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Monday, December 3, 2012

Vatican introduces new security measures; Microchip-tracking devices.. / Brooklyn Hospital Plans to Declare Bankruptcy... / City Offers Citizens Free Flu Shots in Return for Their Guns... / Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version / Experts warn dangerous build-up of magma occurring at many of Japan’s 110 active volcanoes / MasterCard seeks new ways to trump cash / Monster Sinkholes An Indication That Major Earth Changes Are Coming Along The New Madrid Fault? / Lock Your Doors And Prepare To Defend Your Family / Wake Up! 11 Facts That Show That Europe Is Heading Into An Economic Depression

Experts warn dangerous build-up of magma occurring at many of Japan’s 110 active volcanoes

Israel to 'kill' Iran's missiles on launchpad

ISRAEL is close to completing a missile defence shield that will destroy Iranian ballistic missiles in space or on their launchpads, a development that has sharply increased the odds of an attack on Iran's nuclear sites. Israel's Iron Dome rocket defence system successfully knocked out 421 rockets - an 84 per cent success rate - in a stunning demonstration of its capabilities during the conflict with Gaza last month. It is one part of a multi-tiered missile shield being developed by Israeli scientists that will defend the Jewish state from a variety of threats...

MasterCard seeks new ways to trump cash

Ajay Banga has a cash problem. At a recent dinner, the chief executive officer of MasterCard Inc. found he had no change to tip the coat check person. His wife was eventually able to produce some money from her purse, but he called the episode “very embarrassing.” As head of the world’s second-largest payment processor, Mr. Banga can be excused for having an affinity for plastic over cash. But for his company, it’s not a lack of cash that’s the problem – the challenge is that there’s still a huge amount of it being used. Around the world, cash is...

Moody's downgrades rescue funds

The eurozone was dealt a fresh blow as Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the region’s rescue funds and unemployment hit a new record high. The ratings agency cut its rating on the European Stability Mechanism to AA1 from AAA and maintained a negative outlook. It also lowered the European Financial Stability Facility’s provisional rating to (P)AA1 from (P)AAA. Moody’s said its decision was driven by its recent downgrade of France, because the credit risk and ratings of the rescue funds were “closely aligned to those of its strongest supporters...

Sprott: Shorts May Need To Deliver 40 Million Ounces Of Silver

Today billionaire Eric Sprott spoke with King World News about key players on the Comex that may be standing for delivery of as much as a staggering 40,000,000 ounces of silver. This is the second in a series of interviews with Sprott that will be released today which reveals what is going on behind the scenes with the increasingly desperate Western central planners and their gold and silver price suppression scheme. Eric King: “We have the LBMA eliminating reporting on silver lease rates, we covered that extensively with James Turk. There is frustration...

First same-sex marriage being celebrated Saturday at West Point’s Cadet Chapel

The first same-sex marriage at West Point’s Cadet Chapel will be celebrated Saturday – when a military veteran and her partner exchange vows roughly one year after President Obama ended the military policy banning openly gay people from serving in the military. The ceremony will take place in the Military Academy's Cadet Chapel between Brenda Sue Fulton and Penelope Dara Gnesin. Fulton is a military veteran and spokeswoman for Outserve – an advocacy group for actively serving gay, lesbian and bisexual military personnel,..

DOE Investigating School Over Bible and Homosexuality Comments

A federal investigation has begun in an Alabama school district after a Junior ROTC instructor allegedly expressed his belief that the Bible does not support the homosexual lifestyle during class. The U.S. Department of Education recently sent a letter to Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Casey Wardynski, informing him that the department will be looking into the incident that occurred in April at Grissom High School. A female student in the class was offended after the instructor, 1st Sgt. Lynn Vanzandt, expressed his beliefs about...
Scientists create 'most realistic artificial human brain yet' that can count and even pass simple IQ reasoning tests

Monster Sinkholes An Indication That Major Earth Changes Are Coming Along The New Madrid Fault?

The most powerful earthquakes in the history of the United States happened along the New Madrid Fault in 1811 and 1812. Those earthquakes were reportedly felt more than 1,000 miles away. Scientists assure us that one day we will once again see very powerful earthquakes along the New Madrid fault. It is only a question of when it will happen. Today, the New Madrid fault zone covers portions of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. However, a major earthquake of magnitude-8.0 or greater would likely have...
---Sinkhole the size of 4 football fields takes over highway
Canadian military expands biometric data collection capacity anticipating civilian use
Lock Your Doors And Prepare To Defend Your Family
Lock Your Doors And Prepare To Defend Your Family - Do you think that is an alarmist headline? Well, I am not the one saying this. Law enforcement authorities all over the country are telling citizens that they can no longer deal with all the crime and that people need to lock their doors and prepare to defend their families. Just recently, the city attorney of San Bernardino, California told citizens to "lock their doors and load their guns" because there is not enough money to pay for adequate police protection any longer.
Wake Up! 11 Facts That Show That Europe Is Heading Into An Economic Depression
Fern Lake Fire burns in Moraine Park, December 1, 2012
Type 1 Incident Management Team to take over Fern Lake Fire - Colorado

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