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Friday, August 16, 2013

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (US Government auditor for 16 years - America Lacks A Moral Compass - (( to Have Michael send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here ((

Rant followers: As you probably know the account was hacked into recently. On Wednesday all my addresses and saved files were eliminated from the account. A false message was sent stating I was in need of cash to get back home from a trip. In truth I was in Greeley, CO at the time the message was sent and did not know of the  situation until I returned home late in the day. My telephone was flooded with messages and my email account contained numerous messages which had gotten through before the email site was abandoned. I appreciate all of those who were concerned enough to let me know about the hacking effort. Due to the problem, this is the new email address the Rant will be using.--Mike


America Lacks A Moral Compass 

Gen. (ret) Michael Hayden, former NSA founder and CIA director, took to the airways on numerous occasions over the past six defending the NSA spy program while not acknowledging any wrongdoing or privacy invasions of Americans in the program. The "press" questioning him are complicit in the deceit Hayden is spewing.


Deceit may be too light a word because Hayden, besides being instrumental in establishing the massive spy program originally under G. W. Bush, is making millions for continuing the program. Hayden is a main partner in Chertoff Group. Not surprisingly, Chertoff is raking in millions of dollars because it holds a key contract with the government with the National Security Agency.


So the various news outlets are using Hayden to defend and promote the benefits of his program, touting him as a retired general who specialized in security and who actually helped establish the program but failed to mention continuation of the program is benefitting Hayden financially. Isn't that a conflict of interest that the American people should have known about in a fair and honest press report?


Hayden doesn't own Chertoff, that distinction belongs to former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, and the agency is filled with former national security state officials who exploit their connections within Washington to secure massive and highly-profitable government contracts for their clientele. The question then becomes one regarding more lies within the Beltway because those Congressmen foaming at the mouth while conducting "brutal" inquisitions into various government misdeeds have never publicly disclosed this information either.


The whole point of this is to show it is merely a dog-and-pony show that has no intentions letting Americans know the truth about what is going on in their government.


Here and now, the Rant will analyze the depth of the chicanery. It comes down to morality of which Washington has zilch.


Every waking moment of time we are given choices, a test of the free will God bestowed upon each human. We can either do what is right or let fear, greed or anger overrule our core value. When we silence that inner voice telling us to do the right thing, we do great harm to ourselves. But when an entire culture silences that voice, that culture teeters on the verge of collapse. Welcome to America, 2013!


This shift in the moral compass is entirely due to our penchant for not electing true leaders but corrupted leaders. In this case we always go for the person with a D or an R after the name even though those two political parties have given us nothing but grief and are so deeply embedded within the system they themselves can no longer see any light but must grope through a maze of their own making.


Here's how they do it: First, they pretend to be righteous or patriotic or both; then--and stop me if you've heard this one--they claim to be able to fix the economy; the next thing on the agenda is creating a fear factor against the opponent(s) both within and outside their party; finally they peddle the relatively minor adjustments that must be made to the average man's moral compass.


Those four items are the cornerstones of any political campaign because we've allowed it to be. The watchdog press is no longer independent or eager to report the news but pushes its own agenda and discards any fact that doesn't align with its version of the "truth."


As citizens we become inured to the items that result in subtle alterations of the lifestyle our ancestors knew. Remember when the corrupt Court system ruled we had to have a distinct separation between "Church and State" starting in our schools? The Court was to rule on Constitutional matters only. There was a prohibition against the government establishing a state religion but nothing about the government embracing religion. The Court changed that but you never heard a whimper after the first couple of years because we were told if we didn't send a generation of lads off to Viet Nam the Commies would take us down like dominoes (the fear factor).


In between was something called "The Great Society" whereby the plight of all Americans could be corrected if we only allowed the government to have its War on Drugs and War on Poverty and War against Energy Use and War against "The Flavor of the Day."


It is abhorrent to every government in history when private citizens are self-sufficient or economically independent. Such a populace is not controllable by the government and therefore the situation must be remedied by an government-engineered collapse of the economic structure. When the populace is convinced it can no longer sustain itself economically, a little nudge is all that is required that they need the government to "act as the safeguard."


Now that the population forgoes certain liberties to gain that security, the government will begin pointing out those principles former generations clung to are actually weaknesses that make us vulnerable to "enemies." The populace is convinced it must be willing to do anything, no matter how loathsome or disgusting to the inner voice of liberty, in order for the State to win.


Honesty is replaced by deceit (Hayden's true background); dissent is replaced by silence or outright condemnation (the Missouri rodeo clown); peace must be replaced by directed violence (the Day of Rage); independence must arouse suspicion from all "right-thinking" people (those that hear the inner voice against those who have abandoned it).


Because the majority is complicit in these crimes by silencing that moral compass, everyone close to the crime must deny the existence of the crime (Lois Lerner taking the Fifth), deny the guilt associated the with crime (fourth generation leadership of the IRS or NSA or whatever department who had "nothing to do with the actual events). All this so the deceit can continue.


Is this what you want for your children? Is this what you want for your grandchildren?


Our government is so corrupted at every level we speak in disdain of "bureaucrats" yet we are so conditioned every time something goes wrong (Superstorm Sandy) we can't do things for ourselves or our neighbors but must collectively rely on "government and the bureaucrats."


There is a stronger power, a better power than that. The small inner voice that will provide a true moral compass we once held to tightly.


It is said "Countries get the leadership they deserve." If true, today's analysis is a sad indictment of America.


"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

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