridden, years would already have completely finished off a lesser man. The poor chap must be exhausted. It is perhaps still too early to be passing judgments on his reign, but on one level it certainly doesn’t seem so bad, given the challenges faced. Bernanke has arguably done better than central bankers in Europe, Britain and Japan in terms of his crisis response. US GDP is back above pre-crisis levels, unlike the UK, and is continuing to grow at a reasonable, if quite modest, rate. Having avoided the fiscal cliff, Congress...
Greg Mannarino: If the Fed Stops Printing, the Collapse Would be So Incredible That People Would Eat Each Other in the Street!

 Like Spain, The Fed & Treasury Will Pull Out Nuclear Option & Raid Private Pension Funds
---Morgan Stanley cuts 1,600 jobs as business languishes

Former Bush Economist: Trillion Dollar Coin Is 'Better Than The Alternatives'

Donald Marron was a member of President George W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers. Currently, he’s director of the Tax Policy Center. Regarding the trillion-dollar platinum coin idea, he finds the legal arguments against it “weak at best,” and the economic arguments against it “stronger but manageable.” The best arguments against the coin, he writes, “involve image and politics.” Marron: Minting a trillion-dollar coin sounds like the plot of a Simpson’s episode or an Austin Powers sequel. It lacks dignity. And despite modern cynicism, that means..
---US Mint Silver Eagle Sales Jump Another 300,000 Overnight
Obama Administration Throwing Medical Marijuana Patients Into Federal Prison at Unprecedented Rate | This month will see a number of patients sentenced, sent to prison despite compliance with state medical marijuana laws.

They Are Getting Ready: “No Obvious Reason” For Why China Is Massively Boosting Stockpiles of Rice, Iron Ore, Precious Metals, Dry Milk
Will Europeans Embrace Underground Currencies When Draconian Cash Ban Takes Effect?
India Signs Mandatory GMO Labeling into Law
---Pakistan and India tensions rise over Kashmir killings
They’re back: Unexplained ‘booming noises’ reported from South Carolina to California
January 9, 2013CALIFORNIA - The loud explosion that jolted North Hollywood on Tuesday night remained a mystery the next morning, authorities said. An officer at the Los Angeles Police Department’s North Hollywood station said police searched the area for a half an hour Tuesday night but had no luck in determining what caused the sound. The officer said police received numerous calls about the noise. At about 9:30 p.m., numerous people began tweeting about a loud explosion. Some thought it had come from a North Hollywood Metro station; others reported hearing an explosion in Studio City. “Mysterious explosion a few minutes ago. What’s going on? #LA” tweeted @ThatVitalSpark. “Seriously, any leads what the hell this boom was in North Hollywood? Im shook up a bit” tweeted @RajRawal37. A Reddit user posed the question: “What just blew up in North Hollywood?” By 10:30 p.m., there were more than 120 comments, but no crowd-sourced answer. However, possibilities ranging from alien invasions to meteors were proposed. –LA Times
Massachusetts mystery: Salem and Marblehead police officers searched the area of Ocean Avenue early Saturday morning for evidence of what could have caused the large boom that prompted residents across the area to call 911. According to Sunday morning’s Salem police log, At 1:34 a.m., police received multiple calls regarding a “loud bang” on Ocean Avenue. They were unable to locate the source. Many of our readers in Marblehead also reported hearing the sound, which has some town residents wondering whether or not it is coming from the harbor. This isn’t the first time we’ve written about mysterious explosion noises being reported in the area late at night. Theories offered so far have included youngsters with powerful fireworks, cannons from boats in the harbor, malfunctioning electrical transformers, UFOs and the shifting of tectonic plates under the city. –Marblehead Patch
South Carolina mystery: Residents of Red Bank in Lexington County appear to have gotten a loud awakening Thursday morning as multiple reports indicate a loud booming noise in the area. WIS News 10 viewers poured onto our Facebook page this morning to report the sound. “What was the horrific boom in the Redbank area,” asked Lisa Russell Fields. “People are saying it sounded like a plane crash or explosion. I also heard the ‘big boom’ this morning. So did a lot of other people, it sounds like a close cannon or something and will shake the whole building/house,” said Jennifer Lee Stokes Kleine. “Does anyone have a concrete explanation for the loud boom that shook houses in Lexington County around the Redbank/YMCA/Old Barnwell Road area this morning around 8:30 a.m.,” said Mary Frances Henry Bell. So, what was it? The Lexington County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t know either. “Law enforcement officers and public safety personnel have been unable so far to determine the source of the noise,” said Sheriff’s Department spokesman Maj. John Allard. “No explosions have been reported.” A similarly loud explosive noise happened last year in the South Congaree portion of Lexington County. Residents reported then being woken up to the boom around 8 a.m. on a Sunday. Seismographs at the University of South Carolina even measured something in the area. However, there was never a determined cause for that loud noise either. -WISTV
Salt Lake City mystery: Hundreds of people from Weber County to Utah County, and some as far north as Rock Springs, Wyoming reported that they felt shaking or heard loud booms Tuesday night around 9 p.m. The FOX 13 Newsroom received several calls from concerned citizens about the phenomena shortly after 9 p.m., but the cause remains a mystery. Representatives for the University of Utah’s Seismograph stations said there was not an earthquake, ATK said they were not conducting any rocket tests, the Utah National Guard said they were not conducting any weapons or artillery training and Hill Air Force Base said they did not have any planes in the air after 6 p.m. A map of earthquakes over the last day shows no activity in Northern Utah, or anywhere in the state. The closest quake was a relatively small 2.6 magnitude near Bishop, Calif., more than 500 miles from Salt Lake City. The equipment at the University of Utah Seismograph stations did, however, record “sonic activity” at the time people said they were hearing the booms, but the cause of the sonic activity has not been identified. There is also a theory that the heavy inversion layer may have amplified a blast on the ground or in the air, making it seem closer and louder than reality. While that is possible, it is still unclear what caused the noise. –Fox 13
See Wikipedia listing for the some of the latest incidents reportedly heard across the U.S.

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