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Monday, September 30, 2013

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (US Government auditor for 16 years - Government Shutdown? Just An Empty Political Threat- (( to Have Michael send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here ((

Government Shutdown? Just An Empty Political Threat

Raise the debt ceiling or shutdown the government? Approve the piecemeal start of the Affordable Care Act or shutdown the government? Those seem to be the only two questions these days as President Obama and his sycophantic supporters assail opposition with "the law of the land."


What happened to civil dialogue? The opposition is described as "anarchists, terrorists, extorters" because they oppose what is currently the "law of the land." Yet where would America be without opposing thought?


Without opposing thought to the "law of the land" America would still have slavery. Without opposing thought to the "law of the land" America would still have a gold standard and not have a debt clock. Without opposing thought to the "law of the land" America wouldn't have any Constitutional Amendments beyond the original Bill of Rights. Without opposing thought to the "law of the land" Indian scalps would still earn a bounty. Without opposing thought to the "law of the land" we'd still be British subjects.


That's how absurd it is for the war of words being tossed around in Washington currently. But the war is founded on lies and emotion, not fact.


How else do you explain White House spokesman Jay Carney's blatant lie in reply to a question on Friday morning. The question was "Isn't the fear of the Obamacare employer mandates mainly to blame for America becoming a nation of part-time workers?" Carney replied, "We have created a staggering number of jobs since ending the recession and 90% of those are full-time jobs."


Pure lie when the Department of Labor's own figures show more than three-fourths of all jobs filled in the first nine months of this year are 'temporary or part-time jobs' as employers seek to get under the 50-employee mandate.


Obama travels to his favorite stomping ground and tells wet-behind-the-ears college students, "Republicans want to shut down the government which will mean you'll have to fund your own education."


Pure emotion when the funds have already been dispersed so the students are good for this semester. The next one might be in question but the implication was the college kids would immediately be dismissed from school, along with the professors and college staff.


The fact the Supreme Court found the Affordable Care Act to be a tax rather than insurance--as it was originally defended by supporters--means the law has to be applied "equitably". That is something the Supreme Court should have looked into when exemptions and partial delays for favored friends were being given from the provisions of the tax.


A tax law is only valid when it is applied equitably in a free society. That is a fact established when this country fought the Revolutionary War. Without being applied equitably, laws' tax punch becomes the main source of irritation. The colonies were hit with a Stamp Act by the King the rest of the United Kingdom didn't have to pay. The colonies were hit with a Tea Tax the rest of the United Kingdom didn't have to pay. This inequitable application of tax laws based on one's location rather than one's worth is thus against the founding principles of the country.


The government did find it had the power to tax a commercial industry different from other industries when it instituted the Whiskey Tax. But the equitable part was it applied to all makers of whiskey. The fact it hit one area's economic base harder than it hit others caused the Whiskey Rebellion but all governing parties agreed that this was legal--as long as the law was applied equitably to all the industry.


Big error in the first five years of this country's founding because it began the divide between big government advocates and small government advocates. Slowly but surely the government has expanded this inequitable taxation until we arrive at today's unusual situation where the very people who voted for the bill are exempted from its provisions (a standard first set by the Social Security Act) while their staffs are eligible for subsidies denied to the vast majority.


But the caveat here is the favored groups while not officially exempt from the bill's provisions are in line to receive subsidies and benefits not available to the general populace. It has been shown that only 37% of American adults support the Affordable Care Act but only 22% still support the "Tea Party" and its efforts to defund the Act. 


Thus the problem. The majority of the populace is on the sidelines yet. Oddly enough that is almost exactly how the battle lines were drawn when the shooting in the Revolution began.


The raise the debt ceiling debate is also moot. When government abandoned any form of a standard for printing dollars, it tacitly agreed debt would be "the law of the land."  


Let government shut down and see if the world ends. Valueless smart money says it won't end but it will change dramatically. Some changes would be positive. 


America would no longer be able to put its nose into other countries business but the U.S. would also have to stop paying subsidies that keep the UN and many "independent" governments open. There would be an end to foreign trade and foreign aid because the dollar would be ruined. Maybe the American states would rediscover their Constitutional powers without a working federal government.  


How many places in the world where we are generally despised would suddenly discover they need the American taxpayer? How about South Korea? How about Japan? Germany? As the bumper stickers promote "Coexist", let them co-exist with aggressive neighbors without the United States.   


The world has received American bounty for almost 80 years without repaying. Who would fill the void for the starving urban populations around the globe if the American farmer couldn't get his produce to markets? Can Europe afford to be the stopgap area? How about Russia or China? Their aid, if any, would come with a tribute price more dear than the old Romans imposed.


The world's attitude would change as the economic situation worsened. The prosperity of the last 120 years would be removed. Petty wars and impoverished populations of the 1800s would return with a cruel vengeance. 


Our wrangling politicians take the American taxpayer for granted as much as the rest of the world has and that is the crux of the current threatened political shutdown.


The U.S. government has forgotten a vital point--the American citizen is still able and willing to defend himself and his property with a private arsenal larger than any nation can call upon right now. If it is shut down, where's the military that would defend the enforcement of national will over state law? Without cash flow where would the endless national bureaucrats that bother the taxpayer so much come from? 


So shut 'er down boys. Let's see what happens. It will be an currency disaster but Americans still have the 1776 genes to rebuild--without Washington's overbearing "laws of the land" static.


The time to be counted for what you, as an American, believe is now...just as it was 237 years ago. 


Either way it is decided by the for-sale Washington politicians now, tomorrow will come and there will be changes to the "law of the land." Looking at history, there's only 10 written laws that have never changed. We would be better served by politicians who remember that fact before making their empty threats.


"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


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