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Monday, July 15, 2013

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (US Government auditor for 16 years- Tax Supported Green Technology Harms Economy- (( to Have Michael send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here (( ))

 Tax Supported Green Technology Harms Economy

Assume for a moment the surge in the stock markets is a complete fraud instigated by the federal government (an assumption that grows more plausible as one delves deeper into the data about the economy). Without the market surge where is the recovery?
It is nowhere near as robust as the government would have you believe and, without the Fed's actions, the economy would still be in reverse.
The major roadblock to a provable, sustained economic recovery is the tree-hugger agenda Barack Obama and his Administration are forcing on America's energy industry. There is a minor side benefit to the effort to improve the environment but the additional costs imposed strain what little energy is provided by the Fed activity to move the country forward.
It does not matter what the source of the energy produced if all were created equal, but they are not. Fossil fuel-based, depletable resources like coal, oil and natural gas are much more cost efficient than the renewable replacements of solar, wind and hydro. Thus the agenda mapped out by our government is having a distinct, negative effect on the economy simply because the cost to implement such changes
put America at an economic disadvantage around the globe.
But what is even more alarming are the state initiatives--fueled by government grants of taxpayer-stolen money--which continue to foster the system at a local level. But what's real bad news for the environment is the changes to "renewable sources" is ultimately going to do more harm to the planet than consumption of the fossil fuels.
Take wind power as an example. The cost of putting up a tower, $2-3 million each) far exceeds the energy production of the windmill. Also, take a trip under the windmill and count the number of dead birds. Now the government goes berserk getting out photos of oil-covered birds after an oil spill like the Deep Horizon in the Gulf but they haven't once published a photo of the piles of lifeless feathered birds under a windmill. Isn't it the same thing, just a different weapon?
But the real hidden cost to America is the windmill is inefficient and unreliable. According to energy specialist Carl Langner, PhD, "For any electrical grid in which wind power accounts for more than 8% of total power, the variability of power causes the grid to become unstable." (1) Langner points out windmill construction in Europe--a region much more environment-conscious than America--has virtually ceased because of this.
But in America we find individual states where Legislatures are controlled by the tree-hugger crowd forwarding laws requiring up to 20% of the grid include wind power. This assures rolling brownouts across the grid.
But what is worse is the traditional electrical power plants are forced to make up the difference. This means more consumption of the dreaded, maligned usage of natural gas, oil or coal which increases the overall production of the hated carbon dioxide.
The final nail in the economic fabric is the electricity produced by these wind farms cannot be built without government subsidies to back up the mandates the government issues. Whether it is an alternative fuel vehicle, a windmill or solar producer--every watt of energy thus produced, every molecule of CO2 saved is done only through the financial support of the public sector to the loss of the private sector.
No economy devised can withstand this unrelenting onslaught draining the lifeblood from it.
But the real cost is years down the road. Most of the chemicals needed to produce the solar panels or the energy-efficient lightbulb for instance, are much more deadly to the environment than the things they replaced. Unless of course they are properly disposed of and nobody has calculated that cost yet mainly because consumers and producers tend to dump them however and whever they can. 
Colorado now has four cleanup sites waiting for hazmat teams because of defunct Abound Solar, a government supported solar panel producer. Abound Solar had a couple of problems but its most notable achievement had to be its remarkable 96% panel failure. Either the things did not work or they caught fire. Either way the panels were defective. But like Solyndra before it, Abound's panels were not cost effective for the target consumers and the company was mainly useful as a photo op for politicians trying to promote their country's, state's, county's, municipality's or business district's commitment to the failing green agenda. (2)
Despite the monotonous litany of failed green technology the only people who seem to not have learned the brutal lessons are those we elect. (3) 
Every time we send another tree hugger to office, we are voting against a prosperous economy. If no other lesson is provable, that one is. With Democrats wedded to that portion of their base and Republicans caving like beanbag chair the economy will be stuck for the foreseeable future.
But the politicians haven't seen the logical end to their program. The economy is getting to the point where it will be so maimed and weak it will never recover. Without a private sector where will the public sector get the funding to continue this charade? More importantly, will we be able to revert back to fossil fuel usage in order to avoid the train wreck?
The answers carry dire implications for generations to come but the stock markets will certainly have no more support from the government and will need purely Main Street investors. Then 1929 will seem like a schoolboy prank.
"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson
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(2)--"Colorado Orders Abound Solar to Clean Up Hazardous Waste At Four Sites", Denver Post 2-25-2013 and "Bankruptcy Filings Allege Abound Solar Awar of Defective Panels", Denver Post, 3-1-2013.
(3)--"Obama's Utopian Hypocrisy: Coal Consumption", Ben Bullard,, 7-10-2013 

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