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Stan Deyo Earthquake / Volcanic Forecasts
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Major quake strikes off Japan, setting off tsunami... / MORGAN STANLEY: Here Are 4 Reasons Why Gold Is Our Favorite Commodity For 2013 ■Amateur Astronomer Found Planet X?:Just in time for the so-called end date of the Mayan calendar, an amateur astronomer has claimed to have ‘found’ Planet X / Manitoba Forces Homosexuality on Children / Assad may be preparing to take chemical weapons with him in a retreat from Damascus, Israeli expert says

Syria Loads Chemical Weapons into Bombs; Military Awaits Assad's Order
---10,000 U.S. Troops – Plus French, British and NATO Soldiers – Get Ready for War Against Syria
Japan Deploys Warships Ahead of N.Korean Launch
Manitoba Forces Homosexuality on Children

U.S. commander: N Korean situation 'very dangerous'

TOKYO — The commander of American troops in Japan said Thursday that the situation ahead of North Korea’s planned launch of a long-range rocket this month is “very dangerous.” Lt Gen Salvatore Angelella said U.S. troops in the country are closely monitoring activity in North Korea as it prepares for the launch. He said the United States sees the launch as a violation of U.N. restrictions in place to keep North Korea from developing its long-range missile capabilities. “This is a very dangerous situation, and we do not support those actions by North Korea. ... We are monitoring the situation closely,” Angelella, who commands the roughly 50,000 U.S. troops in Japan, said at a news conference in Tokyo. He said U.S. troops are working closely with the Japanese to protect the country’s citizens and territory...
---Japan issues order to shoot down N Korean rocket

Turkey has located 700 Syrian missiles, minister says


Assad may be preparing to take chemical weapons with him in a retreat from Damascus, Israeli expert says

With reports that Syria’s chemical weapons have been “locked and loaded inside the bombs,” according to NBC News, Israeli experts noted Thursday that Muslim regimes, which may have initially armed themselves with chemical weapons in order to threaten and deter Israel, have thus far used them only on their own countrymen or co-religionists. In addition, although everyone from NATO Sec.-Gen. Anders Fogh Rasmussen to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned Syrian President Bashar Assad that the use of chemical weapons...
MORGAN STANLEY: Here Are 4 Reasons Why Gold Is Our Favorite Commodity For 2013

Mass evacuations in Buenos Aires due to toxic cloud

Office buildings in the Buenos Aires were evacuated as toxic gas cloud covered the city's business district and port area. The cause of the foul smelling smoke was thought to be the result of a shipping container fire at the city's central port. An intense sulfur-like odour, combined with mild eye and respiratory irritation caused many people to flee offices and homes. While the exact content of the container was still under investigation, officials claimed that it was only mildly toxic and did not pose any immediate health risks. "The emergency...

Landslide-Driven Megatsunamis Threaten Hawaii

SAN FRANCISCO — It's almost unimaginable: a tsunami more than 1,000 feet (300 meters) high bearing down on the island of Hawaii. But scientists have new evidence of these monster waves, called megatsunamis, doing just that. The findings were presented here yesterday...

Dangerous gas discovered at sinkhole Thursday

Hydrogen sulfide gas was detected Thursday morning in equipment that is part of an operation designed to burn off methane from a cavern beneath Texas Brine’s salt dome site in Assumption Parish, officials said. But the potentially dangerous hydrogen sulfide gas does not appear to have escaped into the atmosphere from the salt cavern well between the Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou communities, parish and company officials said. “The fact is, nothing vented into the atmosphere as best as anybody could ascertain,” said Sonny Cranch...

Large, Peanut-Shaped Asteroid Headed Toward Earth

A giant asteroid is set to buzz Earth next week, and astronomers are already keeping their eyes on the skies—but not because 4179 Toutatis poses any danger. Toutatis, at 2.7 miles (4.46 kilometers) long and 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) wide, is one of the largest asteroids that comes anywhere near Earth. But only an astronomer would consider its closest approach to be "near." When the peanut-shaped rock is at its closest to the Earth on December 12, it'll be more than 4.3 million miles (6.9 million kilometers) away, or more than 18 times the distance...
'Sun UFOs and December 21 Mayan Calendar Doomsday Connected?' - UFO Resource Person [VIDEO]

Skinwalker: The Top Secret UFO Plan?


Gay Washington State Couples Get Marriage Licenses

Hundreds of same-sex couples across Washington state started picking up marriage licenses Thursday as a voter-approved law legalizing gay marriage took effect. King County, the state's largest, opened the doors to its auditor's office in Seattle just after midnight to start distributing licenses. But hundreds of people had lined up hours earlier, snaking around the building on a chilly December night. The county said it issued 489 marriage licenses Thursday, mostly to same-sex couples, breaking a previous daily record of 212. On average, King County...

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