venezuela-crisisMore Reports Smuggled out of VZ: Food Shortages, Executions, and Taliban
by John Jacob Schmidt
The crisis in Venezuela is growing daily.  And coupled with a media blackout by the VZ government and our own media’s apathy, the US Government’s response seems to be “Venezuela who?”  Not a big surprise, given the dismal foreign policy record of the current so-called administration.
Still, Radio Free Redoubt partisans with ties to Venezuela are relaying smuggled reports from family members and other contacts who are on the ground right now in the torn country.  Violent crime and murders by execution are said to be eight times that of Mexico’s beleaguered Cartel turf-war landscape that has left as many as 80,000 dead in the last five years.  Reports of skyrocketing inflation, lack of food, fuel and other supplies abound.  It is becoming increasing common knowledge that the Taliban and other ilk are training in VZ right now, and the Cubans are offering material support in the form of (at least) soldiers and policemen.  Hospitals are at overflowing, beyond-capacity levels and there are no medicines available for the peasants and doctors and other medical support personnel are exhausted.