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A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

End Time Talk Radio - Upcoming Interviews

Our first show with Pastor Steve Steven Grant On Monday at 6PM MST Prerecorded 1-19-14


On Wed former IRS Auditor will be coming on to talk about what is coming to the USA with our economy - He won I believe 7or 8 US Supreme Court Cases - He also writes The Rant a Bi weekly view on the US / World economy

Here is his latest Rant ----------------------
The Rant - We Had An Election For This? - President Barack Obama officially assumed the role of dictator Thursday in a closed-door session with Democratic Senators. We Had An Election For This? E mail Michael directly - President Barack Obama officially assumed the role of dictator Thursday in a closed-door session with Democratic Senators. After losing control of the Senate in November, the GOP now controls both houses of Congress but without veto-proof majorities, Obama faces the bleak prospect of being a real lame duck for the last two years of his term. Other presidents have faced similar circumstances. But Obama has vowed to go on the offensive and vigorously defend his agenda with the veto pen. If you were looking for a definitive item of proof Obama has fundamentally changed America, this is it. In essence Obama has vowed to negate the last election. There has not been a declared statement to that effect by any prior U.S. president on record. They may have thought it but they didn't proclaim it. What is ironic is Obama vowed to 'stand firm' against any GOP effort to dismantle his agenda while this particularly ineffective group of elected opposition have offered-at best-mere token resistance to Obama while holding the House for the past two years. So who exactly is he going to 'stand firm' against? Certainly not Nancy Pelosi-kissing, teary-eyed John Boehner, the Speaker of the House. Certainly not jellyfish Mitch McConnell, the President of the Senate. With those two prime avoid-conflict-at-any-cost sidesteppers leading the Republican way, Obama has little to fear for the sanctity of his agenda. Yet still he makes the announcement to his party. The secret is he needs a direct conflict in order to boost a sagging base. He needs a to pick a gunfight with an weak, none-too-eager-to fight imaginary foe to show his base he is not budging, that the agenda he ran on is still valid. That he still runs the country. Republican leadership is perfectly willing to go along the same path Obama has set out. The party hierarchy doesn't like the pace but applauds the intended aims of Obama. He, though, has to make a show of a fight apparently to bolster his own self-image. Where the intent of the Constitution was to have three divisive branches of government, America finds itself today in a eerie situation where none of the three are far apart in ideology. When the exacting, Constitution-mandated letter of the law can be overlooked by the Supreme Court on the Affordable Health Care Act when it decided the law was indeed a tax to the missing backbone of Congress for the past two years to stand for its Constitution-mandated authority, Obama has been given the luxury of six years without opposition already. He wants to make it eight for eight. And odds are he will make it. In many ways Obama has already made good on his original post-2008 campaign promise to fundamentally transform America. His appointments, especially of Eric Holder as Attorney General, his close relationships with Harry Reid and Pelosi and his Supreme Court judges have worked against the American citizen with little retaliation or protest by Republicans. Through gaffe after gaffe inspired by his lead-from-behind initiative and his underlying hatred of everything inspired by America for 230 years, Obama has succeeded beyond anyone's darkest nightmare in transforming America into just another country on the world map. Now he has stated his intent to add one more chapter. America's founders abhorred anything hinting at nobility. They'd had enough of it under King George. What would they think now when we apparently have a duly-elected President acting and talking with a king's swagger--only two months after an election? Obama has done one thing by setting the tone. He has drawn a line in the sand for opponents in Congress. Let's pray to God they have the same courage Syrian President Assad showed and cross that line. Obama ain't no king, he just wants to pretend he is one. Kings have never led from behind or backed down once they've issued an ultimatum. "I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson I have been invited to speak on the state of the economy at the Larimer County Republican breakfast on Jan. 26 at Johnson's Corner. Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg's group begins its breakfast at 6:30 and the program begins at 7 and ends at 8. I'll have a half hour in there for the presentation and to take questions.

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