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Monday, November 18, 2013

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (US Government auditor for 16 years In Cheyenne, WY. -Japan Radioactivity Infecting Food Chain- (( to Have Michael send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here ((

Japan Radioactivity Infecting Food Chain

For almost two years reports from the nuclear disaster in Fukushima have been barely mentioned in any government or media reports. It is almost like the tsunami and earthquake never happened. Big mistake.


The radioactive leakage, in the form of cesium-137, from the reactor is not being contained and, if anything, the leakage has increased. The effects of the radiation are being recorded across the United States by the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center. As expected the heaviest effect is being seen along the west coast but, like Chernobyl's still burning core is affecting the underground water supply decades later, the Fukushima leakage is going to have a far greater effect into the foreseeable future.


Whereas Chernobyl's explosion sent out a mass of radiation to affect the immediate region, the main danger there is the molten core burning its way into the earth. Fukushima's reaction is releasing 300 tons of radioactive material daily into the Pacific Ocean. Thus far, Fukushima's measured output of radiation is 100 times more than Chernobyl's release. But without the bang of an explosion, there is no headline to be grabbed.


As reported last spring by the Rant, the dead zone in the waters around Fukushima had reached 38 miles into the ocean. That was a prelude. The leakage has wrecked Japan's fishing sector locally and that was because the radioactive pier came ashore in Oregon.


But the real impact was being missed by yours truly until this past weekend when I had the chance to talk with friends from the Seattle area.


An ocean current, the North Pacific Gyre, is bringing the radioactivity directly to the West Coast of America and the effects here may ultimately be more severe than what is experienced locally in Japan because it is here where the radioactive material is deposited on a wider swath of land. At the very least the world's food chain will be infected.


As a child I used to visit the Puget Sound seashore on Vachon Island and pick up starfish. The starfish found today are not solid but more jelly-like. It is reported food fish like mackerel are being brought on board fishing trawlers exhibiting severe illness signs such as blood-dripping eyes and open sores. Sea mammals like polar bears, walruses and seals are experiencing fur loss and open, running sores according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) recently.


The list of affected food fish is extreme. This was especially true for fish originating from Japanese trawlers. Canada reported fish bought from Japan was highly contaminated. The list is staggering: mackerel (73% of bought fish infected), halibut (91%), tuna (93%), cod (94%), and carp, shark, monkfish (100%). 


Why isn't this front page news? Simply put, since there is nothing that can be done, what is the point in reporting it? It is much nicer to look at a soaring stock market, or the unworkable "fixes" for Obamacare and Washington. Those are the meat and potatoes of the three-monkey media. But the evil is there.


The first question for the Seattle friends was 'Why hasn't there been anything reported about this?' The news, sadly, is available in gory detail, but it just won't sell so it is discarded.


Michael Snyder wrote an comprehensive article Oct. 23, 2013. He put it on 'The Truth' a website. He outlined 28 signs of the disaster along the west coast that shows we are in for a very long siege before the radioactive levels abate--if they ever can.


In Fukushima, it is alleged teams of clean-up crews have gone into the reactor but not come out. Since there is no reports of what is wrong coming back from inside, the Japanese are very much at a loss of how to respond. Because of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami, the plant's damage cannot begin to be addressed. Meanwhile 300 tons of radioactive material is getting loose every single day into the Pacific Ocean.


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