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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Please Pray For Healing For Patrick Heron - by Bruce Collins

Please Pray For Healing For Patrick Heron
Bruce July 8, 2013 0
Please Pray For Healing For Patrick Heron
In 2005, I was on a nationally syndicated radio show and was trying to get Patrick Heron on the show as a guest. That didn’t work out but Patrick gladly came on my humble podcast in early 2006, after I had left Monster Radio. He has had a big impact on my life.
Bruce Collins
I recently found out I have cancer. I prayed to my Father and pleaded for mercy and grace to help in this time of need. I also asked Jesus to intercede on my behalf. I have been quite ill over the past six months and that is why I have not been so active on FB. Tomorrow I find out the extent of this disease, so I need help from those of you willing to support me.
We are all in the Family of God. Brothers and sisters all of us. I am asking my family to rally around now in prayer by coming with confidence to the Throne of Grace and beseeching our Father to grant me strength and faith as I face into this spiritual battle with our enemy.
The night I got saved, in my bedroom, on my own, back in 1976, the Spirit of God descended on me in a big way and I had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ while reading the Gospel of Matthew. I ended up taking my shoes off, on my knees, giving my life to God. Quite a turn around for a 24 year old hippy who knew nothing of God or Jesus. By about 1:00 AM in the morning, I reached Matt 24 and the question,”What will be the signs of the end of this age and of your coming?”
“What coming”? I asked myself. The reference led me to Acts 1:10 and, “Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven,shall so come in like manner.”
When I read this, I almost went through the roof myself as I had never heard of the second coming of Christ. In that instant I believed that God showed me that I would be alive when Jesus comes back for his Church. I have always held to this and I still do. This belief has spurred me on to do the things I have done in my Christian walk. So I do not want to ‘shuffle off this mortal coil’ just yet. Thus I need the love and prayers and help of my family to see this through.
Please do not expect me to reply to every message sent. I get tired easily. My wife and three girls were devastated when they heard the news. But they are rallying around now. I have also learned of an alternative route to healing via a change of diet and lifestyle as opposed to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, which I really do not want to do. So those of you who choose to pray for me in the coming months, thank you. Your petitions and prayers are a powerful force. And I need you now. God bless, Patrick Heron.

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Aolele said...

I will certainly pray for you, Patrick. God bless you and may Jesus hold you close and heal you. You have been a great blessing to so many in their Christian walk.