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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA / Dollar Falls as Obama Win Paves Way for Monetary Easing... / The Milky Way’s black hole shoots out brightest flare ever / Russian Sub Skirts Coast / Threatened by isolation, Switzerland lifting veil on secret bank accounts / DTCC Says Trillions in Stock Certificates Damaged in Sandy Floodwaters / Over 100 UFOs sighted along China border / Prince Charles, heir to Dracula's blood line


Nor'easter to Lash Sandy-Ravaged Areas

A nor'easter will bring another round of coastal flooding to the mid-Atlantic and southern New England Wednesday into Thursday. This will affect the areas that were hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy last week. Along with heavy rain, strong winds and interior snow, this nor'easter will bring a water rise of up to 5 feet above tide level to some areas. A water rise of this magnitude normally wouldn't be as large of an issue; however, Hurricane Sandy damaged or destroyed a lot of the dunes that were in place to protect beach communities from this scenario...

Gov. Cuomo blasts Rabbi for blaming Hurricane Sandy on gay marriage

ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo Monday blasted an upstate rabbi for claiming Hurricane Sandy was “divine” payback for New York having legalized gay marriage. Cuomo, who pushed aggressively for the Legislature to approve gay marriage last year, said Rabbi Noson Leiter’s statements were “as offensive as they are ignorant.” Leiter’s comments — made last week and detailed in Monday’s editions of the Daily News — were delivered in support of Hudson Valley state Senate candidate Neil DiCarlo, a gay marriage opponent who is running on the Conservative...

Russian Sub Skirts Coast

A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine cruised within 200 miles of the East Coast recently in the latest sign Russia is continuing to flex its naval and aerial power against the United States, defense officials said. The submarine was identified by its NATO designation as a Russian Seirra-2 class submarine believed to be based with Russia’s Northern Fleet. It was the first time that class of Russian submarine had been detected near a U.S. coast, said officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of...
Threatened by isolation, Switzerland lifting veil on secret bank accounts

Stock Certificates Feared Ruined by Sandy

Trillions of dollars of stock certificates are feared ruined after Hurricane Sandy flooded a vault at the Depository Trust & Clearing Corp, the Wall Street-owned organization that manages important parts of the U.S. trading infrastructure. The DTCC houses 1.3m paper certificates for shares, bonds and other financial instruments, including foreign securities, at the organization's headquarters in Manhattan’s financial district. As businesses in the affected areas continued efforts to pump out flooded basements, the DTCC admitted on Thursday that its vault...

DTCC Says Trillions in Stock Certificates Damaged in Sandy Floodwaters


20 US Cities That Are Getting Crushed By Foreclosures


U.S. slips out of top 10 most prosperous countries, while Canada keeps No. 6 ranking

The U.S. slid from the top 10 most prosperous nations for the first time in a league table which ranked Canada sixth in the world for the second year in a row. The U.S. fell to 12th position from 10th in the Legatum Institute’s annual prosperity index amid increased doubts about the health of its economy and ability of politicians. Norway, Denmark and Sweden were declared the most prosperous in the index, published in London Monday. With the presidential election just a week away, the research group said the standing of the U.S. economy has...

U.S. couple accused of stealing GM secrets worth more than US$40M to sell to Chinese rivals

A former General Motors Co. engineer and her husband stole trade secrets of the automaker’s related to hybrid-car technology to help develop such vehicles in China, a U.S. prosecutor said at the beginning of their trial. Shanshan Du, the ex-GM employee, copied the Detroit-based company’s private information on the motor control of hybrids and provided documents to her husband, Yu Qin, the government alleges. Qin used the confidential data to seek business ventures or employment with GM’s competitors, including the Chinese automaker...

Over 100 UFOs sighted along China border


Prince Charles, heir to Dracula's blood line

Until now its lonely mountains have been synonymous with the legend of the vampire, the cruel ruler who drank his victims’ blood, terrified his enemies and could turn into a bat at will. But Transylvania should also be known as the ancestral home of the Prince of Wales, defender of faiths, with a love of gardening and classical architecture, according to the Romanian National Tourist Office. Links between the Royal Family and Vlad the Impaler, the 15th century nobleman whose deeds inspired the vampire legend, are being exploited in an attempt...

The Secret Return to the Global Gold Standard

Gold Set for Longest Winning Run in 2 Months on Obama Win

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