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Monday, September 22, 2014

GARBAGE MARCH FOR CLIMATE - Marchers Never Looked Ahead



The Rant
Marchers Never Looked Ahead 

An estimated 310,000 people took to the streets of New York Sunday to protest the use of fossil fuel. The message was capitalism-causes pollution and pollution ruins the planet.

The gist of the march was not only to eliminate fossil fuel use but to turn from capitalism and embrace socialism. In that message the marchers have a willing accomplice in the White House who sees environmental controls as one more step to choking the American beast that has been top dog for a century.

But for every point the marchers made in their protest signs, there are many times that to justify not going "green."

Think of the types of power bases humans have. The first was themselves but then they used the force of wind, then water, then solar. Civilization struggled to expand beyond bare means with them all. Then man found fossil fuels and the world had a vast economic expansion.

The marchers want a return to solar and wind power to replace the fossil fuel. Wonderful idea except, to manufacture those panels and vanes takes fossil fuel. Petroleum products are included in the very fabric of panels and oil is necessary to allow the turbines to turn so they can generate power. But what the marchers also miss in the protesting is the holocaust of birds occurring wherever these things are used.

The solar panel farms deprive birds of suitable habitat while the wind turbines kill birds by the hundreds of thousands. If the protestors are for the planet wouldn't that include birds? 

Among other problems, solar panel manufacturers have not yet devised a panel that does not degrade quickly. The newest generation of panels still degrade at about 20% a year in the electrical output they can produce. Thus the two best alternatives for fossil fuel the protestors want are unreliable at best or doing more harm to the environment than the fossil fuel which they are to replace.

But the biggest single factor against the "Green" movement is it is not economically viable. Those countries that have gone the route (Spain and Japan are the first to come to mind), none has been able to stay economically viable against those countries that haven't.

The cost of using green technology is so much more expensive than using fossil fuels that the businesses forced to pay the higher production costs cannot sell enough product to justify those costs when in competition against businesses that have no power restrictions.

But America may soon have no choice because the President has his pen and phone. Barack Obama lauds the protest. He wants America to "Go Green." Allegedly that will make America the good neighbor to the rest of the world but in Obama's mind it is also just punishment for America's prominence in the world.

Obama has never come to terms with America's place at the top of the world's economic chain. He still feels America is the cause of most of the world's problems. He hasn't yet learned without America the world would have many more problems than it does. All you have to do is look at where the world was 100 years ago. 

America was not on the political map of the world then. Until the Europeans based themselves in a trench war, America was still not on the map. Both sides tried wooing America and its industrial strength to their side. The side America decided to go with would be the winner. Twenty years later the world still didn't include America in its back room debates and got into another pickle. Once America chose sides economically through the Lend Lease Program, the debate's outcome was never in doubt after that. American industrial strength, provided by fossil fuels, reigned supreme again.

Obama would have the U.S. weaned of fossil fuels before the end of his reign. Since the main thing propping up the dollar around the world is its' standing as the fossil fuel benchmark currency, if he succeeds in this he will have "fundamentally changed America" by undermining the dollar's perceived value. 

But if, and that's the big question mark, there is a U.N. accord to go ahead with greening the planet, it will only work if every country and every human has to abide by the same standard. There can be no exception anyplace, for anyone or for any reason. Otherwise those that go the Green route will become the new Spain and Japan of economic trouble.

That's the big hole in the green movement plan. The basis for the march was the NOAA's report showing August was the warmest month on record. As the Rant has stated before, the NOAA lost all credibility when it failed to answer a single question posed to it by the Rant in March 2011. After the NOAA reported the acidic level of the oceans was higher than at any time in the last 800,000 years and blamed that level on human activity, the Rant asked a simple question, "Where was the human population that caused the acidic level to be higher 800,000 years before?" Never got an answer because the NOAA goes into its' 'scientific studies' with an agenda in hand and doesn't consider any other possibilities.

If the Green movement is localized only in developed countries as it did in Kyoto then it gains no advantage to cleaning the climate. Pollution in China or Cambodia or Somalia is no different from pollution in America or Western Europe or Japan. It is the same planet sharing the same air and water. That is another hole in the President's EPA clamping down hard on coal use in America but allowing it to be shipped overseas. The effect is only felt here but does nothing to clean the planet. 

In a way it was ironic that the protestors chose Sunday to march on a relatively empty Wall Street.

While most Americans were enjoying sporting events, these marching souls would have made those events unreachable even for the teams involved. You cannot yet commute the vast distances required on solar or wind power alone. And of course nuclear power is a definite no-no. The ability to get to such an event was possible only through the use of fossil fuels. In fact the protestors themselves got to the protest mainly through the use of fossil fuel.

Included in the march were former VP Al Gore and Un Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and U.S. Senators Bernard Sanders and Sheldon Whitehouse. Have them tell you how they got there. I bet it wasn't by rowing a boat or pedaling a bike. Gore flew in for the event and Ki-Moon got to the U.S. by plane also. The people's representatives from the Senate flew in as well. Without fossil fuel that would not have been possible.

That alone is proof enough the climate change propaganda fostered by through the public dis-education system has worked. A large segment of an entire generation now willingly drinks the Kool-Aid without thinking what the alternative is.

By wrecking an economic system built on cheap, readily available fossil fuel, they'd have humanity living in caves or mud huts again, reading by candlelight and moving from place to place by horseback or oxen-pulled cart. If they win, there will soon be no major city anywhere because those metropolises have no way to get enough food for the residents without fossil fuels.

In an era of Blissful Ignorance the participants never stopped to think how winning the fight would alter the world in worse ways than pollution ever could.  

"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

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