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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stacy Lynne PlanCheyenne Town Hall Feb 22nd, 2014 - lOOK Cheyenne, WY. You will lose your Local Government to the Feds if they take Grant Money Wake UP Cheyenne!!!!!!!!! Is freedom important to you????????????

here is emails I am getting why Plan Cheyenne is so Bad

Here is my editorial I submitted to the local newspaper

(here is a video why Plan Cheyenne is so bad Plan Cheyenne Presentation- Cheyenne, WY 2-8-14

Plan Cheyenne, first of all is not trusting our own people who can make good decisions for our community.  Our local officials are much closer to us than an outside entity.  Decisions are currently being made by the local development as they listen to those in our community.  An outside entity removes local input from those in the community.  Another thing is, when did grant money not have strings attached?  Do we understand the end result of this decision, or do we put the horse before the cart?  In another words, do we have to pass this to find out what is in it?  With our country in such debt, is it wise to take money that has debt attached to it?  Have you thought about your children's future?  When I talked to a international trade specialist from the Indiana Government, he had told me over 70 percent of water treatment plants in America were owned by Foreign Countries...that was 2 years ago.  Something similar happening in Boulder, Colorado.  The Colorado Department of Transportation is planning to lease the Boulder Turnpike US Hwy 36 to an Australian company for 50 years.  Even more, it's a closed-door deal and people are mad, really mad!  And the ones that are angry are the libs in Boulder because now they see their liberties being destroyed. Here is the article:  As an Elected Official, by taking Federal Money, you will silence your position, we the people here in Laramie county, and the City of Cheyenne. Others will make decisions for us who will not consider what the community wants.  I ask, who will own us when we owe 17 Trillion dollars in debt?  Not the Federal Government.   The one who barrows is the slave to the lender.  At what point do these countries say, "Pay up" and start taking over because of the debt we owe?  So I am saying to elected officials of Laramie county and the city of Cheyenne, "Don’t sell out our freedom for 30 pieces of silver."

Barry Meyer - owner operator of End Time Talk Radio

Every elected official should vote No on Plan Cheyenne after watching this. We must be fiscal conservative and disciplined conservatives and not take the $114 million dollars of Map 21 federal dollars with green strings attached and add  to the 17 trillion dollar taxpayers debt that our children will have to pay back.. The two town halls we had has brought in over 250 people and the concerns of people are growing. This has destroyed Colorado cities,Plan Detroit, Plan New york,  and Plan Chicago.. The Clarion firm is responsible for this... If your calling that a modern day city then we don't need Plan Cheyenne. We have a gold mind here its are western heritage freedom and liberty that everyone comes here  for to get away from the other things and places, lets not let the federal government ruin that with going green bike paths and regulations.
We have a plan that we used for a 150 years that passes state status. Get rid of the MPO and the  dept. Save $800k and give it back to the county and city planners.
All elected officials after two weeks of town hall public comments should be thinking;These are the dates for everyone to show up in mass; Tell your contacts tell your neighbors tell a friend ,tell businesses
letters emails, phone calls, newspapers adds, and call local radio stations (Kgab 650 # is 632-6500).

March 4th 6 PM, city council as a whole, March 10th 6PM city council final vote Both meetings need lots of  public comment. City Council # 307-637-6357 Mayor office # 307-637-6300

March 11th 5PM County Commissioners'  meeting, need lots of public comment. County phone # 307-633-4260

We must be fiscal conservative and discipline conservative don,t take the $114 million with green strings attached.
Protect our western heritage. We need to ask them to vote no or gives us a ballot Vote. some are saying get rid of the MPO Tom Mason and that dept. and save $800 thousand. give it back to City and county planners like it was for a 150 years.
Public commits and concerns:
We need to Scrape Plan Cheyenne:
The public saying Fire Tom Mason get rid of that dept. save $800 thousand we are paying them:
Don't Take Federal Dollars and add to the dept:
To cure your addiction to federal dollars, apply the constitution:
Do a constitutional review:
Remember your oath to office before you vote:
People want there elected officials to listen better:
Vote No or Give the public a Vote on a general election:
Less bicycle paths greenways raised island and beatification:
If you vote No we can fix it sooner:
If vote yes we still have to fix it later:
There to much wrong in the long range speculation with the Plan:
To many projects people don't want in the plan:
It will destroy us like it did Detroit, that where the first Plan ever was in the US:
To many federal performance monitoring:
The way its funded Map 21
The Plan has UDC requirement for long term:
The updates are not done and could be a game changer in regulations:
There is to many studies being done on project the public don't want;
The threat of more land being taken for Plan Cheyenne by local government through lawyers:
Clarion Asst. needs to be investigated who are they how much are they paid:
The governor needs to look at how its being funded:
Have a public workshop were questions can be answered not some phony one:
Don't just shove it down the public throat with out addressing there issue's:
The public and officials needs to give this more time and wait tell public records request info comes in:
Start over make it our community plan with local input no to out of state firms:
No to federal requirements:
Nothing in the plan to address drainage:
Don't vote on a incomplete document.
There has been quite a few meetings and events that have happened in the last few weeks.  We held a town hall on Saturday and had a tremendous turnout.  As soon as the video becomes available, we'll share it.  If you already have it, please share.


Here is where we currently are.  The City Council has referred Plan Cheyenne to the Committee of the Whole as a resolution last night.  The next committee meeting will be on 4 March 2014 at 6pm.  It will then go to the full body for a final vote on 10 March 2014 at 6pm.


The County Commissioners have moved their regularly scheduled meeting from 4 March 2014 to 11 March 2014 so that all five Commissioners will be present. 


Please go through the plan, identify and send page and paragraph information that you have an issue with to all of the Commissioners and City Councilmen.  They are accepting and working on amendments.  I have spoken with Amber Ash and Buck Holmes and they are very open to looking into items in the plan that personnel have issues with.  Amber stated that if you send her the page and paragraph information, she will write the amendments.  My best advise is to send emails and letters to ALL City Council, the Mayor, and ALL Commissioners.  They ALL need to hear your concerns.  Garnering support of one individual is not going to make an impact - they ALL need to know that you are unhappy and what your concerns and issues are.  Please do not wait until the hearings to make comments, send them ASAP so that they can read them, research, them, and have time to change them and comment on them.


Due to the Commissioner meeting moving to the 11th of March, we will move the SCCDA monthly meeting to the following Tuesday, 18 March 2014.

Take Care and Have a Great Day!


Laura J. Jeffrey, President

South Cheyenne Community Development Association

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