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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Michael McCune - Former IRS auditor - State of the US / World economy - 2 hours great interview!!!!!!

Michael McCune - Former IRS auditor - State of the US / World economy

to contact - Michael McCune
- Michael and I sit down in my Recording Studio for two hours.  We covered items
-what obama addressed at the state of the union and what he did not say
-How many illegals are really here in America and what numbers Nancy Pelosi dropped big numbers
- How many trillion of dollars now America is in debt it's not 18 trillion
- What is also happening here in Wyoming
- How come so many muslim's are now moving into America and there intentions.
- we also talk about what was on Fox News "Bill O'Reilly - Watters World Muslim Conference Edition. Stand With The Prophet Rally"
-Many other items we cover - listen in to a person who has inside information on what is happening in our gov't that you never heard of.
----------------------here is Michael McCune Rant ---------------
U.S. Business Activity Declines
Some larger U.S. businesses are leaving the country to avoid taxes. But new business startups in America are lagging--badly.
The United States slipped to 12th among developed countries in business startups in 2012, trailing, among others, such economic stalwarts as Hungary and Italy. The Census Bureau, two years late as usual, reported business closings exceeded business startups by more than 17.5% in 2012 with 470,000 businesses shutting their doors while 400,000 opened.
This is not the picture being painted by the White House and you certainly won't hear about the problem in the State of the Union speech simply because it does not fit with Obama's imaginary view of the world.
Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup, claims, "This is our single most serious economic problem, yet it seems like a secret."
The reason this is not being publicized is Washington politics and Wall Street's dependency on a positive economic spin. Remember, the only reason Barack Obama could claim the recession ended in 2009 was the rise of stock values on Wall Street. Every other indicator left America in a recession but the rise in market values, a real technicality, allowed the political world to declare the recession over.
Wall Street's rebound can be solely attributed to the Washington's Toxic Asset Relief Program by Bush and the first stimulus under Bush. Obama took credit.
Clifton was very blunt about why the mass media did not report this fact. "The White House needs to keep you in its game because its political party needs your vote." The question that immediately jumps to mind is "where is the Republican Party?" The answers available after a moment of logical thought. The GOP doesn't want to be the bad guys and it needs the vote too.
Clifton continued his broadside, "Wall Street needs the market boom, even if that boom is fueled by an illusion [Fed printing press]. But this economy is never truly coming back unless we reverse the birth/death rate trends of American businesses. When new businesses are not being born, the free enterprise system and jobs decline."
Others have noted the need for entrepreneur spirit recently but government policy is preventing it. The problem most often cited--beyond Obamacare's costs and penalties--is the mountains of regulation and the costs of compliance with that mountain.
It is estimated by the Commerce Department cost to comply with a regulation is six times more than the cost of enforcement. When you consider the government is expanding enforcement units in EPA, Homeland Security, the SEC, IRS, Social Security, Medicare and the FDA, the cost to business, especially a startup, is overwhelming.
Another factor is the good old boy system. Many established companies have direct ties to government and, to prevent potential competition, use the political clout to hamper competitive starters by calling in markers and having those companies targeted for compliance scrutiny. The practice is disgusting for a government allegedly founded by the people.
Consider someone with an inventive mind. In today's world, unless he has sold his soul to one of the major companies, the idea never gets the light of day in the public arena because the political favors inhibit expansion of the idea. Either the patent rights are sold to an established company for a song or the idea dies with the inventor until a go-along-with-the-flow "inventor" who is already in the big boys' pocket redoes the idea.
You won't hear any of this when the President gives his State of the Union speech. You won't hear any of it in the rebuttal. Nobody in Washington wants to snap a chain that lines their pockets.
This is why the Rant has never bought into the recovery claim. The Rant is Main Street and on Main Street, the recession is in full stride yet, maybe even heading for Depression.
"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


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