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Friday, February 7, 2014

This is happening in Cheyenne, Wy and happening in your town also - M. Lee Hasenauer Laramie County Commissioner

Stacie Lynne investigative reporter for local government:

The reason that this update was done very quietly is because there are MAJOR changes in this version of PlanCheyenne. The first six years of the Plan was a test period to see how the Plan is accepted or ignored or protested. It appears that there has not been much productive opposition from the people over the past six years because the major changes that are in this update are chilling. The reason there has not been productive opposition is because these plans are designed that way. It is not the fault of the people or the elected officials who are trusting staff, employees and paid consultants. The UDC plan and PlanCheyenne are interdependent documents. You can't have one without the other. It is a destructive duo. You are correct that the city and county are tied together also--if the city council passes the update, the county is automatically ALL IN the Plan. That is another example of how this plan strips elected officials of their authority to represent the people who elected them. Remember that PlanCheyenne's stated mission is to bring the CITY'S REGULATIONS INTO COMPLIANCE WITH PLANCHEYENNE. This is a radical stripping of the all the regulations, codes, etc. that have been voted on by elected officials and the people. The city's regulations are now effectively null. ALL OF THE POWER RESIDES IN PLANCHEYENNE/UDC. That means the consulting firms have just pulled off one of the most destructive illusory tricks--all authority and power has been given to city and county staff and employees. There is no longer accountability to the people through their elected officials. You no longer have any ability to represent your constituents. The reality of that alone should be enough to compel every elected official to loudly protest. I AM HERE FOR THE PEOPLE OF CHEYENNE and LARAMIE COUNTY. They deserve to hear the facts and to understand what it means to them. IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET THIS ON A BALLOT and there are other legal remedies at your disposal. I believe the people in Laramie County have a whole different way of living than to be controlled by a consulting firm's grand plan from Fort Collins. Wait til tomorrow -- you will be shocked by the latest news about Fort Collins' role in the big picture. Looking forward to an energy-filled meeting. Proud to know you.

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