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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Russia Economy Tanks, Obama Seeks Credit - The Rant

Russia Economy Tanks, Obama Seeks Credit

From the Politico, Dec. 16, 2014, 'Is Obama Destroying Russian Economy?' by Michael Crowley: "The question already being debated in Washington is whether President Barack Obama's strategy of economically sanctioning and isolating Russia deserves any credit [for the collapsing Russian economy]."

Anybody with eyes could see this one coming 10 miles down the road and also Obama's minions giving him credit. But there is a side of the story Obama, an alleged Christian, doesn't know about.

The story of Gog (Russia) was written long ago. In the first two books of the Bible events unfold that demanded Putin act as he did. Putin, you see, is a descendent of Reuben, the eldest son of Israel and the original benefactor of the inheritance God gave to Abraham.

But in Genesis 49, Reuben forfeits his birthright simply because he can no longer be trusted. Gen. 49:4 reads "Unstable as water, you shall not excel." In bitter anger Reuben leaves, vowing to regain what is rightfully his.

In Exodus 20:17 it is reiterated in another way specifically addressing the sin and genetic makeup of Reuben in the final commandment. "You shalt not covet...anything that is your neighbor's." Ever since the Soviet Empire broke up, somebody has been trying to regain it. Putin just happens to have a closer genetic makeup to Reuben than his immediate predecessors.

In light of this information, today we explore the real cause of Russia's collapsing economy--crashing oil prices.

Russia is one of the few major governments in the world that has but one thing to export--energy. In fact Putin was counting on Europe to do exactly what they've done so far in the Ukraine invasion which is nothing because if Europe loses the Russian oil imports it will freeze in winter and melt in the summer. Who provided the abundance of oil to the world? Since God created the world, you have to give God credit.

What is ironic, within a month of Russia going into the Crimea, oil prices began tumbling. The bloc of nations, OPEC, that largely depends on the export of oil to keep their governments running, cannot cut the oversupply mess they have on their hands, because of the falling price they have to increase production just to get enough rubles or reals or pesos or whatever fiat they use just to keep the citizenry at bay.

Did Obama cause the oil prices to fall? No. In fact Obama's plan is to make oil more precious than ever. It is still the cheapest energy form humans possess but Obama's tree-hugging base wants more restrictions on the use of fossil fuels. They want to tax it to the point America and America alone will be denied the use of this abundant resource that was given by God.

Under the EPA plan only those super-rich will be able to consume the fuel as the tax burden will put it out of the price range of most. The EPA would be perfectly content if Americans reverted to cave dwellings, depending on solar or wind power to provide the energy necessary to survive.

So Obama's tactics did not cause the price of oil to fall and the engineer the start of the ruble's fall.

To those who dismiss the basic Christian platform this country was founded upon, the coincidence of falling oil and the imposition of economic sanctions on some of Putin's friends remain just a coincidence. 

Then it must also be a coincidence that this country has the largest proven fossil fuel reserves. You name the source--coal, oil or natural gas--America is right near or at the top of the list. Some of our individual states would be Top 10 in world rankings in specific energy sources. For how long if Obama's EPA has its way?

The EPA's 10-year battle with fracking and the continued delay of the Keystone Pipeline are but two more examples of the poorly conceived attempt to hinder the production of "natural resources." More than 40 years ago Americans were being bombarded daily about the exorbitant use of this non-renewable resource. One report claimed less than 10 years worth of oil remained at the then current daily consumption rate. Today the daily rate of use is almost four times more and yet we still have a glut.

Probably to no one's surprise, I get into a lot of arguments and debates with the tree-hugger types. I usually forestall any more protests when I trot out the question I sent to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration after their February 2011 study was released. In the study the NOAA found ocean acidic levels were more than they had been in 800,000 years. The human population, particularly Americans living on the West Coast, were blamed. My sent question, which has not been answered, was "Where was the human population that caused the acidic level to be higher 800,000 years ago?" Doesn't it follow that their statement demands a question, that question?

The lack of response tells me and any tree hugger I've talked to that these studies are as bogus as the one that claimed the world would run out of oil in the early 1980s. The "scientists" go in with an agenda, not to follow facts to a logical conclusion.

The same is true with those in the District of Corruption who would anoint Obama for wrecking the Russian economy with his supercilious sanctions on a few Putin advisers These are the same nimrods who would reduce the Ten Commandments to the Six Suggestions.

Putin wrecked himself in accordance with his heritage. With or without the Obama sanctions this would have been true simply because Reuben always coveted what others possessed--a direct violation of the 10th Commandment. Humans may err in planning and thought. God does not. The oil glut is not because humans over-produced but because it was there to be extracted. It appeared even before the last round of sanctions went into play.

Based on the sanction experience we have seen in North Korea and Iran those actions are minimally effective. So don't let Obama take any credit for a smashing rout of the Russian economy--God saw to that long, long ago.

If Obama knew as much about the Bible as he does the Quran, he'd have known that too.

 "I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

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