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Monday, May 20, 2013

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (government auditor for 16 years) - What Is Adminstration Hiding Now? - (( to Have MIke send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here (( ))

What Is Adminstration Hiding Now?

Two more oddities in the Internal Revenue Service problem arose since Friday morning.
The first was the "planting" of the question that led Lois Lerner, head of the tax-exempt division, to disclose the targeting practice in the first place. The second was the false outrage by the President after being "informed" of the problem.
Start with the planted question. Before the Inspector General had filed his report the auditor had told the IRS what would be released. The IRS, specifically Acting Director Steven Miller and Ms. Lerner, hatched the scheme to diffuse the revelation's problem by revealing it first.
At an American Bar Association conference--not exactly a hotbed crawling with reporters--Ms. Lerner answered a question that came from left field because it was so far off the topics covered up to then.
Miller tipped the hand when he answered a question Friday morning at his Ways and Means Committee grilling. In a reply he said the "contact with Ms. Lerner had been by phone. I have the notes." Immediately came the shocked query, "You have notes? Let's see them."
Miller backtracked, "Well, I didn't bring them with me; I can't seem to find them. Maybe I don't have notes."
After establishing Miller had managed to 'misplace' the notes, he did say what was in them. "We talked about how to release the information to the public." Rep. Devin Nunes-R, hit with another question. "Well, it was a prepared Q&A. We decided it would be best because now we knew all of the made sense for us to start talking about it in public."
The next indignant question from Peter Roskam was, "Why didn't you come to us first?" Miller: "We had planned to do it at the same time. That did not happen." Roskam: "Why not?" Miller: "We did call to get on the calendar."
If you've followed that neat sidestep, Miller is once again answering questions strictly as they are asked and is not giving full answers. He is answering with the truth and nothing but the truth but not the whole truth, therefore he is in technical violation of the fact he took an oath before testifying.
But the IG did not go straight to the IRS alone. It was revealed the Treasury Department was informed of the mistakes before the IRS because of the depth of the discovered problem.
This is where Barack Obama's indignant anger becomes phony as a three-dollar bill. Here you have two Cabinet level, Executive Branch agencies embroiled in a controversy which was uncovered and investigated for more than a year--and our beloved Commander in Chief has no idea such a problem exists?
That's worse than the three monkeys with hands over eyes, ears and mouth.
I have one more question, simply because my mind is leery of any path laid out by this Administration. Obama is a magician at hiding things. What is it he doesn't want us to look at?
Why was this story given out by the IRS at this time? It was done on a Friday when things generally get pushed to the back burners in favor of the weekend but what is in the wings we aren't supposed to see?
It can't be Benghazi though I am tired of the liberal commentators pushing the fact "Benghazi is over and done." It can't be the Justice Department and the non-recusal recusal of Eric Holder in the AP invasion of privacy (he didn't submit his recusal request in writing so technically he was still the U.S. Attorney General in charge on the case).
But there is something else this shifty bunch doesn't want us to look at.
Could it be the  on-going central banks' printing press run as the various countries seek to get an upper hand in the economic battle by devaluing their currencies? A gambit Switzerland has not participated in.
Whatever, this is no ordinary scandal. We better keep our eyes and ears open to find out what is coming nect from this master illusionist. David Copperfield should be so good.
"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

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