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Friday, December 13, 2013

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (US Government auditor for 16 years In Cheyenne, WY. -Pentagon Helicopter Deal Means Inmates Running Government Asylum- (( to Have Michael send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here ((

Pentagon Helicopter Deal Means Inmates Running Government Asylum
Our government stumbles from inept to downright stupid with regularity. But when it crosses into the realm of lunacy, it is time to rethink the whole process of whom, and what, we elect and the sheer hapless bureaucracy they willing shield without restraint.
The case in point is the purchase by the Pentagon of 63 Russian Mi-17 helicopters "to equip the Afghanistan government's security forces (why can't political correctness even acknowledge this is their military?) after we leave." (1)
The purchase was effected in 2011 and totaled more than $1 billion. In an economy with more than $15 billion annually at the time, $1 billion wouldn't be noticed by the average person. But consider for a moment the impact the loss of $1 billion had because the manner it which it was spent was a loss to American business.
At the then-average wage, the $1 billion would have represented 20,000 full-time jobs. That would have been $1 billion spent positively instead of the $10 billion wasted on General Motors in the stimulus and saved every American $30 that year in the national debt.
That is merely numbers that have been more than obliterated by the Fed's $1 trillion-a-year printing press run. The real damage is to morale in the country.
Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) stated that Defense Department "repeatedly and disingenuously" misread a 2010 study to prove the validity of buying the Russian-made craft. He also asked, "Why are we buying Russian helicopters when there are American manufacturers that can meet the very same requirement?"
The obvious response question to Cornyn and his colleagues in the Senate is "Why did you approve payment of this bill?" This immediately brings other questions to mind such as "Why isn't somebody from the Pentagon stripped of rank, making small rocks out of big rocks in prison or hung for treason in this deal" or "why didn't you have those responsible repay the misappropriated funds by losing funding the ensuing year and returning it to its rightful owners--the American public?"
In the two years that have passed, the deal has been shrouded in a veil of secrecy by DOD. The elected officials have not exerted any of the control the average citizen would expect to make sure somebody from the Pentagon, including the Secretary of Defense, paid dearly for what amounts to theft of money and fraud. No, they've let the Pentagon deny repeatedly it misled Congress and stand clear of responsibility.
The best argument presented for completing the deal thus far is the Afghan pilots were more "familiar with the Mi-17."
If that is the case, there is no defense. Sorry Pentagon, you blew this deal and should suffer the consequences of your ignorance plus your cover-up.
The 'more familiar' reason is not a good enough when it is American blood being spilled in Afghanistan--not Russian. Not good enough when it is American kids coming back to America missing one or more limbs, their eyes or parts of the brain--not Russian. Not good enough when you have to ask Americans to help with the "Wounded Warrior" project because you are so over-budget you cannot provide the services to make good on the promises to family members when they sent their healthy kid to you to "be all he could be."
The bureaucrats at the Pentagon have learned the lessons of Washington well. They can put out all the high-falutin' slogans and mottos they want but when it comes time to pay the piper, they turn back to the gullible American heartstrings so they don't suffer. That is something that was done with Obamacare, TARP and the stimulus. "Oh poor government. We have to take care of these unfortunate citizens in our midst. We have to give them the same rights as others."
What they have forgotten is somebody worked to obtain the wealth necessary to pay for that benefit. But Washington claims it is everyone's "right to be equal." It is a right to start equal. Results depend upon what you do to deserve better. That distinction is missed.
For that principle, these "Wounded Warriors" do deserve some of the American bounty they sacrificed to protect. They deserve it much more than the leadership that sent them into harm's way.
Washington is the proverbial apple crate. We've had some bad apples and failed to root them out. The whole of Washington is corrupted now. All the apples are bad. You can't get into that pit without the filth washing off on you, otherwise self-indignant puppets like John Cronyn would take the necessary steps to make a change. They would not allow bureaucrats to testify before them and parse words at will, saying one thing in plain sight and meaning another.
But the phony outrage is all we get; all we truly deserve. Citizens haven't demanded answers. Citizens haven't taken the time or made the effort to find the answers to the many questions Americans have about our leadership. We watch the next show on the tube or play the next video game and just want to be left alone unless we have a trouble of our own. Then we turn to the government for help. 
It can truly be said our republic has gotten the government it deserves.   
 "I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson
(1)--Associated Press, December 7, 2013, article by Richard Lardner

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