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Monday, June 23, 2014

Last post for a few weeks - Mark C. Sprenger Light House ready - Building a Network of "Crisis Ready" Faith- Based Organizations -- This show should make you prepare now I believe time is very short -

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.... Building a Network of "Crisis Ready" Faith- Based Organizations
Join our network of neighborhoods, churches, faith-based organizations  and others who have chosen to become Lighthouse Ready®!  We encourage the building of small group communities for the purpose of motivating one another to prepare spiritually and practically to be ready to care for their households and beyond.
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Our Story
Lighthouse Ready® was created in response to the idea that we must prepare for a National Crisis in order to care for our loved ones. The tsunami in Japan, large power grid outages in India, financial instability around the world, offensive cyber warfare attacks, and other situations led to the understanding that preparation is more crucial than ever. Localized disasters in the US such as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, and others
 have clearly illustrated the difficulty of survival during troubled times. It became apparent to us that if the struggles move beyond a regional to a National Crisis, advanced preparations would be ESSENTIAL!
Our Backgrounds
Lighthouse Ready's staff of professionals has extensive emergency, disaster, and crisis response backgrounds. Many of us have spent our entire lifetimes in pursuit of these careers. But even with our knowledge and experience, we began to ask ourselves questions such as, "What would it take to survive 3 -- 6 months without power and water?" Though unthinkable, we knew it could and possibly will happen in our lifetimes. What about our loved ones, our children, our aging parents, our grandchildren? What would happen to them if one of these unthinkable situations were to occur? These questions sent us on a quest to become prepared for ourselves and for those around us.
Finding Solutions
At first glance, the marketplace was full of products that offer to meet the need. However, looking deeper into the essentials led us to understand that some of the products simply would not suffice. Food was probably the most important and notable of all essentials.  And considering the current options, the decisions were difficult. We could choose to purchase something affordable and be malnourished, or we could purchase a good product and spend multiple thousands of dollars.  Though we want to be prepared for our loved ones, spending thousands of dollars is not always a possibility. So, we considered of a better option; we would take it upon ourselves to find or create a product that was both affordable and nutritiously "life-sustaining". We ultimately succeeded! Then, we found water filters that were durable, reliable, and most importantly, effective at filtering even the most questionable water source. They were the very ones we were using and thoroughly tested in our disaster response work. We were one step closer to completing our quest.
 Having solved the problem of nutritious, affordable food and providing clean water, it became apparent that it was not feasible for us to stock all of these products that we'd recommend. We also felt it would be a conflict of interest to our educational mission. In a disaster situation, individuals must have quick and easy access to these essentials as well as the wherewithal to use them and to survive.
Our Goal Is Education
So, we created a plan to teach others what to look for, to show recommendations, and to allow people to decide what might be best for themselves, their families, and communities. Our Lighthouse Ready® seminar called Crisis Ready....Now! was birthed.  It not only instructs people on what the current risks are that could precipitate a crisis, but also educates on how to prepare and have confidence in facing the future and the unthinkable.
 Then it occurred to us that not everyone would take it upon themselves to prepare for the unthinkable. If a crisis were to occur, what would happen to all of the people in our communities who were not prepared?
Communities Ready to Serve
We believe that a Lighthouse Ready® Network of faith-based organizations is THE answer. Through prayer and counsel, we must link prepared organizations within communities and around the world as places of refuge for the unprepared. BUT, like riding an airplane, if the unexpected happens, we need to place our oxygen masks on first before we can help others.
 In light of the times we live in, we believe that members of faith-based organizations MUST begin immediately to prepare themselves FIRST.... and then become Lighthouse Ready to serve others!
 To that end, our Mission is to assist organizations to accomplish that vision!

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