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Friday, April 11, 2014

US Gov't Gone Rogue: We are on the brink of war, civil war, which will start in the Silver State, Nevada. Here are some links to stories about it. / Cliven Bundy speaking at the Moapa Valley Town Board meeting 04/09/14 / Cliven Bundy Calls on Sheriff to Start Arresting BLM Feds / BREAKING: Feds prep for Waco style raid of Bundy Ranch / Sheriffs warn cartel violence spilling across border... / Family: 'Wake up America...they are taking everything from us'... / Prepare For Dollar Collapse With 33% Allocation To Gold – Rickards / ◾Coalition of Western State Legislators, Sheriffs, and Veterans Stand Vigil in Support of Embattled Nevada Rancher, Cliven Bundy ‘To Prevent Another Ruby Ridge or Waco' / ◾Use of excessive force by Albuquerque police ‘pretty disturbing,’ report finds (VIDEO) / Chuck Baldwin - Standoff In Nevada: Another Federal Siege Against The Innocent / Jim Willie: US Dollar Funeral At Hand! / Nevada Citizens Sick & Tired of Passive State Government / Land Dispute Exposes Land Management Lies / Obama Restricts 1st Amendment in Austin, TX / 20 Cowboys Break Federal Blockade And Recover 30 Cattle From BLM

US Gov't Gone Rogue:
The libertyblacksmith
Subject: Nevada, Start of the Civil War?
We are on the brink of war, civil war, which will start in the Silver State, Nevada. Here are some links to stories about it.


Wall Street crash ‘even worse’ than 1987 is coming, says Marc Faber
Don’t be surprised if four horsemen start riding down Wall Street. US technology stocks suffered their sharpest dive in more than two years on Thursday night, setting the scene for an equities apocalypse, Swiss investor Marc Faber says. Dr Faber is predicting a 1987-type stock market crash this year – only it will be worse.
Hillary Clinton dodges shoe during Las Vegas speech
A woman threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton on Thursday as the former secretary of state was delivering a speech at a Las Vegas hotel, but Clinton dodged it and continued with her remarks, a US Secret Service spokesman said. Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie said the shoe-thrower was not a ticketed guest for Ms
Fireworks mishap sets U.S. flag on fire at Braves’ home opener Talk about a fiery start. The U.S. flag that flies at Turner Field caught fire after a fireworks mishap at the Atlanta Braves’ home opener this week. “I was just taking pictures,” Atlanta resident Julie Paulk told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. And then she saw flames erupt on Old Glory. “Oh my God, the flag’s on fire.” Braves’
Cliven Bundy speaking at the Moapa Valley Town Board meeting 04/09/14

  • Bureau Of Land Management Phone Number: (202) 208-3801

  • Brian Sandoval Email Contact Form –

  • Brian Sandoval – Carson City Phone # – (775) 684-5670

  • Brian Sandoval Las Vegas Phone # – (702) 486-2500

  • Senator Dean Heller Contact Form –

  • Phone #’s For Heller – Reno: 775-686-5770/ Las Vegas: 702-388-6605/ Washington: 202-224-6244

  • Sheriff Douglas Gillespi – (702) 828-3231 or (702) – 828 – 3111

  • Email:

  • Cliven Bundy Calls on Sheriff to Start Arresting BLM Feds
    Feds Assault Cancer Victim, Pregnant Woman in Clash With Bundy Supporters
    Bulleted Bundy Story – A Tale of Stolen Cattle, Safe Tortoises, Lost Liberty, Wasted Sovereignty
    “The First Amendment is Not an Area”
    Oath Keepers to help with Bundy protest.
    One of my best friends is on the front lines now with Mr. Bundy and family. She is taking the line with OathKeepers – Michele Fiore. Michele is part of my family – keep her in your prayers. She’s a Nevada State Rep. and one of the bravest women I have ever known. If I could, I’d be there with her. I have FB’d her and will post as I can.
    From Sipsey Street Irregulars, per OathKeepers:
    Oath Keepers,
    We need a presence there immediately to help prevent the feds sparking another Ruby Ridge or Waco incident in the Bundy stand-off.
    Watch this:
    Nevada State Rep. Michele Fiore . . . is on site right now at the protest site outside the Bundy ranch, and she is helping us assemble a coalition of Nevada state legislators. We are also working with WA State Rep Matt Shea to put together a delegation of other Western State Representatives to go there to support Rep. Fiore and her coalition, and we are working with Sheriff Mack to bring a delegation of current serving CSPOA Sheriffs to stand vigil there. We need Oath Keepers to also show up and stand vigil and support this family and the patriot legislators and sheriffs who are taking the lead in defending them. This is critical. The goal is to stand vigil to prevent another Waco or Ruby Ridge, and to put pressure on the Nevada Governor to honor the oath he took by standing up for this family and for the state of Nevada.
    I fly to Vegas tomorrow. Sheriff Mack is coming too, along with the current serving Sheriffs he is rallying to the cause.
    All who can make it, need to be there. We need numbers – boots on the ground. The more the better. For those who are coming, please rally at the public protest site near the ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada. To get there, take I-15 North, toward Mesquite, and get off at exit 112. Go right two miles (you can only go right). You will see tall flag poles and signs. Can’t miss it.
    Per Ammon Bundy, here are some rules:
    First, NO MILITARY CAMMO. This is a protest by rural Americans. Dress accordingly. (from me: Oath Keepers can wear Oath Keepers polos if you have them, or OK T shirts, but please no cammo. Let’s respect the Bundy family request).
    No open carry of rifles. Any rifles people may have with them need to stay in the vehicles. When you arrive at the protest rally point, ask for Ammon Bundy, Cliven Bundy’s son, to check in. If he is not there, he will have designated another family rep for you to check in with. DO NOT go past that first rally point/protest site with the flags that the family has set up on private land. Beyond that is the road to their ranch, and no one is to drive to the ranch without express permission and escort by Cliven Bundy or his sons. Please respect their need for security and privacy.
    No volunteer is to give any media interviews. Refer all media first and foremost to the Bundy family members present, in particular Cliven Bundy, Ammon, or one of the other sons. And/or refer them to one of the current serving Nevada State legislators who will be there, such as Michele Fiore (she is gathering a coalition of Nevada representatives), or one of the current serving Sheriff’s who will be coming. We are there to support them, and let them handle the media.
    If any media ask to interview Oath Keepers, please refer them to me, but I will likely just refer them to the family until we do a press conference once Sheriff Mack arrives – and even then, the focus will be on the coalition of current serving Western State Legislators and Sheriffs that we are helping to gather. They and the family will be the main effort, and we are there as support.
    BRING CAMERAS. Film everything. The more cameras, the better.
    Bring relevant signs about honoring the oath, respecting property rights and free speech rights. We are there to stand up for rural Americans who are under attack and to pressure the Governor and the Clark County Sheriff to do their duty.
    Ammon said volunteers can camp on private property that is on the side of the road at the main protest site the family has set up (the first gathering place you will come to with signs and flags once you get off I-15 at exit 112 and go about two miles). Again, please ask the family members present where to park and where to camp if you want to camp.
    All I will say here, is that if Michele has one hair on her head ruffled, then God help them. I will go and I will bring many, many with me.
    Tense Video: Feds Taser Pro-Nevada Rancher Protester During Clash
    ‘Expect To See A Band Of Soldiers’: Militia Members Arrive At Nevada Ranch
    20 Cowboys Break Fed Blockade in Nevada, Retrieve Cattle
    Nevada officials blast feds over treatment of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy
    Revolution Now In Nevada – What You Can Do To Fight Back
    UPDATE: Up to 5,000 Armed Militia Members Will Be Arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada Today
    CBS reports that militias from Texas, Montana, Utah, New Hampshire and Florida will be standing with Bundy against the Bureau of Land Management. Up to 5,000 militia members are now en route. Giddy up.

    BREAKING: Feds prep for Waco style raid of Bundy Ranch


    Registration Is Confiscation… American Girls, Gotta Luv Em
    IT'S OVER: Sebelius to resign as health secretary...
    Promised she'd stay until November...
    Administration makes it difficult to cancel Obamacare plans...
    Sheriffs warn cartel violence spilling across border...
    Family: 'Wake up America...they are taking everything from us'...
    Prepare For Dollar Collapse With 33% Allocation To Gold – Rickards
    DHS Is Preparing For The Next Disaster Which Will Cover Up The Economic Collapse

    Coalition of Western State Legislators, Sheriffs, and Veterans Stand Vigil in Support of Embattled Nevada Rancher, Cliven Bundy ‘To Prevent Another Ruby Ridge or Waco'

    BLM Feds: Do As We Say, Not As We Do One rule for us, another rule for everybody else
    Use of excessive force by Albuquerque police ‘pretty disturbing,’ report finds (VIDEO)

    How Financial Looters Are Destroying Your 401(k) in a Fraction of a Second | Brainwash Update


    Chuck Baldwin  - Standoff In Nevada: Another Federal Siege Against The Innocent
    With the memory of Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and Waco, Texas, still very vivid in the collective memory of the American people comes another example of a federal government run amuck. A rancher in Nevada is watching the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seize his cattle and arrest his son for simply taking pictures of the events. BLM has also placed several federal snipers around his home with their high-powered rifles trained on his family. The last report I read said more than 200 federal agents are now surrounding the homestead complete with attack helicopters. All that seems to be missing are tanks.
    Did the family do anything violent? No. Did they do anything immoral? No. Did they even do anything wrong? No. Did they do anything illegal? Well, that’s where the story gets interesting.
    Cliven Bundy’s family has been grazing cattle on their ranchland since the 1880s. But in 1993, the federal government reclassified 600,000 acres of land, including the land that the Bundy cattle have been grazing on forever. The pretext used by the feds for seizing the land was to protect some “endangered” tortoise. However, the feds would allow Cliven to continue to graze his cattle on the land--if he pays the federal government for the privilege. The rancher refuses to pay.
    Here is one report of the story:
    “Federal snipers with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) trained guns on members of a family yesterday after they dared to stop and take video footage of cattle outside the bounds of a designated ‘First Amendment Area,’ before arresting one of the men for non-compliance.
    “The cattle were being rounded up by BLM officers as part of a crackdown on Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who has refused to pay ‘grazing fees’ demanded by the feds as a result of a re-classification of 600,000 acres of federal land in northeastern Clark County which Bundy claims has been in his family for generations.”
    The report continues: “The feds have now started rounding up Bundy’s cattle in the name of protecting a supposedly endangered species, the desert tortoise, forbidding Bundy from interfering or even entering the vast area. The case is quickly turning into another iconic battle between big government and a besieged family.
    “Fears that the confrontation may turn violent and concerns that Bundy is drawing increased support from liberty activists and the local community prompted the feds to tape off two ridiculous ‘First Amendment Areas,’ outside of which free speech in support of Bundy is banned. A sign placed inside the area reads ‘Welcome to Amerika--Wake Up’ alongside a hammer and sickle logo.
    “When Bundy’s family members violated that rule yesterday in an attempt to peacefully document the cattle roundup, they were met with a barrage of loudspeaker warnings and four BLM snipers with their guns trained on the dissenters.”
    The report goes on saying, “None of the family members were armed, but as soon as Dave Bundy began filming the cattle in the distance, 11 BLM vehicles each with two agents arrived and surrounded him.
    “‘They also had four snipers on the hill above us all trained on us. We were doing nothing besides filming the area,’ said Ryan Bundy.
    “The family were told to leave the area via loudspeaker because they had violated the crudely established ‘First Amendment Area’.
    “‘They said that we had no first amendment rights except for up by the bridge where they had established an area for that,’ Bundy said.
    “When Dave Bundy didn’t immediately heed the warning and return to his vehicle, a dog was set on him and he was subsequently arrested.”
    See the report here:
    Federal Snipers Train Guns On Family For Filming Cattle
    BLM hired independent contractor-cowboys from Utah to confiscate Mr. Bundy’s cows. Nevada State troopers and local law enforcement personnel have also either assisted, or refused to interfere with, BLM’s actions. And, as one would expect, a federal court has also backed BLM’s activities. Some estimate the cost to the taxpayers for BLM’s siege will amount to more than $3 million.
    But as news of the siege spreads, people all over the country are taking note. Hundreds of people have come from all around Clark County, Nevada, in support of the Bundy family. Personally, I hope tens of thousands of people show up.
    Before the feds began laying claim to privately-owned ranch property back in the early 1990s, there were dozens of ranchers in the area. Mr. Bundy is the last one left. All of the others have been forced off of their land by the excessive restrictions and rules from BLM. And it looks like the feds intend to do whatever they feel is necessary to remove the Bundy family from their land, as well.
    An out-of-control federal government was the primary catalyst for the “conservative revolution” in 1994 when the GOP historically took control of both houses of Congress. After egregious betrayals by then House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott in 1996, a conservative revival continued from 2000-2006 when G. W. Bush and the Republican Party controlled the entire federal government. Disgustingly, neither Bush nor the Republican leaders in Congress did one darn thing to undo the power grab of the federal government that took place under Bill Clinton. If anything, the GOP-led government in Washington, D.C., further expanded federal power across the board.
    During those turbulent years of the 1990s, the late-great Congresswoman, Helen Chenoweth, in an interview with Michael Reagan, spoke these words:
    “BLM is taking onto themselves law enforcement that is normally saved for the State, law enforcement over motor vehicles. They've written into the regulation without authority from Congress, the ability to stop vehicles or to search people, to search a place or a vehicle without warrant or process; to be able to seize without warrant or process any piece of evidence and to test people for potential DUI (driving under the influence). They have redefined a parachute into a mechanized piece of equipment, so if you parachute into any of their areas you can be fined $20,000 or more.
    “It is amazing. Our founders, when establishing our system of government wanted to make sure that law enforcement was closest to the people. You and I have talked before about how important it is to make sure that you elect the very best local county sheriff because he should be regarded as the highest law enforcement officer in the area because he is accountable to the voters. They really worried about a national, a federal, law enforcement. To federalize our law enforcement is to create a situation that the pilgrims were trying to escape.
    “We are moving quickly to that. The Bureau of land Management is taking onto themselves law enforcement authority that Congress never gave them. In the Federal Land Policy and Management Act that was passed in the early 1970's it made it clear that Congress said that, ‘first, you must go to your local county sheriff for law enforcement activities.’”
    See Reagan’s interview with Helen here:
    Interview with Rep. Helen Chenoweth
    Helen knew what she was talking about. The BLM controls over 60% of all of the land within her home State of Idaho. The BLM controls over 70% of all land in Utah; and in the State of Nevada, the BLM controls over 76% of all land.
    Chenoweth was as much of a prophetess as she was an observer when she added, “Whatever [land] we have left. Right now in Idaho and I am sure all over the West, they are moving people and human activities off the land.”
    Helen was also correct when she noted that the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA), which was adopted in 1976, stipulated that BLM had to go through the county sheriff for any action that required law enforcement. Nearly four decades later, the BLM (and virtually every other federal agency) totally and thoroughly ignores this requirement.
    For those of us who still labor under the conviction that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land, it must be observed that the only crimes assigned to the federal government in the Constitution for law enforcement purposes are Treason, Piracy, Counterfeiting, and International law violations. That’s it! All other law enforcement matters are the purview of the individual states, according to the Tenth Amendment.
    Unfortunately, for most of the Twentieth Century, and especially since the George Herbert Walker Bush administration, the federal government has demanded more and more power and authority that it does not constitutionally possess. And, for the most part, the individual states have sheepishly done little to resist. All of which has led to the events that are now playing out in Clark County, Nevada.
    Here are some of my questions: why are the local and State law enforcement officers in Nevada assisting the BLM with this egregious act of tyranny? Beyond that, why are they not standing up to the BLM and telling them to go to Hades? Do the lives and liberties and property of the citizens of their State mean nothing? And, another thing: who are these independent contractor-cowboys in Utah who are willing to help trample a fellow citizen’s constitutional rights? How much does 30 pieces of silver equate to today? And what about those BLM snipers? Who are these men who would willingly turn their guns against innocent, hard-working Americans for the sake of a paycheck? I guess the only reason that the members of Mr. Bundy’s family are not six-feet under already is simply because those “brave” and “patriotic” snipers were not given the order to shoot. They sure had the family members in the crosshairs of their scopes; all that was missing was the pull of the index finger. Wow! That’s comforting. I wonder how many of us are in the crosshairs of federal snipers and don’t even know it?
    I hope the people of the western states will arise in support of the Bundy family in such numbers that the BLM thugs will be forced to withdraw and leave this dear family alone. If we are not careful, the feds could do to this family what they did to those poor Branch Davidians outside Waco, Texas, and to the Weaver family near Ruby Ridge, Idaho. This should be a wake-up call for all of us out west to let our elected officials know under no uncertain terms that we will not tolerate such conduct in our backyards.
    The citizens of Connecticut are resisting their own tyrannical State as it attempts to deny them their Second Amendment rights; now it’s time for the citizens of the western states to resist the tyrannical Bureau of Land Management (and any other federal agency) that attempts to usurp the Tenth Amendment and private property rights of their fellow citizens.
    I realize that there are several legislative and judicial efforts underway around the country to push back against this runaway federal government. All of this takes time. In the meantime, a family in Clark County, Nevada, is fighting RIGHT NOW for all of us. This dear man is putting everything he owns, as well as the very safety of his family, on the line. To coin a maxim from the German pastor, Martin Neimoller: “First, they came for the Randy Weaver family in Idaho, and I did not speak out; next, they came for the Branch Davidians in Texas, and I did not speak out; then, they came for the Cliven Bundy family in Nevada, and I did not speak out; then, they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out.”
    But, God willing, there are still millions of us left who will speak out. Will you be one of them? Here is the contact information for the Nevada BLM office (taken from its website):
    BLM Nevada State Office
    1340 Financial Blvd.
    Reno, NV  89502
    Front desk: 775-861-6601

    State Director: Amy Lueders
    Associate State Director: Marci Todd
    Phone: 775-861-6590
    (c) Chuck Baldwin
    Jim Willie: US Dollar Funeral At Hand!
    The 401k Scheme -Government to Confiscate?

    Reverse Mortgages Spike 20% in 2013 as Baby Boomers Scramble for Cash
    Nevada Citizens Sick & Tired of Passive State Government

    Breaking! More Fed Violence as Two More Protestors Attacked

    Land Dispute Exposes Land Management Lies

    Obama Restricts 1st Amendment in Austin, TX

    20 Cowboys Break Federal Blockade And Recover 30 Cattle From BLM

    U.S. & Russia at Odds over Ukraine, GOP wants IRS Chief Prosecuted, Sebelius, Out over Obama Care


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