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Sunday, January 5, 2014

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (US Government auditor for 16 years In Cheyenne, WY. -American Economy Must Overcome Credit Addiction- (( to Have Michael send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here ((

American Economy Must Overcome Credit Addiction
Over the past four weeks, each succeeding news show seemed to bring forth one news item after another that would give one pause. Something, clearly, was not normal. The something set off the inner alarm bells seemingly without merit.
Was it because the Administration kept harping on "the good state of the economy" even while its own elected leaders began crafting a three-month extension to unemployment benefits because so many can't find work?
Was it because the seasonally-adjusted jobs reports were too good to be true when compared to the constant bleats for help by the leading charities because they were overwhelmed with aid requests?
Was it because the insipid budget deal co-sponsored by R-Paul Ryan and D-Patty Murray accomplished nothing but hand over a blank check to the government bureaucrats?
Was it the incredible outcry over the credit card hacking done at Target where 40 million Americans had personal information compromised?
Or was it retailers candidly starting the post-Christmas sales in the pre-Christmas time?
Sifting through the items, the alarms seemed loudest on Target's fiasco. The rest faded into background static, blurring the essence of the Target message.
Credit usage has become the No. 1 narcotic of the masses in America. It wraps its coils around us subtly, luring us in with a warm, fuzzy welcome but erodes the future as surely as the government's inability to not overspend. Like a true addict we need rehab from the credit-induced euphoria and the Target hackers proved the point.
To get a clear picture of the state of the economy--as opposed to the one the government is pushing--and oppose the credit serpent's seduction, companies and individuals should stop living on credit abuse and live with what they can actually afford to pay for each accounting cycle...and demand the government do the same.
Poll after poll taken during the year-end holiday marathon, demonstrate Americans have lost faith in all aspects of their government. Time after time the government offers official figures which can be proven to be mathematically incorrect. Yet we continued to gorge merrily on credit in our "must-have" mania.
Here's a chance to break that cycle. Simply stop using credit that cannot be paid for by resources, earned or saved, during any cycle. Get your personal economy budget in shape. Kick the credit habit. Then the Target deal would have been moot. Hackers can't hack what is not there.
The government's rambling explanation of how this happened because we are stuck with 20th century technology while the hackers are using 21st century techniques won't matter if Americans chuck the addiction.
Government uses our credit addiction to further its own defense of why it accrues debt. The Target hackers showed us the downside of the addiction.
Credit keeps the economy afloat but it a fool's life. Simple math will tell you the 295 million Americans of 2006 with an economy of $16.3 trillion (without the knowledge factor) were much better off than 318 million Americans with a $15.4 trillion GDP in 2013.
Stoppage of credit abuse will demonstrate the true state of the economy more efficiently than any government produced figures and illuminate the ideals of statism for the lies they truly are.
That is the white light shining through this Christmas season. That's the star we ought to be listening to if we are Wise Men. America has this slim opportunity to reverse course, get clean of the credit addiction and renew hope for a better future. But we have to get rehabbed now. Target unwittingly provided the perfect excuse.
 "I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson 

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