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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (government auditor for 16 years) - Shame of Benghazi Non-Response Lingers - (( to Have MIke send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here (( ))

Shame of Benghazi Non-Response Lingers

House Oversight and Government Reform Chair Darrell Issa (CA) could be beating a dead horse on Benghazi's consulate attack, but you have to give him credit for finding the horse in the first place.
The Administration did everything it could to hide the evidence of malfeasance but Issa's persistent bird dog won't be swayed from its course.
But he still faces several roadblocks in his gambit for the truth. Remember, Hillary Clinton and her aides are no longer in charge of the State Department. Hillary has been replaced by John Kerry as the Secretary of State.
Kerry, in case you've forgotten, is a tax dodger of a lofty magnitude so is already on shaky ground.
Oh, you did forget about that little misunderstanding with the tax people. Don't feel bad. Based on the ease of his nomination acceptance, the Senate forgot too. Kerry, he of the luxurious yacht purchase, neatly sidestepped the "luxury tax" by mooring the boat elsewhere in 2010 so he could claim first use occurred in a less taxing situation rather than bring it back to Massachusetts where he would be nailed for the true cost. 
So we replaced the slimy Clinton with the slimier Kerry and the muck Issa is sifting through got deeper.
Hillary's claim to fame was the "We have four dead Americans so what does it matter now how they were killed?" retort late last year. I just wish Nixon had used that rebuttal when she was leading the investigative charge into the Watergate scandal. "I'm sorry, but that occurred before the election (of 1972). I won, so what does it matter that the Watergate was infiltrated?" The expression she might have given would have been worth the price of admission.
But back to the current mess.
Issa said in a letter to Kerry, "The State Department has not lived up the the Administration's broad and unambiguous promises of cooperation with Congress. Therefore, I am left with no alternative but to compel the State Department to produce relevant documents through a subpoena."
Democrats are claiming this is merely a political ploy for Republicans to gain some traction in the 2014 elections and are using it to stifle the Administration's aspirations to "transform America."
But it is important to find out why--beyond the 2012 election--the Administration's Cabinet level posts were blatantly used to disseminate complete untruths about the devastating assault and the missteps that caused it. For that Issa needs all the support he can get.
Obama, for his part, is still trying to get Benghazi put behind him. Just 12 days ago the President termed the continuing efforts to find the truth a "political circus." It was a circus when UN ambassador Rice went on the offensive last Sept. 14 with a series of interviews that had no ounce of truth behind them except for the fact Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were dead.
The President's many mouthpieces keep deflecting the Congressional probe with claims of national security secrets. I think the bodies of four Americans override that objection. If things were so secured--properly--the four would still be walking about today.
It is important to know what happened, how it happened and why the White House turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the unfolding crisis. The reliance on the short-lived video as a centerpiece of the defense of the government's total lack of response was justifiably negated months ago.
But the Administration clings to it.
But this Administration is adept at putting feel-good responses out. Responses that have not a shred of truth to them either.
Eric Holder, the Attorney General, said he felt "a creeping sense of personal remorse" after it was disclosed Justice had seized personal emails of a reporter last week.
Not true. The only remorse was in getting caught...just like his boss.
These people have no moral compass to adhere to. They have no personal shame because in their world the ends justify the means. In this case they had an election to win so they played Chicago politics. It cost America not only the lives of four citizens, it also cost us a great deal of prestige because this was an assault on what is effectively American soil and we gave no response.
Like Eric Holder, I have a sense of personal remorse too. I find myself wishing the assault had picked a more appropriate target, like nailing the ambassador of the White House.
Maybe that would have enraged Washington to the point politics would be put aside to get at the truth more quickly and we could have been spared Hillary's practiced defense in front of the committee and Ambassador Rice's series of lying interviews in the days following the assault.
We just celebrated Memorial Day. Too bad that's for the men and women who are dead. I'm sure there are some in those ranks who would have stood up for what was right at the time, even if it damaged the ultimate end game of politics.
"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

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