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Monday, March 31, 2014

By Michael Mccune: The Rant (US Government auditor for 16 years In Cheyenne, WY. -Unlawful Immigrants In Position To Destroy Economy (( to Have Michael send you the Rant to your Email contact Him Here ((

Unlawful Immigrants In Position To Destroy Economy

Coincidence or not? The radio show I am involved with In Defense of A Nation,, recently took up the question of immigration. Today's news is dotted with reports the Obama Administration, last year alone, failed to deport more 193,000 illegal immigrants who had been detained for committing felonies in the United States.


These reports, obtained from a document released by Homeland Security, undermines Democratic claims that President Obama and Attorney General Holder have followed the letter of the immigration laws. If anything the two have a basic "open border" policy that completely disregards the rule of law as established in these United States and, since we are still in a declared war status, both should be immediately impeached and tried for treason under provisions of the Constitution.


Beyond the legal requirements few Americans, if any, truly understand the cost of illegal immigrants each and every day.


What's that? What determines an "illegal" immigrant? Glad you asked, the definition has changed dramatically over the past few years.


The news that 11 million illegals are in the U.S. has been widely touted as the basis for an amnesty program to assimilate them into America completely. Those proposing such amnesty are overlooking two remarkable facts. In 1984 the Census Bureau estimated there were more than 40 million illegals in the United States. The second fact is those people haven't left, the government just changed the definition of what was "illegal" without letting the population in on the change.


The Heritage Foundation completed a lengthy study on illegal immigrants in 2013. It was able to arrive at the 11 million figure currently used by making three assumptions.


Assumption 1: Foreign-born persons who were current or former members of the armed forces of the U.S. or current or former employees of government at any level--were assumed to be lawful citizens of the U.S. Assumption 2: Since it is unlawful for illegal immigrants to receive government benefits of any type (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public housing, food stamps, etc.) individuals reporting personal receipt of such benefits--were assumed to be lawful citizens of the U.S. Assumption 3: To be consistent within families, the "study assumed children of lawful residents under Assumption 1 or 2 above--were assumed to be lawful residents.


If you haven't gotten sick yet, Heritage outlined the costs to each and every American. The study found households headed by anything other than by a college graduate, was a net tax consumer. A net tax consumer means the household receives more in benefits than it pays. The households studied showed each and every one took $35,113 more each year than it paid in (the study used 2010 figures). After the assumptions were applied, it was discovered that 75% of the 11 million still considered illegal fell into this category. How many of the 29 million missing immigrants no longer considered illegal by the assumptions was not addressed by the study.


What was even more disheartening was the study's finding that each U.S. household receives $31,584 in government benefits and services each year. Before you jump off the roof, you must remember they count many things as "received benefits" including schooling, road construction, utilities, safety protection, road signs, road lights, park costs, airport costs, etc. 


The thing is, I pay taxes, fees and property assessments designed to go specifically to these things. But illegals do not. For instance my vehicles are required to have my state licenses on them. Illegals still sport Mexico plates so they are paying no road tax unless they hit a toll road. I have to buy a driver's license, illegals are still allowed to keep theirs. So they are not paying for the 'privilege' of driving. Nor do they usually own property for assessment. Thus, determining how these people could have paid an average of $10,334 per household was not disclosed. I assume it was through the various assumptions made in the study. Hey, if they can make the stupid assumptions they made in order to complete the study then I am allowed to make a few of my own!


The amnesty being considered would allow all illegals to not only become citizens but to become eligible for an even wider range of government benefits--benefits which they have no way of paying for. The biggest change would be in retirement.


With Obamacare alone, the yearly increase in household benefits would nearly double for these families. The biggest change would come in everybody's favorites--Social Security and Medicare. Just those two items alone would raise the benefits received area by $22,700 per recipient per year (still figured in 2010 dollars). This does not take into account future COLAs for these recipients.


How working America, with a decreasing participation rate, is supposed to support this massive increase in expenditures is not explained. Hampering the Washington debate is the fact few of those incompetents understand the size of government or the scope of the redistribution of wealth already in place.


According to the Heritage study, only a handful of lawmakers knew that the average household received more than $31,600 in benefits. None came within $5,000 on hitting the fact the high school educated household received more than $46,600 annually in benefits in 2010. Tack on another $22,700 for retirement benefits and those households would exceed the amount the current top level averages in paid taxes by $25,000.


Mathematically that cannot be in place without a complete undermining of the economy.


One more erroneous fact in Washington. The lawmakers and bureaucrats believe most illegal immigrants are young (34 years of age). In the future this group is being counted on to relieve the fiscal strains of an aging society. This is not true. At every level of life the Heritage study determined illegal immigrants generate fiscal deficits for the government.


This is supposed to be a country run by laws, not individuals. That is what made this country the best ever devised. As such, can anyone explain why our lily-livered, spineless cowards in Washington don't get rid of the two who personally are responsible for releasing the 193,000 illegals caught just last year alone?


What is the payback? How is the payback to be accomplished if the economic system collapses? Those are possibly the only questions we should be asking of our leadership this election cycle.


"I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility towards every form of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


Data for today's Rant came from the press release 3-28-2014 by DHS and  from the Heritage Foundation's Special Report #133 on Immigration released 5-6-2013. All comments and suggestions on Rant content are appreciated.--Mike





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